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CaldwellGenealogy.com Guestbook Archives – June 2001 to June 2005

Bill Jarrett Descendent of Joseph Caldwell and Jane McGhee
America – USA
Jenny Browett I found your site interesting while researching the Bagshawes  of Derbyshire. Thank you.
United Kingdom
kristy jessen
America – USA
chris caldwell Hi there

     i hail from Ayrshire in Scotland. I know my family originate from Renfrewshire from the 1700`s

“Anyone with a similer ancestry to mine i`d be glad to hear from.”Excellent
website incedently.many thanks 

United Kingdom
Andrew Caldwell Great to see there is a website for the Caldwells’

“Based in Nottingham. 30 this year.
Son of William from Barrow in Furness Cumbria. Would like to hear more
from my ancestors!!!”

Hope to hear from somebody soon!RegardsAndy

United Kingdom
Michael David Caldwell my aunt traced us back to france 1200s by the name Colville

“inprisoned for bible thumping fled to Scottland after breaking jail settled in the land of Douglas near Argyle there wherethree wells  thus changing there name to caldwell. GGGgrand fathercame to anericas  1775 became a patriot. My ggrandfather was JosephMartin Caldwell of Georgia  my grandfather jmc jr.was born West point Ga1900 They moved to Midland  Texas. JMC Sr. was circute court judge. ttfn

America – USA
Jessica I am trying to find information on my great grandad called William Ellis who fought in World War Two in India. Sadly he has died now and I never  had the chance to meet him I regret this o much and if any one has any information on my Grandad please contact em as it means the world to me!
United Kingdom
Chance McDonnell Good Day everyone and hello from Texas USA. I came across this site looking up family castles as my grandfather Moran McDonnell has told me much about. Im am part of the 6 generation of McDonnells since James left Ireland during the potatoe famine. Feel free to contact me for family history was a strong part in my up bringing so far.
America – USA
Dave Mitchell Greetings from Cape Town South Africa.

“Looking for Caldwell’s in vicinity of Londonderry and Strabanein counties Londonderry
and Tyrone Ireland.”

“Specifically three sisters — Elizabteh Caldwell (born ca. 1790)
Eleanor Caldwell and Mary Caldwell.””Elizabeth Caldwell married
Robert Kerr of Drumenny and died after 2 years of marriage i.e. ca. 1816
– 1820 after producing twin sons on 14 February 1814 Alexander Kerr of
Drumenny in the parish of Donagheady co. Tyrone and Caldwell Kerr who
emigrated to the U.S.A. where he died at Hillsboro Highland County Ohio
on 26 October 1893.”Kind regardsDave MitchellCape TownSouth Africa 

debbie I am trying to look for relatives of Harry Caldwell born in 1884 in the uk. He married Alice lucy Minett (1886 – 1970)They had 10 children (5 girls and 5 boys)
and lived in stourport on severn in worcestershire. He died in 1974 I am trying to trace relatives to fill in the gaps to the present day for another family member. If anyone can help please e mail me. many thanks Debbie
United Kingdom
Michael Isaac Caldwell  My name is Michael Isaac Caldwell and I hail from Solsberry Indiana USA. I am the son of Isaac and Judith Caldwell.
I am 50 yrs young.
America – USA
michael lawrence caldwell son of john pendelton Caldwell grandson of bertran caldwell and louella pendelton.
America – USA
LaDale  Caldwell  Farmer
America – USA
Marcy McGregor Caldwell Im a Caldwell from Philadelphia but we were originally from Boston.
America – USA
Franklin John Caldwell Jr. I’m not sure what to say here! I’m from New Jersey (Burlington County originally). I’m told my dad’s folks hailed from NE Philadelphia.
America – USA
Asa Dunnington I am a Caldwell on my mother’s side of the family through  her gr. grandmother SARAH CALDWELL. Her father was JOHN CALDWELL who married MARTHA DAVIS in Guilford Co. N.C. in 1800.

Johns father was JAMES CALDWELL who married MARY KENT in 1768 in Kent
Co. Del. His father was JOSEPH CALDWELL who married MARY TRAIN in 1746
in Kent Co. Del. His father was ANDREW CALDWELL who married MARGARET TRAIN in 1700 in Somerset Co. Md.  

Paul Anthony Caldwell I am Paul Anthony Caldwell born in Liverpool to Peter and Mary Caldwell

My grandfather was Joseph Caldwell originally from the North Of Ireland.The
family were apparently fishermen.Does this ring any bells out there

United Kingdom
Linda I. Caldwell
America – USA
Helen Caldwell Johnson I am a descendant of the Caldwells that founded the Caldwell Settlement in Virginia. 
America – USA
Bradley Robert Caldwell i was born in vancouver british columbia canada in april 1974.

thank you for this site as i intend to look it over and learn the caldwell lineage.

ernie caldwell Anyone with information on Samuel Patton Caldwell or John Elmer Caldwell please contact me at erniecaldwell2000@yahoo.com
America – USA
rebecca caldwell Hello again

“Great job on the web site.I have just started looking into my family history and yesterday found who my gggg grand father was thanks to your site.My gg grandfather came to australia with his wife and children in the 1870’s as far as i can make out.His name was Joseph Battersby Caldwell wife was Martha Caldwell. Joseph was from Carrington in Cheshire and later moved to lancashire where he married Martha and had children. William James Mary and Catherine Louisa. Joseph’s father was Jonathan Caldwell who married Martha Robinson in 1825. As far as i can work out all the direct line of Caldwell’s to me have come from the lancashire area Pendleton and Warrington. So thanks to this site i have added another generation to my list. keep up the good work and if anyone is a decendant from the caldwell’s ive mentioned i would love to hear from you.”

Robert Lindsay Harvey Recently I saw a bill of sale an original document for a 4-year-old slave boy dated March 21 1839 in Guilford County N. C. The sale of the boy was by David Caldwell to Nathan Hobb. The Greensboro N. C. preacher David Caldwell 1725-1824 was my great-grandfather’s grandfather and I believe this younger David Caldwell who sold the slave may have been the first David Caldwell’s grandson and the son of David Caldwell Jr. My line to the Rev. Dr. David Caldwell is
through Helen Lindsay Barger Harvey Daisy Caldwell Barger Walter Pharr
Caldwell Samuel Craighead Caldwell and David Caldwell. If anyone is interested
in seeing a copy of this bill of sale I can scan it and send it via the
Internet. Can anyone verify my guess about the identity of the slave-seller
David Caldwell? Robert Harvey
America – USA
America – USA


America – USA
Daniel Matthew Caldwell My family came to East Texas after the American Civil War from the northeast
corner of Alabama near the Tennesse and Georgia state lines. They later
migrated into Louisiana.Great Grand Parents were John Dolphus Caldwell
and Lucy MacDuff”Caldwell. Had four sons. Charles Matthew William
Taylor James”and John. My father was Charles Baily Caldwell. It appears
that”names such as Charles John James and Robert are common in “the
Caldwell family. 
America – USA
Cindy (Hornbuckle) Gunter
America – USA
Kelly-Jo Adkins I have another little tidbit to add. Maybe someone can help me shed some light on this. There is a family story that my grandfather’s great grandfather (and his cousin) were hung by southern “sympathizers”. This could be Flemming.
Anyone know how I could get more info on such things. Maybe legal docs
or something?

America – USA
John Warren Caldwell
Scott William Caldwell Wow what a great website!
Timothy Ian Alan Caldwell Somehow or another members of my branch have been traced back to Wolverton Eng.. Beyond that I know nothing…… please help as my seach for family truths and honor ride on the answers.
America – USA
eric duesing
America – USA
Court Caldwell Nice work!
Micki Cruz I put the name Donegal County in the Search spot and came up with your Guestbook. I am not doing a family history I am looking for a Sea Captain that I understand has moved to Donegal County. I want to look at a telephone book and was hoping I could find one on the internet. No luck. Does anyone have access to a telephone book? I am looking for Hugh Forrester. Thank you. Micki
America – USA
Shirley Wright First this is a great web site.

“Now i am looking for Samuel Caldwell came from Great Britian. born in 10 June 1833″”married
Margaret OR g of Kings Co. N.S. dob about 1845 married 07 Apr. 1859 Kentville
Kings N.”They had 3 children.”Mary J. Caldwell dob 06 Nov. 1858
born in N.S died 11 Aug. 1908.””Samuel Caldwell dob 20 Feb.
1866 N.S died 1956 N.S.””Henry Samuel Caldwell. dob 09 Dec.
1861 baxter’s Harbour Kings N.S. died 09 Jul 1932″married in Nova
Scotia to a Girl called Annie ?????they had 8 children.”Annie Maggie
Jessie Gordon Bessie Lottie Robert Owen”Would love to hear if this
is part of your family.Thanks againShirley

Bruce Caldwell My search ends with William in Beaver Co. PA b. about 1786.

“He was married to Mary b. about 1790. I come from their son”John.
Why oh why are there so many Williams and Johns in “Beaver Co. PA?
To make matters worse John moved with wife Sarah””McConnell
to Iowa Falls IA where there are even more Caldwells”to search through.
I’ve got a PAF and would be willing to forwardit to anyone interested.

America – USA
sara caldwell hey from a fellow caldwell!!!!

“much love and God bless”Sara Caldwell

America – USA
tisha caldwell all i know is that my father and his 2 brothers were born here. My grandparents came from Scotland AlexanderCaldwell and Mary Mcpherson any help in finding relatives would be great
Carol Krepp I have two flower pictures in original frames signed by Georgia B. Caldwell. I was born in 1942 I can rmember that my Aunt always had these two pictures hanging in her living room from when I was a young child. Wondering if there is any value or interest from members of her family.
America – USA
Cynthia (Caldwell) Boyd My Grandfather was Posey Samual Caldwell Born in 1884.  Where he was born and raised I do not know? I think it may have been in Virginia or West Virgina. He was married to Mary Myrtle Goss. They lived most of their lives in Illinois. They were farmers for many years. Grandpa and Grandma had 5 children. 1 daughter Vivian and 4 sons. Damon Turner( my Father) Leland Audra and Shirley. I know there is a family tree some where out there but I have no idea
where. Most of the Caldwell family has passed away. If anyone has any
information about this family please e-mail me.

Cynthia Caldwell Boyd

America – USA
Lisa Ann Caldwell Garrett
America – USA
rebecca caldwell Hello Caldwell Family.

