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(74) Peter Caldwell
Fri, 1 April 2016 00:33:31 +0000

I would like to contact Jennifer Miller from New Zealand (19 Jan 2003). We appear to be closely related.

(73) Janet Gregson
Thu, 31 March 2016 05:09:56 +0000

My grandmother was Clara Houston Caldwell Gregson. I have never been able to understand where the "Houston" came from, since I have not noticed that it is a family name. Clara's grandfather, Mathew Caldwell (sometimes spelled with 2 t's and sometimes with 1) came to America in 1840. I have found that he originated in Renfrewshire, Scotland, then moved to northern Ireland and then migrated across the ocean. I want so much to know about his history before he migrated. If you could possibly point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Caldwell has remained a family middle name for the past 5 generations.

(72) Avery
Wed, 9 March 2016 06:13:31 +0000

I have a lot of information on Caldwell from West Monroe, Oswego county, New York. I am having trouble tracing them further back than that. What I do know is that James G. Caldwell was born in November of 1809 in Tyrone Ireland and sailed to Philadelphia in 1832 aboard the ship Asia. He than moved to Collins, Erie county, New York and married Jane Emeline Williams, daughter of Dr. Henry Williams. They had their fist child in that town and then moved to West Monroe and had their next ten children, two of whom died at six months and two years old. four of their children joined the union side of the civil war. James, George, and Albert died in the civil war. Dr. Henry W. Caldwell was the only one to survive. I have more info than this, including where two of the brothers died. I would like to add them to this web site. However I am failing at finding a way to contact anyone here. If someone could please contact me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks AVERY CALDWELL

(71) Kim Callahan
Sun, 28 February 2016 06:35:49 +0000

I have information on Anna Elizabeth Hoschler 1892-1934, wife of Ambrose Vanderbeek. Her parents were Fred & Bertha (Mader) Hoschler. She had several siblings. Her grandparents were John & Elizabeth (Kopp) Hoschler.

I can be reached at the above e-mail address if you would like further information.


Kim Callahan

(70) Ian Robert Caldwell
Sat, 27 February 2016 21:11:54 +0000
url  email

Hi, great site, I know my recent family history descends from Ayrshire and trying to find tartan but no luck as yet - any ideas please? Thanks

(69) Rachele
Fri, 19 February 2016 08:58:08 +0000
url  email

Howdy just stumbled upon your blog via Yahoo after I entered in, "Active Guestbook | Caldwell Genealogy" or perhaps something similar (can't quite remember exactly).
In any case, I'm glad I found it because your content is exactly what I'm searching for (writing a university paper) and I hope you don't mind if I gather some information from here and I will of course credit you as the reference. Thank you so much.

(68) Kathie Biggers Martin
Tue, 16 February 2016 23:17:37 +0000

So pleased to find this and information about the Caldwell family. As I research my ancestry, new and fascinating relationships show such a diverse cocktail we all are.

(67) G. Steven Maxted
Tue, 16 February 2016 02:52:04 +0000

Hello Caldwell friends,

Your website is most interesting, but unfortunately I have not been able to find the info I am searching for, and maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Perhaps you can help me. I sure would appreciate it in our genealogical search.

My great great grandparents, Henry(b. 1827) Caldwell and Margaret (Woods - b. 1826, d.21 Mar 1898) were both born Presyterian in Country Tyrone. I believe they were married in the Ardstraw Presbyterian Church just prior to 1850 and emigrated to Canada (Iroquois, ON) in 1850. I cannot seem to find their names in any of your records online. Then, Henry's grandfather (or great grandfather) was born in County Tyrone in 1725 and died 31 Mar 1806.
I have a note of his marriage to one Elizabeth Elliot in 1747.

Can you give me any further info on any of the above? Some of our relatives have enquired as to why Henry and Margaret emigrated to Canada, and to the small town of Iroquois on the St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately, we don't have any answers.

Your help (or any assistance) would be most appreciated. We have followed the line on down from Henry and Margaret, but can't seem to get anywhere going backward.

Your response or any leads would be most appreciated. Most sincerely,

G Steven Maxted
Tacoma, WA USA

(66) Chip Baker
Sun, 14 February 2016 22:59:54 +0000

Hello, my name is Chip Baker from Tennessee. I am a direct descendant of the Caldwell family dating back to the Caldwell name of Belleek, Fermanaugh, Ireland. I appreciate this site and look forward to reading of the history.

(65) Pat
Sat, 13 February 2016 13:39:34 +0000

I have another William Caldwell you can add to your database. Born March 28, 1766 and died June 27, 1832. He and his wife Ester/Hester are buried in the Beaverdam Cemetery in Henry Co. TN. I have photos of both tombstones if you wish. I believe his wife to be Ester Buchanan with their marriage on 10 Sep 1787 in Augusta Co. VA.