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Betsy A. Caldwell or Betsey?

Sister of Levi, Nicholas, and James Caldwell. Married to William Chadwick of section 5, Clay Township, who was born in Lewis County, New York, January 12, 1824, a son of Luther Chadwick who was a native of Windham County, Vermont. In 1831 his parnets moved to Canada West and settled about forty-five miles north of Toronto, but in May 1838, returned to New York and settled in Erie County, near Buffalo, and thence the following January moved to Erie COunty, Pennsylvania, and in 1844 to Berrien County, Michigan.

In 1855 William Chadwick came to Iowa and settled in Richman Township, Wayne County, removing to Benton Township in the spring of 1868. He was married January 19, 1851 to Betsey A. Caldwell, a daughter of John Caldwell. Two children were born to them: but one is living (at time of publication) - Olive E., who married Cornelius D. Simons, of Berrien County, Michigan, and has one child, Allen. Mrs. Chadwick died: October 22, 1854, and October 23, 1855, he married Nancy M., daughter of B. (Britt) R. Fisher. They have had six children, but three of them who are living, Charles Fremont, Alice C. and Royal B. Charles married Josephine Collier and has two children - Florence and Alice E.
  • 26 Jun 1828 - Birth -
  • 22 Oct 1854 - Death -
John T Caldwell
3 Apr 1776 - 3 Sep 1847
John Caldwell
16 Jan 1801 - 15 Mar 1870
Elizabeth Eackler
6 Mar 1782 - 24 Oct 1859
Besty A. Caldwell
26 Jun 1828 - 22 Oct 1854
Barbry Simons
12 Jan 1801 - 3 Jan 1873
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Caldwell
Birth16 Jan 1801Westmoreland County, PA
Death15 Mar 1870 Edinburg Township, Portage County, Ohio
Marriage30 Nov 1819to Barbry Simons at Portage, Ohio
FatherJohn T Caldwell
MotherElizabeth Eackler
PARENT (F) Barbry Simons
Birth12 Jan 1801
Death3 Jan 1873 Berrian Springs, MI
Marriage30 Nov 1819to John Caldwell at Portage, Ohio
FSusan Caldwell
Birth17 Mar 1831Palmyra, Portage, Ohio
Death27 Feb 1907Charlestown, Portage, Ohio
Marriage7 May 1850to Jacob Phile
FPolly Harriet Caldwell
Birth4 Nov 1834
Death17 Jul 1879
Marriageto Ira Gilbert
FPatience B. Caldwell
Birth2 Nov 1836
Death19 May 1908
Marriageto Harlow Vinton
FHannah M. Caldwell
Birth6 Apr 1839
Death30 Oct 1918
Marriage8 Jul 1854to Apolis D. Stowe at Paris, Ohio
FMelinda Jane Caldwell
Birth23 Sep 1841
Death2 Feb 1920
Marriage25 Jul 1858to George Kennedy
FNancy Caldwell
Birth7 Dec 1820
Death29 Oct 1895Berrien Springs, MI
Marriage6 Dec 1836to Joseph Fisher at Portage County, Ohio
MLevi Caldwell
Birth23 Oct 1822Portage County, OH
Death11 Aug 1892Lewisburg, IA
Marriage25 Oct 1843to Louisa M Curtis at Portage Co., OH
MJohn Caldwell
Birth16 Jan 1826
Death30 Jun 1833Suppose Ohio
MNicholas Caldwell
Birth10 Jul 1824
Death17 Sep 1898
Marriage2 Dec 1846to Abigail J. Curtis
FBesty A. Caldwell
Birth26 Jun 1828
Death22 Oct 1854
Marriage19 Jan 1851to William Chadwick
MJames Caldwell
Birth28 Jan 1829Edinburg, Portage County, OH
Death19 Jan 1887Lewisburg, Wayne County, IA
Marriage4 Jul 1851to Merriam Elizabeth Downs at Lima, Stark County, OH
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Chadwick
Birth12 Jan 1824Berrien Springs, MI
Marriage19 Jan 1851to Besty A. Caldwell
PARENT (F) Besty A. Caldwell
Birth26 Jun 1828
Death22 Oct 1854
Marriage19 Jan 1851to William Chadwick
FatherJohn Caldwell
MotherBarbry Simons
Udeceased Chadwick
FOlive E. Chadwick
Birth31 Oct 1853Berrien Springs, MI
Marriageto Cornelius D. Simons
Descendancy Chart
Besty A. Caldwell b: 26 Jun 1828 d: 22 Oct 1854
William Chadwick b: 12 Jan 1824
Olive E. Chadwick b: 31 Oct 1853