“I have
just started my family tree and already ive
hit a dead end. My gg grandfather James was born in england in 1869 the
only family i know of is his brother Charles not sure if older or younger.The
family members here who would have known this information have all passed
on and we are trying to find out more but its nearly impossible. Charles
and James came to australia early in life james settled in victoria and
charles in New South Wales.James married Alice Newbold and had 10 children
One being Kenneth who is my grandfather.I dont even know where james was
born and no one knows his parents names. If you have any information on
James i would be grateful to hear from you. They are the line of Australian
Axemen Caldwells who have always worked in the timber industry.Good luck
to everyone else searching.  Rebecca
Caldwell Australia”

Patricia Wamboldt Hi everyone I am looking for any relations. My father
was born in Halifax Nova Scotia on March 21st
1915. Name : Guy Edwin Caldwell. His parents were unwed and he was put
up for adoption (hence the name Wamboldt)

“The story is that his father was a detective on the Cunard lines
that sailed into Halifax but that he died on ship when my father was approx
6 months old. I have no way of verifying this information (Cunard lines
will not/cannot help unless I have more specific info). I was hoping that
someone on this site might be able to shed some light on my dad’s heritage
or perhaps point me in another direction. I would be pleased to hear from
anyone who might be able to help.”Thanks 

Thomas Duggan Caldwell III I live in Rome GA USA where I was born in 1938. My grandfather
Thomas D. Caldwell Sr. was born in DeKalb County
AL USA in 1885 and my great-grandfather Thomas Caldwell operated a general
store in Athens TN USA before and during the US Civil War.
America – USA
burnette caldwell jr greetings

i do not have a homepage url. my caldwell ancestors
were”settled in johns creek virgina in the county of craig.””my
father was born in sinking creek also in craig county.”i can find
all the caaldwell and trenor faamily on line but can not “loacate
my greatgrandfathere.w.(Banks) caldwell2/22/1846–10/27/”1921.all
the e.w. caldwell decendentshave passed on except my aunt irma “who
is 90 my brother and myself also my brother’s 2 children.”i am wondering
if there is any link between pur families. it wouldbe great to correspond
with you.”sincerely burnette caldwell jr
4300 banbury lane apt h””roanoke virginia
24018  e mail burnette.caldwell@att.net”

America – USA
Dorothy Johnson I am from the Caldwell line. It breaks when Margaret Caldwell
marries Robert McJunkin. You have a very well
organized site. Thank you for the info. cuz..
America – USA
Douglas Whitney Anyone related to McGinness Caldwell of Track Rock near
Hiawasee Georgia 1850-1870? He is my 2nd great
America – USA
ernie caldwell I am trying to find information about Samuel P. Caldwell
he was the son of William Caldwell who was
married to Frances Tyree.

William’s father was Andrew Caldwell who was married to Nancy Farrar.
Andrew was the son of Oliver Caldwell and Isabella Cook. 

America – USA
Sheryl Kelso I am looking for any information on Jane or Jean CALDWELL

“born 1836. She married
HUGH SPEIR June 5 1855 in Allegany””Co. Maryland and they settled
in Frostburg Maryland area.”Jean/Jane died in 1912. She is possibly
daughter of William.

America – USA
Christopher Paul Fanoe Horsley Excerpts from the “Horsley Family Record”

“William Caldwell born in Woodford County””Kentucky Dec. 13th
1793. Married Mary SewardDec. 2nd””1819. Died at Buena Vista
Stanislaus County California””Oct. 4th 1870.””Catherine
Caldwell daughter of William and Mary Caldwell “”born May 20th
1827. Married (in Carroll County Indiana)””Joseph Richard Horsley
Dec.27th 1846. Died at Waterford Stanislaus County “”California
Dec. 3rd 1901″”note: J.R.Horsley was a “”49er””
and in 1856 brought his family “to California to begin a prosperous
mercantile store and freight line to serve the gold mines of the Mother
Lode for several generations. 

America – USA
Lou Dyer My line is Rebecca Caldwell & Benjamin Stephens.

Rebecca birth abt 1739- believed to have died in Bedford County Pennsylvania

America – USA
robin caldwell viratos My name is Robin and my grandfather was Oren Caldwell
married to Mae Webb who lived for many years
and passed away in Galena Stone County Missouri. They had three children:
Rex Lee Donald Wayne and Sally Ann. I know my dad Donald was born in a
house in Buffalo Mo. I think my grandfather had a brother Bill in Springfield
Missouri. I do not anything more than that at this time. If anyone has
any more info on this line of Caldwell’s plese let me know. Thank-You.
America – USA
Terry my mother is darlene huber she married my father robert
gerald caldwell.his fathers name is Cecil Sam
Caldwell. Where do we fit into the geneology?
America – USA
Christina Caldwell I am looking for the Caldwell’s that live in South Carolina.
My grandpa JB Caldwell Jr was born and raised
there. I am interested in finding more of the family.
America – USA
Virginia C. Johnson My Caldwells come from West Virginia/Missouri/Virginia.
My grandmother was Lucy Caldwell Malone.
America – USA
Minetta Caldwell Smith My family came to America through Robert Caldwell b. 1759
near Glasgow Scotland. They settled in the
Rocky River community in North Carolina. I have handwritten sermons by
my great-great grandfather Robert Houston Caldwell that were preached
in the Presbyterian chuch there. My grandfather was John Knox Caldwell.
America – USA
Kate Colwell My gg grandfather Thomas COLWELL b. 1834 Oswego New York
but his sister is listed as Janet CALDWELL.

Janet m. Elias Pierce of champton NY Abt 1867 daughter Lillian. Don’t
know if we are English or Scotsas Thomas was Anglican but married Amelia
MORRISON in Troy NY and her father was born in Scotland.I am looking for
ANY info on these two. I don’t know their parents or any details of early

America – USA
Misty and Samantha Caldwell We are from Warbranch Kentucky thought your site was interesting.
America – USA
Irene Caldwell Polkinghorne My grandmother was Isabella Bennie Caldwell 1873 Paisley
RFW her father was John Caldwellb 1845 Johnstone
RFW and his father was Robert Caldwell b abt 1825 Kilbarchan

Interested to have a look at the rest of the notes.Irene

New Zealand
Hurchel E. Caldwell III I’m looking for caldwells that came from Scotland then
to Tenn. my current family lives in SW oklahoma.
my grandfathers dadLewis Caldwell(oldest of 11 kids) moved to OK in 1916and
soposedly all of then staded here with the exception the 2nd oldest which
was my ggg uncle Lester caldwell. After that it gets really cloudy. if
you know any thing please conttact me@< hcald@sbcglobal.net >. very
infoming web site.
America – USA
Donna Fazekas Just started looking for my roots.

I found this web site searching Caldwell Castle. My Great Grandfather was James
Patton Caldwell b. 1844.”d. 1906 James married Rebecca Jane Lee b.
1849 my “great grandmother. His father was”William Zacariah
Caldwell b. 1824 his father was “”James Patton Caldwell b. 1793
his father was “”William Caldwell b. 1760 his father was “Samuel
Caldwell b. 1740. Hope I have the gggg correct.

America – USA
John McDonnell Caldwell joins my family in about 1801 when my ggg grandmother
Jean Caldwell married Robin Brown a weaver
in the Paisley handloom trade.

“After they were married in Paisley they went to Howwood where a
brother of her’s had pub and then to Linster near Lochwinnoch where set
up a weaving business. They had six children four girls and two boys.
“”Jean Caldwell died at Linister in 1830 at the age of 56 making
her birth in 1774 according to my reference. “”A decendant of
theirs Alice Brown married Rob McDonnell. That’s how I got to be me.””The
Browns came to Canada -western Ontario- during the span of 1828 to 1834.
No co-immagrant or further in-law Caldwells are mentioned in any family
genealogies. It is obvious however that many did come over and perhaps
some can trace their lineage back to the same time in Ayrshire.””I’d
be interested in knowing more about Jean Caldwells family and origin and
about any Caldwell descendants.”Regards to allJohn McDonnell

America – USA
Brian Elward Caldwell

Father-Bruce Irwin CaldwellUncle-Maurice Arthur CaldwellGrandfather-Elward
Maurice CaldwellGreat Grandfather-Irwin Caldwell”Came out of midwest
great grandfather was missionary to “South America and Puerto Rico”Just
started trying to unravel family tree if anyone sees “”name
here that is familiar please email me. thanks”

America – USA
Richard Kinkead Cousin of Harriett Sylvia Caldwell Pettigrew of Wayne

“County IA through
her daughter Marguerite Pettigrew’s “”husband Vernon Kinkead
of Cedar Rapids my first cousin “once removed.

America – USA
Marcus G Caldwell Hello iam a Caldwell who comes from scotland. I think
when half of the

Caldwell family went up into the highlands we joined the Kennedy Clan.We
ended up in Glasgow until my granddad moved because of the war. Iam “trying
to sort my family tree out but i need some help. You have helped me find
alot” about the early bits.Unfortually we have not got an email address
atthe moment but we will have soon. 

United Kingdom
Kim Lynette Caldwell My Father: James Alfred Caldwell born in Oregon

My Grandfather: Robert James Caldwell Jr” his siblings: Charles (Linc)
Clara (there are more but I can’t remember)”  marr to Helen Mae Russell (my Grandmother)”
kids (all born in OR): (1) my dad 1942-lives in CO (2) Donna 1945-lives
in CA (3) still birth (4) Sandra 1952-lives in AZ”My Great-Grandfather:
Robert James Caldwell Sr (1/4 Weindot Indian from OK)
marr to EdnaI have been told that Robert Sr was a mule trainer
and traveled through Idaho.It’s possible that Caldwell ID was named after
him.”Also was told that Robert Sr’s mother’s mother was kidnapped
by Weindot Indians as an infant and wed a Weindot which makes her daughter
1/2.”I’m just getting started on this search and know I have a long
search ahead of me.

America – USA
Kevin S. Caldwell I have traced my ancestors back to Michael Caldwell of
Boteunot county VA. but have conflicting information
REgarding the parents of his father William Caldwell married to Pricsilla
Looney and have not been able to get past that reliably
Alice Caldwell Enjoyed the sight. I have traced my Caldwells to James

Ester Pierce Caldwell
of CT in late 1700 and early 1800. They had several children. Among them
my gggrandfather Milowho married Hannah Woodruff. Their son Henry was
in the Civil War.They had 2 daughters Ester and Adaline who married Noah”Wirt.
Milo and Hannah are burried in Bloomfield Davis “County IA. Would
love to find someone who is looking for this line.Alice

America – USA
Ren S Caldwell I am trying to find any information on a Ford W Caldwell.
His father was Sharp P Caldwell and Mother
was Mary Edna Everett. My father was married to Rena O Stearns and later
to Nancy Perry Barker. My father was from Humboldt Tenn. He was born July
19 1900 and died Dec 21 1958. Any information that you have will be greatly
appreciated. I can be contacted at rensnest@hsnp.com. Thank you for your
America – USA
Gary Richards I recently resumed my genealogy work on Caldwell lines
after being contacted by

a 2nd cousin I knew nothing about. My gggGrandfather was English Caldwell.
After being”inactive in genealogy the past 5 years or so I am still
astounded by all of the”resources now available through the Internet.

America – USA
Michael Culwell Seaking information on Thomas Caldwell (10-24-1773). Married
Elizabeth ?

“Children were Andrew Jackson Culwell Hezekiah Culwell James B. Caldwell
and a female born in 1806.”

America – USA
Catherine S. Caldwell
Just found this site and am looking forward to reading
about the Caldwells.
America – USA
Noelle Im not a relation but came across this guestbook as i
was looking for information on the plantations
in Ireland. Im 14 years and would like to say that the world is a very
small place and its an amazing web page!! good luck everyone
Robert Clint Caldwell My Father was Robert Wilson Caldwell (Bob) and my uncle

Hal Berton Caldwell (Sandy). My Grandfather was Wilson Hobson”Caldwell
from Eagle Pass and San Antonio Texas. If anyone has”any information
that might help please email me at rclca@yahoo.comThank you  Clint Caldwell 

America – USA
Charles William Caldwell
America – USA
Dan and Noelle Caldwell
America – USA
Gordon Caldwell The earliest I can trace is my great great grandfather

William Caldwell who married Mary Mitchell on 19th October1817.
He was a tradesman of Paisley Renfrewshire. Their son William Caldwell
born in 1830 and married”Margaret Munro in 1862 was a Lithographer
in Edinburgh. “The next generation moved to Aberdeen where I was

United Kingdom
avata gale (caldwell) Hello Caldwells……I’m new at this …so forgive errors
please..I’m looking for info on ALTON CALDWELL
GARLAND( who was my father) I don’t know what happened to the family but
the children were raised in an catholic ophanage. My father would not
discuss his past with me. sence all have passed away I have no other info…Sound
familar to enyone ?????? I would love to here from you . Thanks so much
America – USA
David Kimmerle Caldwell Greetings: Looking for information on my Grandfather:

Daniel Caldwell Beaver county Cory PA (around 1900) “any
help appreciated.

America – USA
Garnet Murphey I am planning a PETTIBONE Family Reunion in Dallas/Ft

are in June or July 2005. email me at pettibone48@yahoo.com

America – USA
Michael Caldwell Very interesting information.
United Kingdom
Leslie Caldwell Just found the site amazing. My grandparents were Joseph

“and Irene (McCorkle)
Caldwell of Philadelphia PA. Never met””them but Joseph ran
a corner grocery store for the American “”Stores now ACME from
the teens through the 30’s or so.””He is apparently buried near
Woodstown NJ Irene is buried in Phila.”Irene’s sister Marion McCorkle
married Lincoln “Rau a stone mason in Ocean City/Somer’s Point New
Jersey. “”My dad is Theodore Joseph CaldwellSr. (b. 1919) and
his “sister is Eleanor (b.1917). I’d be interested in hearing from
“any possible relations. Leslie Caldwell King of Prussia PA”

America – USA
helen pettit    caldwell My dad was junus Caldwell from Kyhe was born in 1914.been
wanting to find out more about my dad.and all
of his ancestors. he had brothers james mackiluschester charlesand 2 sistersolean
& vener.all of them are dead accept for Vener she is in Florida. be
nice to know where we came from in england.

America – USA
David Leon Caldwell Hello Wayne Caldwell

Charley Caldwell (Richard G Caldwell’s Brother)
was myGrandfather. I was raised in Southeast KansasDavid Caldwell

America – USA
David Leon Caldwell Hello James David Caldwell

Charley Caldwell (Richard G Caldwell’s Brother) was myGrandfather.  I was raised in Southeast KansasDavid Caldwell

America – USA
Charles William Caldwell Jr I am decended from a James Caldwell who married a Sproul
in DrumquinCO Tyrone

Ireland . I have a complete Gen from the time they emigrated toto the
USA about 1800

America – USA
Jean Hayter James Caldwell (maried Elizabeth McKesson) is my American
Revolution ancestor
America – USA
christopher kyle garton dickson tennessee
America – USA
John Warren Caldwell I am very impressed and pleased that someone is running
such a site.

I intend to study it carefully to see whether my lot fit in anywhere.

J.W. Caldwell

Oakville Ontario

william maurice caldwell looks like most of the caldwells in the world now live
in america.

“i was born (as all my family ) in londonderry northern ireland a
realy nice city in the north west of the country.””ive looked
at grave stones in derry cathedral with the caldwell name on them and
ive been down to fermanagh to see caldwell castle the day i was ther it
was very misty spooky place beutifull though.””i hope you all
find your roots i havent properly started to look yet good luck.”

United Kingdom
william maurice caldwell
United Kingdom
barbara a jerabek
America – USA
sheilalawrence Hi

Like your easy to follow layout of your family. The guest
comments are interesting to follow esp the n ireland link. Some of my
family came from ireland and also moved and migranted like the birds in
the trees. All the best Sheila

United Kingdom
Colin Caldwell Hicould anyone out there give us hand.

“Im looking for my three children.”Alex Caldwell 25/06/1961Lindsay
Caldwell 10/07/1963Glenda Carroll Caldwell 01/03/1965Born in perth ScotlandMothers
maiden name Ann Barrett fromGreys Thurrock Essex England.Colin Caldwell

America – USA
Barbara Green Only in the initial stages of searching for g/g/g mother
Elizabeth Caldwell. Only information I have
is that she married a Robert Johnstone and had at least one son called
Andrew in 1844. Sight impressive and certainly done with a labour of love.
United Kingdom
Janet huston Thomas i was looking for relations of my mother Jean elizabeth
Huston from N Ireland and this seach came up.
DidN’t find any but a very interesting site. Lots of research must of
gone on to get this far .Very Good
United Kingdom
Gordon Caldwell Lewis I’ve started to research the Caldwells. One problem is
that they kept intermarrying with the Hopkinses.
I have a newspaper The Boston Gazette from March 6 1770 that tells of
James Caldwell’s being shot in the Boston Massacre. The Caldwells I’m
looking for settled in Evansvile IN in the early 1800’s and were still
there at least through the 1920’s. Another problem is that they used the
same names generation after generation: William James John Charles Caroline
America – USA
Michael Rushing Is there any info on Andrew and Martha Caldwell and where
they may have immigrated from?
America – USA
Joe R. Caldwell Great site…I am always interested in learning about
our family name.
America – USA
William Jack Caldwell Son of Hugh Lindsey Wesley Caldwell
Steven L. Conn My forefather was born north of Derry in 1685 and I am
trying to find out if his family were local
or came from Scotland durning the Plantation settlement of Londonderry.

“Very informative site very well done.”Steve.

America – USA
Liz Tomlinson Hi

I am interested in contacting any descendants of Lional
Allen “Caldwell of Hawthorn Victoria. Lionel passed away in WW2 “but
I an anxious to contact a family member.Lionel’s parents were Robert Allen
and May Elizabeth Caldwell”Lionel’s sisters were Nita May and Joan
and he had a brother “”Keith who was 3 years younger than himself”Please
email me.thanks Liz

James K Caldwell
America – USA
dean s davis
America – USA
Colbert Nathaniel Coldwell  I am searching for the connection between Capt. Thomas
Coldwell and the Coldwell family in general
circa 1770 in Virgina/Tennessee.Colbert Coldwell
America – USA
Claire Elliott I am actually living in London at the moment – but i’m


United Kingdom
Claire Elliott I am trying to find the origin of the name Jannion.

“It is the name of my grandfather father and brother.”If anyone
knows anything – please email me.Claire.

james david caldwell
America – USA
wayne caldwell  My Great greatgreatgrandpaw
was English Caldwell His son franklin was a great great gandpaw.Franklin son Richard G. or R.G caldwell
was my great grandpawHis son Samuel Simon or S.S. Caldwell was my grandpaw.
I was raised at Milburn Oklahoma

America – USA
Tina M. (Caldwell) Kennon Looking for information on John Monroe Tyler Caldwell
Ira Lanorris Caldwell Charley Defrice Caldwell.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any information onthese peoople
as I am one of the Children of Charley Defrice CaldwellThank you

America – USA
Prissy Caldwell Odom I am back! I have explored your webpage now and I am so
thankful you have done this! Keep up the good
work. I do not have my genealogy notes here with me. I have a farm retreat
and everything is at home. Now that I have found your webpage I will make
sure I have that at hand next time I visit your webpage. I may have misstated
the name of my original immigrant. Can’t check my notes to see. You have
whet my appetire to start working on my genealogy again. my paternal surnames
include: Henderson Redmon Baker Butler Candler Waller Hornbuckle Strohbridge.
No others come to mind. If you are viewing this guestbook and have or
need info on these lines my email address is 1bamagal@bellsouth.net. Snail
mail address is P.O.Box 823 Selma AL 36702
America – USA
Prissy Caldwell Odom Hey cuz (maybe). My caldwells were in delawarethen north
carolina then Georgia and then Alabama.

“Orignal immigrant: Edwardhis sonjohn;his sonwilliam;his son richard
hornbuckle;his sonjohn richard;his sontuskin jefferson;his sontuskin jefferson
jr;his daughterPrissy Caldwell Odom.email:1bamagal@bellsouth.net or PO
Bx 823 Selma AL 36702”

America – USA
Sandy McFerren Hi followed the link from Brownie Caldwell’s page. My

are in SEKentucky and back to wherever they come form before that

America – USA
Jill Caldwell My grandfather name is chester caldwell from iowa
America – USA
Charity F. Caldwell Looking for information on John Tilor Monroe Caldwell

any info would be greatly appreciated.
My fathers name was”Kenneth Darrell Caldwell grandfather was Charley
DeFriece”CaldwellThank you!!!!

America – USA
Henry Caldwell Dow Son of Leah Maude Caldwell (1898) from St Stephen New

Brunswick Canada Daughter
of John P and Clista (Higgins)She had 11 brothers & sisters Anyone
out there with sameroots?

America – USA
Dale G. Caldwell Your information is fantastic. I have done research on
David Caldwell (#79). My research indicated
that his son Thomas Caldwell (#179) only had one son named David Franklin
Caldwell who lived on the Caldwell Plantation in Greensboro North Carolina
(Born 11/5/1814). I have no record of Robert Newton Caldwell (#452). Your
research is outstanding.
America – USA
Shannon Dagg (Caldwell) Hi. I am just starting to research my family history and
I have stumbled across your site. Thank you
for all of the work that you have put in to this. I hope to try the chat
line some time soon.
Seamus Delaney One branch of my mothers ancestors goes back to the Caldwells
of Ballybogan Township County Donegal Ireland.
We just returned from a 5 week sojurn thru that country. We visited the
County Seat of Lifford and we found the old cemetery in Ballybogan! It
is very very overgrown with trees shrubs thorns etc. and difficult to
access. There are headstones though I was unable to read names.   jdelaneyca@earthlink.net

America – USA
Cynthia  Boyd I live in Iowa. My Grandfathers name was Posey Samual
Caldwell. Born Sept. 8 1886 and passed Feb.
4 1970. He was married to Myrtil Mary Goss. When and where I don’t know?
I think Grandpa was born in the South or Eastern states. I think we are
desendent from Wales or Ireland. If any one has any info. please e-mail
me. I am real new at tracking down my ancesters. And I can’t afford to
pay for information as many of the sites I have been on wants.
America – USA
Joyce Rinehart Thornton I am the Great Grand daughter of Louella Berry. I’m looking
for more info on the family. I have a picture
of all the girls and pictures of Lou with her husband Lee Roy Fulkerson
and their children. Do you have any connection or info on the Barry family?
I enjoyed your page. Joyce Rinehart Thornton
America – USA
Terry Caldwell We are looking for information about Mose Rolla Caldwell

“died in Hamilton
Ohio in the 1950’s. Thanks”

America – USA
Robert Douglas Caldwell (Bob) We are anxious to find any information on our GreatGrandfather
JOHN Caldwell who came to Giles County Virginia
with his brother Amos in the very late 1800s. We nothing of what became
of Amos.

“His eldest son FRANKlin Lee Caldwell is my grandfather and the orphan
son of John. We do not know what became of John. He was unable to care
for his five children after the death of his wife in 1905 so orphaned
them. “”His other children include Bessie MaryElizabeth Suzanna
and James. All but James lived in the Richmond Virginia vicinity until
their passing except James who was killed in a tragic quarry accident
at age 29 just two weeks after my grandpa Frank had located him. “”JAMES’
children remained in Giles County and we have lost touch with them over
the generations. They were: Marcella Marvin Stella Harvey James and Brenda.
Harvey lives in Richmond now.”Any information anyone could provide
about our ancestors in Ireland would be appreciated and especially anything
regarding JOHN and AMOS in Virginia in the early 1900s.

America – USA
Larry Clapp I am a first cousin twice removed of Millard Caldwell

ex-governor of Florida. Just looking for some

America – USA
Geoff.Smirthwaite I have a miniature oil painting on copper entitled CALDWELL
CASTLE – SCOTLAND by John Rooke 1822(?) . Size
150mm x 100mm approx. I feel it may be a copy of a larger painting.

John Rooke was my GG Grandfather and came from St. Bees in Cumberland.The
painting has scanned quite well and I will be pleased to send a copy to
anyone interested.

United Kingdom
Jane Foley My Caldwell line goes like this: Martha Jane Keeling Foley
(me) born 1946 in DeQueen AR d/o Martha Irene
Caldwell Keeling born 1924 in McCurtain Co. OK d/o Otho Caldwell born
1903 in Indian Territory (Goodwater McCurtain Co OK) s/o Joseph William
Caldwell born 1879 Howard Co. AR s/o Newton Dudley Caldwell born 1841
Hempstead Co. AR s/o James Douglas Caldwell born 1818 in Dickson Co. TN
s/o Andrew Jackson Caldwell born 1775 in TN s/o Andrew Caldwell s/o Andrew
America – USA
Brenda Caldwell LaDuke My father was James Allen Caldwell from Floyd County Kentucky

his father was John Stallard Caldwell I don’t see much about his line

America – USA
Leonard Caldwell
Lisa Mann  Just stopping by
for a few… putting this in my favorites so I can look at it at length later. My maiden name is Caldwell and I’m from
Kentucky. My dad’s name ia James Caldwell.

America – USA
Belinda Mary Caldwell
United Kingdom


America – USA
Melvin Ray Caldwell My family tree does not go back very far. My father was
Melvin Blaine Caldwell Jr. my grandfather was
Melvin Blaine Caldwell Sr. and my great grandfather was Albert Rafton
Caldwell. We all lived in Lancaster County PA. I just found that there
was a Hugh Caldwell that lived in the county in 1790. He had a wife daughter
and two sons. I have not yet found a link between the families. If anyone
knows of a link to him or to any other Caldwell let me know.
America – USA
Melvin Ray Caldwell My family tree does not go back very far. My father was
Melvin Blaine Caldwell Jr. my grandfather wass
Melvin Blaine Caldwell Sr. and my great grandfather wassss Albert Rafton
Caldwell. We all lived ed in Lancaster County PA. I just found that there
was a Hugh Caldwell that lived in the county in 1790. He haad a wife daughter
and two sons. I have not yet found a link between the families. If anyone
knows of a link to him or to any other Caldwell let me know.
America – USA
Darrell Smith My ancestors go back to Seth Caldwell in Montgomery Co.

married Elizabeth Hardy”Son William “”Billy””
Caldwell Giles Co. Virginia married”Agnes NFISon Joseph Caldwell
m. Stacy WhiteheadSon Samuel Caldwell m. Idress BrockSon Allen Caldwell
m. Biddie PraterDaughter Lona Caldwell m. Adam Smith

America – USA
Sue Smith I am researching my grandfather’s family. His name was

“Butler Caldwell his first wife was Smithia Hooks and his 2nd””wife
was Mary ellen Browning. He was born September 8 1850 in””Clarkesville
Red River County Texas His childrens names were””Helen Butler
James Hooks Frank Madison Mattie Sue Minnie””Butler Thomas Marshall
Arthur Blake William Herbert Agnes””Vera Lucious Earl Martha
Ruth. His father was James Curran”Caldwell b. about 1811 in Kentucky
and he was married to MarthaLucy Cox.

America – USA
J. Vernon OUr family are descendantas of Thomas Vernon of the Creek.
Are there any other VERNONS out there?

🙂 JV

America – USA
Craig G. Caldwell My wife is building all she can on the Caldwell’s from

“County Deery Ireland..followed
up into the USA “”primarily Bristol Tn. and Cub Creek Va.”I
feel there may be a connection here and look forward to my wife (family
expert in this) looking at your website. We will be checking back often.

America – USA
Elizabeth L. Mclean My Daughter and I are interested in knowing about relatives
of the present day.  We are decended from Samuel Craighead Caldwell
and my mother was Emily Caldwell McLean.  I grew up in Dillon but most of our cousins
aunts and uncles were in the Charleston area. I now live in Anderson and
my daughter Julia is in Florence.  I
have not yet discovered how extensive your database might be. Thank you
for your time.

America – USA
Julia Thornhill My is Julia Thornhill. My grandmother was Emily Glover
Caldwell McLean. My mother is Elizabeth Lestarjette
McLean. We are trying to find our ancestors and my Great Grandfather was
Samuel Graighead Caldwell. My Great Great Grand Parents were Rev. John
McKnitt Madison Caldwell and Carolie Elizabeth Livy. We are trying to
find relatives in the South Carolina areas could you please help us. I
also know we are related ti an Isaac Pearson Caldwell some where down
the line. My grandmother kept up with the family history and my mother
and I found it and we are trying to find family now please help if you
can. Thanks Julia.  Hope to hear
from someone soon.

America – USA
melissa freebern have an old wedding invitation for addison caldwell and
emma j. marshall please email me if you have
any infor…new york 1881
America – USA
Helen Caldwell  Johnson
America – USA
Debbie Cunningham Hi Just checked out your website.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any “of my Caldwell ancestors Zeb or “his
son John Tyler or his son LeRoy”or his son Bobby Joe (my dad).”I’ll
keep checking though. Debbie Caldwell Cunningham

America – USA
Karen Bays   It is great finding
your web.I have been doing this

family work for 12 years now. I come thru Nancy Caldwell and
her husband John Blanton. They are my 4 Great Grand-“parents thru
their daughter Julie.”

America – USA
Elden James Caldwell Great idea and web site. Would like to exchange information

with anyone whose ancestors were from PA & OH. Direct “ancestors
of James James Jr. Seth John Franklin and Elden””Earle Caldwell.
Also Joseph Caldwell brother of John “Franklin.

America – USA
James Caldwell
America – USA
Lisa Caldwell Very interesting site. I would like to hear from other

“from Pennsylvania Ohio Idaho Texas and Utah. My great grandfather
“was John Franklin Caldwell.

America – USA
JoAnne DeGraffenreid Hello!

I plan to explore your impressive site soon. I have
18-20or so Caldwells in my database currently and want to finda Caldwell
connection to an almost-cousin Caldwell married”to a DeGraffenreed
(yes “”reid”” and “”reed””; and
I know that”de Graffenried or von Graffenried is the correct spelling).Prosit!Jo
Anne DeGraffenreid(Mrs. Prof. John C. Davis)MsDeG@mchsi.com

America – USA
Brenda A . Caldwell My maternal grandfather was Robert Franklin Caldwell.
His father was Hinton Caldwell (my great grandfather)
and his mother was Eve (or Eva) Ritchie. These Caldwells are from the
West Virginia/Virginia region. I don?t remember the names of all of Granda?s
*full-blooded* siblings but I remember Cliffie Caldwell-Knight (only sister
and a very special lady) Floyd Lory and I?m certain there were one or
two others. The brothers were coal miners in W.V. They had quite a few
half-brothers too. After Eve passed on Hinton Caldwell remarried to a
Bessie (last name unknown) and proceeded to have another large brood.
I know even less about these half siblings but I remember that there was
a Howard and a Leonard. They were a hardy bunch ? these Caldwells – loved
their whisky and a good physical brawl. They were also talented with musical
instruments. All are buried at a wee Mennonite cemetery in Fulks Run Virginia
(or very close). Don?t know why because they were not Mennonites. The
rest of the children and grandchildren of Robert F. Caldwell are in the
Maryland/Washington DC area. I?ll list the four sons and four daughters:
Earl (d) Loyd (d) Clarence Golden (d) Helen Rachael Pauline and Geraldine.
I am currently living in southern Arizona. ╡Tis not much but perhaps
it will be helpful to someone in time. God Bless the Caldwells.
America – USA
Leonard Caldwell Just discovered your site on the web and am forwarding

address to my brother who is
our family tree expert.Quite impressed so far. We have also heard the
stories ofbeing pirates of the mediteranean and of Oliver Cromwellforcing
a marriage on a Caldwell widow for her property.

kenneth a mcleod looking for information on Thomas Henry Ibison

father was James ibison “mother mary ann
last name ?”thomas marriage information marry elizabeth moodydate
5-11-1863in hecker il.”any information jamesthomasor mary ann.”thanks
ken mcleod

America – USA
James M. Caldwell Clayton NC. Orig. from Erie PA. My Father was Thomas W.

“born Nanty Glo PA. sibs: Mary Bob Edith Bill Shirley. Mother””Edith
Hessong CaldwellFather Robert Born Red Bank PA. Don’t know “any more
prior to that. Coal miners all of them. Most move to Cleveland OH after

America – USA
Andrew Caldwell
yvonne wagley – wagner I am the grandaughter of william thomas wagley(related

caldwells in scotland). I recently ran into a Gibson who Ithink is related
to caldwells in scotland. His family are London Scotts who emmigrated
two generations ago. If you have any information please let me know. Thanks.

America – USA
greg caldwell Hi fellow irelanders. Its a beautiful thing someone has
put together here thanks. Its a shame to forget
about our ancestors. My dad is Isaac Pearson Caldwell III. He will be
70 this year.

He’s gonna love this. “Great Job I guess we still got some brains
left.”Greg Caldwell”Reno Nevada”

America – USA
Steven  Omar Caldwell Hi fellow caldwell’s

I am desperately seeking any and all info on
My great grandfather”Frank Caldwell who I only know lived in Lincoln
Nebraska from 1884 to at least 1889.”He was married to an Olive Athey
thatwas born in mason co Illinois. they had three children”clydepearl
and Omar <my grandfather> it seems most of the caldwell’s hail from
Pa Ky & Tn but I think my “”frank”” may have came
from Indiana Or Illinois”The rest of our family group has lived in
Indiana now since about 1920’sIf anyone runs across info on my Caldwell
line I would so appreciate your contacting me.”caldwell@iquest.net
the link above is to a site I created of a caldwell pioneer cemetary that
is located in a woods near West Terre Haute In”none of the persons
are related to me as far as I know but I wanted to provide the pictures
& info for any others that might find use of themthanks Steve O Caldwell

America – USA
Matt Gagnon
America – USA
Rob Caldwell I have traced my ancestry back to 1770s in Riccarton Scotland
but need to fill plenty of gaps.

My Caldwells came to Australia in 1882 landing at Maryborough Queensland
before moving to Gympie.

Gerald Caldwell Thompson Grandfather was Addison Caldwell from North Sewickley
Beaver CountyPa. 1886-1961.

His father was John Caldwell 1856-1926. I think his father wasSamuel 1840-1907.
This is as far back as I could get. Can anyone help?

America – USA
Christopher Caldwell Son of Samuel Anthony Caldwell III (Tony Caldwell) who

Son of Samuel Anthony Caldwell II who wasSon of Samuel Anthony Caldwell
of Tennessee.Very likely related to your ancestor.Hello! –Chris

America – USA
David Darl Caldwell Parents-Gary and Norma Caldwell from Bellefontaine Ohio.
I have two sons Darl Ridge Caldwell 10-23-93
and Dalton Beau Caldwell 7-9-97
America – USA
David Darl Caldwell
America – USA
Gary Caldwell Need Family Tree (Parents) ofJames Patton Caldwell b.
approx 1793 Kentucky

married Mary Jasper Pepper b 1800 Kentucky.

America – USA
Vivian E. Caldwell-Walston This is a really large data base.
America – USA
Carolyn Kellenberger Found your pages while looking for Castle Caldwell. My
brother and I have traced our ancestry back
to Alexander Csaldwell born about 1558 whose son William born in 1577
was our direct link. We havve little information about them and would
like to find more and try to go back even further. We know William’s son
John who was married to Mary Sweetenham was from Dublin Ireland. I am
going to Dublin in June and hope to unlock more mysteries. This research
is really fascinating isn’t it. I hope to have time to read all your guest
book entries. The ones I have read so far are great!!
America – USA
Linda Caldwell Hi great site.

“I am looking for
information on the family of Charles Calvin
Caldwell Of Pgh Pa He was born on Dec 29th 1865 in Philidephia Pa he was
married to Stella Agnes Ackerman born Feb 4th 1875 and were married at
St Michael Church on the South Side of Pgh May 19th 1900. They had eight
chldren Charles JR Kenneth Robert Alice Gladys Dorothy Helen and James
not in order of birth not sure of that. I am the daughter of James Richard
Caldwell who was born on June 30th 1922. I have no information going back
any further than my Grandfather Charles Calvin as I was quite young when
he and my grandmother passed away in April of 1951. Anyone with any information
taking me back further would be greatly appreciated and will give any
information I do have to others who need or want it.”

America – USA
Robert Caldwell Wilson Thanks for a very nice site. I have heard all of these
tales and find them hard to believe but they
are certainly fun.

Keep up the good work.RCW

Marcia Caldwell Shackelford My dad was Dallas Newell Caldwell. He was born in 1916
in Castle Dale Utah. My dad did not get along
with his dad very well so he left home at the age of 14. Dad left most
of his past then too in Utah. All I know about his line is that his dad’s
name was semes Caldwell. He married Annie Collingham in Price Utah in
1903. Supposedly Semes was a jeweler in Castle Dale. The children of the
family were La Nilta Norlene Elaine Della and then my dad Dallas the youngest.
The only name that I have connected with Semes is an entry in our old
family Bible. He may have had a brother named Arthur. I don’t know when
Semes was born or when or where he died. His wife was born on 1880 so
that’s a ballpark figure. There are quite a few Caldwells in Utah and
there are also some Collinghams but I don’t know how to make the connection
to me and my siblings. Dad’s sister married Victor Coulson and they lived
in Harrah Washington for all of their married life. Aunt Della died in
1996 here in Washington state. My dad Dallas married my mom Jessie Lowe
in Harrah Washington in 1950. We have lived here in Washington state for
most of our lives (I was born in 1954). I only have vague recollections
of my aunts Norlene Elaine and La Nilta. I think from Utah they settled
in California but I don’t know where. So that’s what I know. I’d sure
like to make the connection of where Semes originated from who his parents
were and how he ended up in Utah (maybe he lived there his whole life
although I don’t think he died there). Thanks for any help. -Marcia Caldwell
America – USA
Sandra Paton Hill Catherine Tainsh Caldwell was a sister to my Grandmother
and they were born in Alva ClackmannanshireScotland.
My grandmother was Jessie Tainsh mr.to Alexander PatonSr. She was born
May 1 1883 and he was born in 1881. They had one son named Alexander Paton
Jr. They left Alva by way of Glasgow on a ship that flew a British Flag
Called the Furnessia. They arrived in New York May 1 1911. Alex Jr. was
born in Alva on June 211906. Sr. was a coal miner in Scotland and settled
in Pennsylvania in the hard coal regions. Alex Jr. followed his fathers
footsteps and became a miner at age 16 both died of miner’s disease Sr.
in December of 1944 and Jr.in 1975 December       Jr. was an only child and he had 4 children
and was married June 261937 to Blanche Estelle Graver. the children are
Douglas Alexander b.April 31938Sandra Estelle B.November 181940 Pamella
Jean b.December 61942 and George Owen b.September 11946. Blanche was a
daughter of Owen Graver and Helen Wetzel Graver she was born in Geneva.N.Y.
September 261913. I am also trying to research all angles of my family
and have most of the information on the Graver side but have trouble finding
info on the Paton -Tainsh side. Most of the family I did know in North
America have long been desceased and the only hope is tat someone reads
this from the Caldwell Abraham TainshBarrie Madden families through out
North America and Scotland. I pray I find some information through this
message board. Sandra Paton Hill sandra60@webtv.net
God Bless and I than anyone who has any information on these people.

America – USA
Charles ( Chuck ) William Caldwell Jr.
America – USA
James Richard Caldwell James R. Caldwell son of Robert Charles Caldwell born
Oakland Cal.

“1907 and Catherine Cole. Grand son of Capt. George Caldwell U.S.A.
Born””Liverpool England 1873. Great grandson of Robert Charles””Caldwell
and Sarah Benson Caldwell of Liverpool England and”probably emigrated
from Scotland.

America – USA
A. hambrick Glad to find a Caldwell Page. Am looking for the following.

James and Ester Caldwell
early 1800 in Litchfield County Conn.

America – USA
James Caldwell
Shirley Brown Minier  I have enjoyed
the Caldwell genealogy . My greatgreatgreat grandmother
was Margary Caldwelldaughter of Mathew and Mary Bloom Caldwell

America – USA
James McConnell
America – USA
Bernard Neirman   For: Linda Johnson;
re: Lura Caldwell-Neirman.

    Saw your message
inquiring about the Caldwells am a “” bit concerned about the
date of birth for your grandmother” wasn’t your mother born in 1929?
If you are who I think you” are your grandmother was born in 1903.
Let me know.”          B. Neirman

America – USA
Tom Caldwell If Rebecca Caldwell from Gippsland who signed the guestbook
on 26 January 2004 could contact me I would
be interested in her family. My family has Joseph’s in it and I am looking
for possible connections through “family” names. Scotland ->
John & Shirley  Craft I descend from James Caldwell #619 and Jane Caldwell #621
of Craig Co. VA. Also another line from Eunice
Caldwell #615 who married Charles Wright.

John CraftVirginia

America – USA
Phylllis Carroll Hello!

“I am looking for info
on my Grandfather Frank R. Pitcarin. I know
he is related to the Pitcarin Family of Bryn Athen Pa. He was married
to Margaret Marcus Pitcarin and they lived in Germantown Pa. He had 2
daughters Peg and Jane. I’d like to know who his father was. Was it one
of the 3 sons of John Pitcarin? I know he had a sister name Fannie. She
married into the Frackelton Family. Thanks for any help you can give.”

America – USA
Leigh Marvin
America – USA
Nicola Marshall-Roth My paternal Grandmother was born Irene Mary Caldwell

“daughter of Horace
Horatio Caldwell son of Robert Caldwell “who was son of Thomas Caldwell
from Refrewshire ? or Edinburgh and Euphemia Pringle. “Euphemia was
belived to be related to the 5th Earl of Douglas “who was 3rd in
succession from James 2nd. Would love any information to substantiate
this claim !!! 

susan caldwell I love your website-thank you for so much information.
My father and I are trying to find theparents
of William Thomas Caldwell b. about 1828 in Virgiania. m. Martha Ann.
Children were George Washinton Virginia Louise William A. Edward and Isaac
Henry. 1860 census and forward say he was born in VA but we cannot find
them in 1850 in any county. In 1868 they moved to Minneasota then Kansas
Oklahoma Washington. We’ve hit a dead end-any thoughts would be greatly
America – USA
Martha Coldwell Sverre An informative and entertaining website I’ll be visiting
it again. I’ll tell other Coldwell family history
enthusiasts about it. Well done!!!
Gwen Caldwell Quickel I just sent a message to the Forum and wish to share a

copy of a picture of the Caldwell Tower located
in the”village of Uplawmoor Scotland. If anyone would like a”copy
please e-mail me and I will scan and send thecopy right back. The picture
is not really clear as itis a copy of a copy but will be happy to send
to anyonethat is interested.

America – USA
Rena Leanora Caldwell Buckreis
America – USA
rebecca caldwell Wowwhat a great page. I come from a long line of caldwellsit
has been traced to Scotland in the 1100’s.
My great grandfather came to Melbourne in the 1880’s and had a hard life
in the bush here and since then all the Caldwell families have made their
living in the logging game. They are extremely well known in Australia
for their axemanship with my great uncle Joseph Caldwell claiming the
world championship in 1937 or near about beating all other competitors
from around the world in the Underhand Axe Racing.To this day they are
still woodchopping including my fatherand yes i work in the bush with
him logging along with my brother.keeping the tradition alive its something
to be proud of.G’day to all you Caldwells in Scotlandhope to get over
there soon and will be searching for a few things to do with family.Once
again its a brilliant web site.
ZANDER CALDWELL go’on the caldwells
Earline Caldwell Oset
America – USA
dorrie My gr grandmother was Catherine Caldwell who was born
in Collinsville. Most think that’s the Connecticut
Collinsville but it may have been PA or IL. Her father was Peter born
May 7 1824 in Ireland and her mother was Margaret born May 21 1822 in
Ireland – we know not where. Both died in Leavenworth Kansas USA. We have
no information before that and would be delighted for any leads or suggestions.
America – USA
mike caldwell I have looked all over about info about my grandparents.

Charles Rice caldwell and
Louise Griffin.He was born in 1889″in mercer co. kuand she was born
in 1890.They had eight children”” ChesterJamesJunusKilusCharlesVernerOlean
and Mac. They all””moved to Indianapoliswhich is where I am
from. Any help would be”appreciated.Thanks.

America – USA
Peggy Trimble My ancestor is Ellender “Nellie” Caldwell who
m. James Livesay

“ca. 1801 in Lee County Virginia. They raised their children “”in
Grayson County VA. We know nothing of her family or roots.”Family
legend says she was not born in America. Any news “would be greatly
appreciated!! Thanks Peggy”

America – USA
kevin caldwell
America – USA
Kelly-Jo Adkins First this sight is awesome. Second I could use some help.

“Here is what I know:
My grandfather is Alfred Azel Caldwell. His parents were Granville Caldwell
born 1879 and Lena May Wentz. Granville’s Brothers and sisters were Fleming
Sarah alfred George Mary Granville Bessy Robert Minnie Clayton Nicholas
Clifton Conrad and Mona. Granville’s parents were Robert L. Caldwell and
Elizabeth(slagle)Caldwell. I do not know who Robert’s father was. I took
a wild guess that it could be Fleming (the name of roberts first born
son). I found the following information that is just too much to be coincidence
but I can not make the connection. There was a Flemming Caldwell Born
1812 married to Nancy Kyle father of Nancie George Alfred Marcus Naomi
Jane Granville and Edmiston. I don’t see a Robert in that list. I know
I must be close though. I understand they were plantation slave owners
in Virgina. Robert rejected his family’s beliefs and fought for the North.
It is rumored that he or his father had an affair with a black woman and
children resulted. It is also rumored that Robert was kicked out of the
family. Any info would be greatly appreciated.”

America – USA
Donald R. Caldwell Grandfather: George Calvin Caldwell. His origins are unknown.

” He was from Clay County Missouri or Meta Missouri Osage County.”This
is all that we have on his beginnings. There is a long list of descendants
but no one knows of his parentage. Hopefully someone out there knows.

America – USA
mary o’brien( nee caldwell) Any other Belfast Caldwells out there?
Renee Caldwell Brisbane. I am the daughter of Robert Caldwell & Sheryl
Caldwell(nee Gillis) who is son of David Caldwell
& Jean Caldwell (nee Kirkpatrick).

What a great website! Will definitely come back for a more thorough look. 

Michael J. Caldwell
America – USA
Sheri Purdy Slate Thank you so much for taking the time to make this available
to other researchers. I have been researching
my family genealogy for over two years now and it is so refreshing to
find new things. I have Caldwell’s in my line: Margaret Caldwell &
James Richey had a daughter named Agnes Nancy Richey; she married my 5th
great grandfather Henry Purdy. Thanks again on a site well done.

                Sheri Purdy Slate

America – USA
Jeffrey Robert Caldwell My name is Jeffrey Robert Caldwell and I live in Mesa

My father passed away approx. 1 yr ago and I’m now beginnng to researh
my Caldwell family history. My Father was Robert Lee Caldwell born 10/23/1923
in Spangler Pennsylvania. son of John W. and Ruth Barrclaugh Caldwell.”My
Great Gandfather was John Caldwell Sr. Born Aug 241865 “”Died
Dec17th 1924. “This is where I’m starting. 

America – USA
Donald M Caldwell I forgot to mention that ther is a very small village
in Ayrshire

“shire Scotland called CALDWELL anyone know the origins.”

Donald Caldwell
Ginger Chandler I was raised in Eastern Kentucky. My great grandmother

Lorie Caldwell is daughter
of Stacy Whitehead and Samuel J Caldwell. If there’s anymore info out
there let me know.Thanks

America – USA
Grace Caldwell Stanners I am the daughter of Walter Bowie Caldwell and the granddaughter
of Alfred Caldwell and his wife Susan O’Neill.
According to family “history” Granddad was found on the Caldwell
family’s doorstep and raised as their own.
New Zealand
Athena Caldwell McNeel I stumbled upon your website this afternoon when I was
looking for some genealogy resources. My Grandmother
passed away a few weeks ago and I realized that I didn?t know very much
about my family history and I would like to be able to pass more onto
my Children than ?Your Great-Grandparents were from Kentucky≈

“I think your site could be very helpful to me thanks for all your
hard work!”

America – USA
Jean Hillard I am interested in my Scotch-Irish ancestry. All of my
family both sides are from Western Pennsylvania.
America – USA
Marvin Sarver
America – USA
Phil Caldwell Hi there Just looking around the web for information on
the surname of Caldwell I found your site and
some of the information was very useful. Some of my family tree as it
were in the way distant past emigrated to ‘The New World’. As such I am
currently working on developing a website to show the English contingent
that went stateside. I have so far researched records dating from the
mid 15th century in England and Scotland hopefully once the project is
complete I can forward the information to your web-ring. Many thanks however
for the U.S side of information.  Phil
Caldwell – London England U.K

United Kingdom
Jane Currey Collier Rudick My Grandmother was Bessie Brown Caldwell and Grandfather
was Samuel Yongue Caldwell. They lived in Birmingham
AL. Grandmother was a member of the DAR and related to Edward Rutledge
youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. This site is so interesting.
It is very well done. I have some information on my Grandfather’s side
going back to England in the 1600’s but would like to know more. Thanks
for the help. Jane
America – USA
Ronald McCafferty very nice site have forwarded url to my cousin Janet Caldwell
Charles William Caldwell Jr James Caldwell our 1st Caldwell born in Ireland 1784 died
in Canada in 1825
America – USA
Nancy Robb Cuen would like to hear from other Robb’s or Hysong’s
America – USA
Scott Cuen (Son of Nancy Cuen) My fathers name is Gamaliel Cuen(Gammy Cuen)My sister
is Leslie Cuen. My MotherNancy Robblives in
NewarkCa.she can be reached at (510)796-5926
America – USA
Glenn Andrew Caldwell Jr My father Glenn Andrew Caldwell passed away 20 August
2003. I married Linda Jean Bair 21 December
1973. We have two sons. Jeremy Glenn was born 3 March 1977 and Matthew
Aaron born on 27 January 1979. My father my sons and me were born and
raised in Garnett KS. My father died while farming near the house in which
he was born.
America – USA
Sarah I am researching and taking a class on Ireland. I was
wondering whether there is a place where I
could get information on the whole Irish issue. The subject is complicated
and deals with the Irish struggle starting from 1151 to 1921. So any information
on the subject would be helpful. I have searched online but nothing related
to the issues back then come up.
Sue Smith My maternal grandfather was Thomas Butler Caldwell and
he was born in Texas in 1850. His father was
James Curran Caldwell and was born in Kentucy about 1811. Love your website.
America – USA
Tricia Smith Wonderful pages! My husband is a Caldwell descendent through
Rebecca Jackson Caldwell daughter of David
Caldwell & Sarah Martin.  Rebecca
married Gideon Riddle in 1832 St Clair Co AL.
If you’d like the info on this line of the family please let me

America – USA
Gene Sheridan Hello Part 2: “My” Caldwells setled initially
in New York City in 1799. Then in 1802 John
Caldwell bought 50 acres in Salisbury Mills Orange County NY near West
Point.Our home and B&B is the centerpiece of three houses which the
Caldwells of Ballymoney lived in. Catherine Caldwell1775-1856 lived in
the house for 40 years. Many of this Caldwel family are buried in a nearby
Caldwell graveyard. We invite anyone to visit us and we will give you
a tour and be glad to talk to you with a cup of tea and some ginger scones;
staying with us would be nice too. Gene Sheridan
America – USA
Gene Sheridan Hello John My wife Carmela and I bought a house to set
up for a B&B 5 years ago. Have been doing
research on Caldwell family members who lived in house for 150 years.William
Alexander Caldwell #572 and Richard #468 were sons of John Caldwell(1740?-1803)of
Ballymoney Co. Antrim Ireland. His wife Elizabeth Calderwood died 1796.
They had 12 children; 3 died in Ireland; came to US in 1798 and 1799 after
Rebellion of 1798. Your info on William A.is great; knew some you have
more.Will send you anticle I wrote about the family as I knew it 2 years
ago. Thanks Gene Sheridan
America – USA
JohnCaldwell Very interesting site please add Scotland to your visitors
“You come from” menu
Jewel Moss My mother’s father was Ruben Caldwell born in Cocke county
Tennessee. His mother Margaret Caldwell from
Haywood county North Carolina. Margaret married a Thomas Green.I know
very little else. Can anyone help? Jewel
America – USA
Donna Cantrell Just found this site and saw my name (Donna Hughes)in
the 9th generation ! It was great to see the
picture of my grandma mother Ester Hughes in the scrapbook. I do not think
that I have seen that picture of her before. Thank you. Very interesting
information that I did not know of my family. Thanks again Donna
America – USA
L. McBride My husband is a descendent of Colonel William Caldwell
born in 1750 in Fermanagh North Ireland. His
parents were William and Rebecka Caldwell. Colonel Caldwell immigrated
to North America in 1773. I am still trying to piece together more but
have just started. Anyone with information please email me.
Eddie Hulme If anyone can help fill in some of the blanks I would
be really thankful.

“The Caldwells are from Widnes area as are the Haney’s. Ada Haney
being born in Cuerdley Lancashire the assumption being that her family
the Caldwells lived there. She was registered in the 1901 census at Cuerdley
in the Widnes district. I have all the Janion details – note the spelling
as over time both Jannion and Janion was used. “FOURTH GENERATION     “Mary Ann Jannion born 0-___-1819
married 0-___-1843 “”Alban Caldwell born 0-___-1812 (son of
*Caldwell) died 0-___-1880. “Mary died 0-___-1880. CHILDREN:   iiiiiiivvviviiviiiixFIFTH GENERATION     “Amelia Caldwell born 0-___-1850 married
0-___-1872 James Haney. “CHILDREN:   iiiiiiivvviiSIXTH GENERATION     

United Kingdom
Edgar R. Caldwell
America – USA
Teisha K. Caldwell Greetings! I’m a proud Caldwell too. I love your website.
Do you know why the Caldwells migrated to the
state of Ohio? Teisha 🙂
America – USA
Carolyn R Caldwell My grandparents Henry Newton CaldwellI do not know my
grandmothers dmothers first namecame from Scotland
in the late 1800’s.They had seventeen childrenMy father Henry Newton Caldwell
Jr.UnclesRufusEarlDanothoAunt’sMilldred Ida Pierce Mary Lou Nunnthats
all I can remember.Thank you
America – USA
William G. Caldwell
America – USA
Edward R Eberhardt A great work and of interest to all Scots-Irish and those
with roots in Augusta Co. VA. I have no Caldwell
connection that I am aware of but I keep hoping that some day I will be
able to sort out the three Andrew Russells in Augusta Co.. Until then
I’m keeping my synapses open with sites such as yours.
America – USA
Jayne Caldwell Owens To John David Caldwell my sixth generation Caldwell cousin.
My great grandfather was also Thomas Hutchinson
Caldwell who married Martha Elizabeth Jordon on September 4 1872. My grandfather
David Pinkney Caldwell Sr. was married to Eva Rowe Caldwell whose son
Benjamin Bennett Caldwell is my father and your father Paul’s good buddy.
Would love to hear from you and compare family tree info.
America – USA
Thomas A. Caldwell Glad to see so much info about the Caldwell clan.I am
58 years old.Father-William Morton Caldwell
was born in Green County Ky June 141900.His Father Alfred V.Caldwell born
in Green Co in 1865 died 1915 inTaylor county Ky.His father – my grandfather
was ThomasH.Caldwell born in Green Co Ky in 1820 died 1919.Many thanks
for the wonderful site. Thomas A.Caldwell
America – USA
edgar r. caldwell
America – USA
Joanne Mccormick I am Milo Gwinn’s daughter.I have been doing genealogy
for many years. I do not know as much about
the Caldwell’s. I was pleased to come across your web site.  Joanne

America – USA
Rodger Caldwell Hi all you Caldwells. First visit to site looks interesting
I will be back soon in the hope some of you
can help me in my research. Cheers Rodger
United Kingdom
billy ray caldwell
America – USA
jim lee this strikes me as a good place to start my search.my
grandfather john hansell caldwellborn mar.1893
in philadelphia.his father john??was a conductor on the railroad.I have
reason to believe that there is a link with the J.E.caldwell&co.of
philadelphia.to date have not been able to find any info on the founder
of the company.any help would be greatly appreciated
America – USA
Richard Scaldwell I know its not Caldwell but almost!
United Kingdom
Bonnie CALDWELL McNeil Have I signed the guestbook now? Bonnie Caldwell McNeil
(Born) Bonnie onlybonnie@msn.com

BONNIE CALDWELL   McNeil (Born) I am praying so hard that I can find anyone who knows
about the CALDWELL side of my family. FATHER:  JAMES GEORGE CALDWELL b. Dec. 26 1911 Died:
Oct.      1985 married to STEPHANEY
(FAY) HOCKMAN b. Jan.      09 1918.
Children: RONALD JAMES B. June 27
1940 DOUGLAS ANDREW b. July 22 1941 BONNIE      FAY CALDWELL b. Feb. 06 1947 ROBERT ALLEN
1936        in WINNIPEG MANITOBA CANADA and was
married        to CATHERINE G. TAINSH
(who had a lst marriage        in
(prob. as a teen        n)(had 2
children who eventually moved to U.S.
(maybe twin girls). CATHERINE TAINSH CALDWELL        prob. born 1880’s died 1953 about 66
yrs.        in WINNIPEG MANITOBA
b. in Scotland or Australia to JAMES AND        ISABELLA CALDWELL. CATHERINE GILROY
TAINSH        (CRAWFORD)  CALDWELL was daughter of GEORGE        TAINSH AND JESSIE MacDOUGALL of (I presume)
ALVA SCOTLAND or within 100 miles. She had
about 6 – 10 siblings. Her younger brother
GEORGE TAINSH III has 2 daughters and son that        I know of – one JOYCE HEALY lives in
LaSalle        Quebec. I cannot
find any Immigration or        Marital/Death
information/documents (I do have
Andrew and Catherine’s death certificates but        not anymore info. than here.  APPRECIATE IT        IF ANYONE ON THIS EARTH CAN ASSIST ME
AND ON FOR 25 years to        get
some information on Grandpa CALDWELL AND

Georgia Pope My great-grandfather was J.C. “Colson” Blanton.
The blanton cemetary where he is in Pineville
Kentucky where both Colson and my grandfather Millard are buried. The
web site for that cemetary is http://www.rootsweb.com/~kybell/Cemeteries/Cemeteries/Blanton/blanton_cemetery.htm.
Thought you might want to update you information. You web site is wonderful
and I enjoyed the visit.
America – USA
Diana Gail Caldwell I am trying to find the ancestors of Robert Bayless Caldwell.
That was my stepfather’s name. His father’s
name was Robert Bayless Caldwell too and he wrote music. Can you help
America – USA
Susie Am looking for Robert Scott Caldwell…father named John
Alfred Caldwell 6/10/25..was in D Troop 3rd
Squadron 7th Calvery ….died in Scheinfurt Germany. Sons Norman Ira.
Derrick Caldwell age approx. 50’s now. …father in US Army in Karlsruhe
Germany in late 60’s Please email me if you have any information. Ladys00@aol.com
America – USA
Paula  I have enjoyed this Caldwell site very much. Do the Caldwells
of Obion County Tennessee ever have a family
America – USA
Mary K. Swanson My grandfather was John Caldwell Mayfield who was born
in Georgia but lived most of his life in north-central
Florida with his wife Ethyle Elizabeth Baker; his mother was Nannie Emma
Caldwell; her father was David Caldwell; his father was Elder Creed Caldwell.
What a great feeling to know of all these cousins! Thanks for the forum.
America – USA
Carolyn Caldwll McKenzie My grandmother was Alison Caldwell born in Rio Wisconsin
to Charles Caldwell & Agnes MacMillan.
There are many Caldwells from Columbia County Wisconsin all of whom trace
their lineage back to three brothers from Paisley Ayrshire Scotland. The
2004 Caldwell reunion of these descendants is being held in Columbus WI
on June 19 2004.
America – USA
Al Caldwell First time to visit your site. I am a decendent of John
Caldwell b.Abt 1745 and Ann King b.Abt 1748
from Antrim Ireland. They emigrated to the US in 1748 and settled in the
Cumberland Valley near Carlisle Pennsylvania. I will return at a later
date to look at moer of you Caldwell information. Thank You for making
the information available. Kenneth A. Caldwell AKA Al Caldwell
America – USA
Jerry A Moore Grandson of Katherine White Caldwell daughter of Thomas
Jefferson Caldwell and Eliza Ann Ranes(Raines)son
of David Knox Caldwell and Elizabeth Jane Crawford son of John Caldwell
and Mary Caldwell Knox son of David Varner Caldwell and Phoebe Malena
Mann son of David Caldwell and Mary Dudgeon son of John F Caldwell and
Margaret Phillips(Cub Creek John)
America – USA
Dee Quinn New York Caldwells:  William
Caldwell b. 1762 Johnstown New York d. abt 1827 I have a copy of his Will – married Rebecca ?? (named
in Will) – children Amelia (b. 1784 d. 1869 m. Stephen Cogswell);Joseph;
James; Elisa; Sally; and Paul (my line) (b. 1796 d. 1871) m. Catherine
Thumm – children: Caroline William Berry Nicholas Belinda James John C.
Charlotte Ann and Joseph Cogswell Caldwell my great grandfather. Joseph
in turn married Elizabeth Harden and they had Charles H. Caldwell George
P. Caldwell and my grandmother Statira Eliza Caldwell Van Buren. With
all those children of Paul there has to be someone out there with this
line. My brick wall is William. Born in Johnstown N.Y. in 1762 – who were
his parents??? I have to believe that they are probably the ones who came
from the “old country” but who were they and where did they
come from? Any tidbit of information would be greatly appreciated. Dee
Quinn – tabbycat@dc.rr.com

America – USA
William H. Woodruff My Grandmother was Clara French Caldwell b. 1880 in Tullahoma
TN (m. William H. Woodruff I 1908). Her father
was Isaac Anderson Caldwell b. 1839 Franklin Co. TN (m. Mary Caroline
Turner 1867). His father was Thomas Jefferson Caldwell b. ca. 1803 Blount
Co. TN (m. Lucy Dardis 1826). His father was David Caldwell b. VA ca.
1770 (m. Mollie Russell 1799). After that the line is unknown to us but
we have MUCH information on the descendants of David Caldwell. Would like
to find somebody who has this line further back and will be happy to exchange
info with anybody.
America – USA
James N. Delaney My mother’s father’s mother’s father was Colbert Caldwell(Coldwell)
Tennessee Arkansas Texas and Kansas lawyer
and judje; whose father was Nathaniel E. Caldwell; whose father was Ballard
Caldwell; (Thomas; Thomas; John of Donegal). At least that is what I gather
is the lineage from all the Caldwell websites. There is a record in Shelbyville
Tennessee showing Ballard Nathaniel E. and (I believe a brother John C.
– Campbell probably) living there at the same time. Thank you for the

America – USA
America – USA
Martin L. Caldwell Enjoyed reading your information. I am from Erie Pa and
my grandfathers name was Millard Caldwell and
he married Bessie Ross from Ohio.
America – USA
Rhonda Lynn Caldwell-Shultz I am a Caldwell just starting to trace my family tree.
My dad’s name is Burris W. Caldwell and his
dad was Hubert Byran caldwell b 29/10/1916 his dad was William M. Caldwell
about 1883 his dad was John Alexander Caldwell about 1854 his dad was
William H. Caldwell about 1819 and his dad was Andrew Caldwell about 1785.
Any Suggestions?
America – USA
Sonja Shepherd I enjoyed your information. Thanks!
America – USA
Priscilla Caldwell Hi IWas marriages to a Vaughn Caldwell And my Father In
LAw is Harvey Caldwell
Cabot & Carrie Caldwell I do not have a E-Mail . I am putting my address down
I live at 8761 Highway 201 Nictaux RR#3 Middleton
Nova Scotia Canada BOSIPO .. Hope to here from you soon .Your Truly .Cabot
Mrs. Elsie W. Ernst I have been researching Colonel William Caldwell b ca
1747 co. Fermanaugh Ireland who had a child
Billy b ca 1780 with an Indian wife. He married Susanne Baby dit Duperon
b 1766 ca 1782. Both are buried in Amherstburg Canada. They had 12 children.
Late in 1776 or early in 1777 he received the captaincy of the 2nd company
of Butler’s Rangers. He commanded the Rangers and entered Ky where he
was victorious in the Battle of Blue Licks. He then settled in Detroit
MI. Anyway I have a lot on him if anyone is interested
America – USA
Mary W. Mills This is a wonderful website and thank you John Caldwell.
My Mothers’s maiden name was Caldwell from
Charlotte NC. What genealogy I have shows our family back to Ayrshire
Scotland. I also have a record of the genealogy that John Caldwell Calhoun
commissioned as his Mother was a Caldwell. Our family came into America
through Charleston SC and settled in North Carolina. There is so much
more I would like to know previous to their leaving Scotlant. I will read
the “myths and legends’ section carefully.
America – USA
Celia Caldwell Johnson Slowly searching my roots. My father died without giving
us much information. Maiden names include Todd
Wormington and Hogan. Wonderful site!
America – USA
Victoria L. (Caldwell)
Greetings! I noticed many places list Caldwells as having
darker complexions but my father grandfather
Caldwell etc.. have all been very pale people with an adversion to almost
red hair and easily burn in the sun.  I
enjoyed reading the Caldwell legends. If any of them are true it could
explain why I’ve always felt like I just have to go to France someday.
Thanks! Victoria L. (Caldwell) Cooksey Baking and Entertaining with Victoria

America – USA
Brett Caldwell
America – USA
Timn Caldwell I am from a family in NW Kansas that I have heard originated
in Missouri. My grandfather is Loyd Caldwell
and my Great grandfather was Arthur. I am new to this. please help. Thanks
America – USA
Levy J. Murdaugh Thanks for your site and the information it has provided
me on the Irish Plantations and the Scots.
America – USA
Andrea Willimette (Rosa) Lyon I am a descendant of the Redlingshafer/Rosa. I am just
starting my search for genelogy.
America – USA
Cesilie Botello A continuation of the next entry. John Thomas Caldwell
and Nancy Kopelin had one more child after
my great grandmother Sarah Ada Caldwell. Her name was Rebecca J. Caldwell.
I appologize I left her out. thank you
America – USA
Cesilie Botello I signed the guestbook on 18 Oct 2002 but I have acquired
some new information. Andrew Caldwell was born
in 1798 in County Tyrone Ireland and married Mary Woods in Lancaster CountyPennsylvania.
Mary Woods died at Strodes Mill. Andrew and Mary Caldwell had six children.
1)Andrew Caldwell who married Margaret M. Caldwell about 1879. Andrew
and Margaret Caldwell had two children James R. Caldwell and Winfield
W. Caldwell. 2) Franklin Caldwell (Andrew and Mary’s 2nd son) 3)Mary A
Caldwell married Woods Tremble 4) Rebecca Caldwell married Joseph Strode
on January 28 1841 5) William Caldwell and 6)John Thomas Caldwell B 21
Jan 1825 (my gggf) in Granville Township Mifflin County Pennsylvania D:
after 18 March 1908 in Newton Hamilton Mifflin County Pennsylvania. John
Thomas married Nancy Kopelin in 1855 in Wayne Township Mifflin County
Pennsylvania. Nancy died about 1884 in McVeytown Mifflin County Pennsylvania.
John Thomas and Nancy Caldwell had five children. 1) Nancy (Nannie) E.
Caldwell B:1856 married John Parker on 25 December 1879 2)William S Caldwell
B 1858 married Alice Postlewaite on 10 Jan 1883 in Newton Hamilton Pennsylvania.
William and Alice had a daughter Stella B Caldwell B: abt 1888 3) Alice
Caldwell married George Drake 4) David M Caldwell married Alice McVey
5) Sarah Ada Caldwell (my ggrandmother) b; 11 Dec 1864 in Newton Hamilton
Mifflin County Pennsylvania. M: Isaac Samuel Pyle and D: 6 Mar 1948 in
Salina Saline County Kansas. Isaac S and Sarah Ada Pyle had five children.
1) John Caldwell Pyle (my gf) B: 28 Nov 1890 in Altoona Pennsylvania.
M: Fern Winona Briggs on 29 June 1914 in Salina Kansas. Died 23 Sept 1975
in Denver Colorado. One daughter: Doris Earlene Pyle still living. 2)
Clarence Pyle 3) Harriet R. Pyle B; 1897 married John Clark Davis one
son John Davis 4) Nellie B. Pyle B: 19 Sept 1903 D: 3 Jan 1975 in Salina
Kansas 5)Alice S Pyle B: abt June 1909. If anyone knows if they have a
connection to any of these Caldwell’s it would be wonderful to know about
it. I am open to know any of my cousins out there. thank you Cesilie
America – USA
Kathrine Caldwell Haensel Great website. I have been fascinated by the Caldwell
legends. My husband and I were in France last
year and drove over to Mt. Aud. There is a large old brick house on the
property. It is large enough to be called a chateau.
Someone lives in it but they were not home when we were there.
There is a rather long tree lined drive and some well maintained gardens.
The trees are enormous and very very old. There is a winery connected
with the property that may or may not be still operating. The signs are
there but no one was around. Of course it was spring and not the season
when wineries are busy. If anyone knows more about this house I would
be interested.

America – USA
Kathrine Caldwell Haensel
America – USA
Debbie Gibson Hi just about read your excellant website. Researching
IRELAND My Grt grandmother was AGNES CALDWELL b.1887 Maybole Grt grt grandfather
DAVID CALDWELL b.c1859 Ireland m.ISABELLA BICKERSTAFF 1879 Maybole Grt
grt grt grandfather DAVID CALDWELL m. JANE CAMPBELL/THOMSON Would appreciate
any feedback/info and glad to share any info I have. Regards Debbie
United Kingdom
Jenny Wellington Matthew and Ann CALDWELL arrived South Australia c1841.
After Matthew’s death Ann travelled by wagon
with her children to the Holbrook area of New South Wales and later to
Western Queensland before returning to Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.
Ann’s parents were Thomas MOONEY and Elizabeth COUZEN/COZZEN. She was
born c1820 Ireland and died 22-3-1890 Wagga Wagga New South Wales. Children:
Elizabeth – William – John – Olivia – Sophia – Agnes – Martha – Priscilla
Hoping to make contact with other researchers. Matthew and Ann are my
children’s Great Great Great Grandparents. Jenny (Victoria Aust.)

Will Bowers Great information. My grandmother was Capitola Caldwell
from Craig County Virginia. I have just started
on this branch of the family. If there is anyone out there that may be
related please contact me! Thanks.
America – USA
Michael Isaac Caldwell  My name is Mike
Caldwell. I am 48 yrs young. My father’s name was Isaac Caldwell as was his fathers name. My grandfather and my
great grandfather operated a ferry boat across the Wabash river between
Indiana and Illinois. My family bloodlines I suspect are from the south.
The Caldwell’s were very dark complected and I suspect they have black
decendents. If anyone has information about Caldwell’s who were southern
plantation owners let me know. As I have said I think our family origins
started there.

America – USA
Kaye Caldwell Vaughan Just found your site-lots of good information. My family
twig not on your tree. My ggf was Andrew Jackson
Caldwell born 05 Mar 1827. Married Polly (Mary?) Goree about 1855. My
gf was their 1st child Amos. Others were John W. Wm. Franklin Elizabeth
sara and Dora. Any other info greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work
for all of us left out on a limb.  Thanks
again Kaye

America – USA
Alan L. Caldwell My GGPs were Charles Caldwell born 1837 in Ireland and
Bridget Geene born 1842-48 in Ireland. They
came to America in 1853 and 1854 respectively and settled in Ohio. They
lived briefly (1863-65) in PA then back to Ohio. I have not found parents
or siblings. Alan
America – USA
teresa caldwell my line of caldwell’s come from londonderry ireland to
nova scotia to philadelphia pa. My gg grandfather
was william caldwell born 1839 in nova scotia i have not yet been able
to determine his parents name there are some guesses but nothing substantial
yet. If anyone has ancestors from nova scotia please contact me. thanks
teresa caldwell
America – USA
George Caldwell Great Site. Am wondering if anyone else has traced connections
to any of the Orange Lodges in Belfast? If
so would love to hear from you. Also interested in hearing from anyone
with Caldwell connections in Barrow-In-Furness or Lancashire (particularly
Widnes area) please.
United Kingdom
Barbara Caldwell Scanning for an Iowa Caldwell Connection as the missing
link. My grandfather was Oliver Caldwell born
in Iowa – married twice second time to Jessie Doran. His father was Robert
Caldwell Sr. I believe Robert was a pioneer family in Iowa (Springvill
area) in mid-late 1800’s. His father was most likely Robert Caldwell Sr.
born around 1803 in Allentown or Allenwood PA. Back to Oliver – he also
had a fraternal twin Dottie. If any of this is familiar would love to
hear from you!
America – USA
Jane Caldwell – Douglas I have been amazed at the number of Caldwells worldwide.
It has been an interesting and uplifting tour.
Rena Mae Meyers Will My grandmother was Mammie Caldwell and she married Willis
Moore. They had 10 children and there are 28
grandchildren. My mother name was Ida Mae Moore and she married Charles
Andrew Meyers. They had 4 children and there 9 grandchildren. My grandmother
raised her family in Welling Ok. I live in Sapulpa Okla. Rena Mae Meyers
America – USA
Connie VanBlaricom Although I did not find the Caldwell’s I am researching
I was very interested in reading about the
ones you have here. My Caldwells are from Canada and they are Indian.
If anyone comes to your page and would like any informantion about my
Caldwell’s I will be very willing to share what I have. For anyone interested
here are the decendents that I have: my grandmother: Mabel (Caldwell)(Bissett)
Pheasant my g.grndfather: Sheldon Caldwell my gg.grndfather: Chief Robert
Caldwell my ggg.grndfather: Chief Madwayosh (William) Caldwell my. gggg.grndfather:
Chief Quenesis Caldweld I am thinking that the Caldwell name was adopted
from someone who might have lived in the area during their time era. Thank
you for letting me note my information here. I really enjoy reading about
different families.
America – USA
Sally Ost Comer My husband and I have been doing research on our families
since we retired. We have traveled to Newtownstewart
Ireland to see the place my Caldwell ancestors came from. My Caldwells
lived along the Susquehanna River near Lancaster PA. They owned Peach
Bottom slate quarries. James Caldwell Sr. settled in Little Britain twnshp.
and had children who produced my ancestress Elizabeth Caldwell who was
married to Isaac McKesson. We have written a book containing all that
we know for certain. It is called “Ordinary People Extraordinary
Deeds” A copy of it is in the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Churh in
Chestnut Level PA. I am still searching for true connections. Perhaps
all the Caldwells are related but there seems to be more than one or two
America – USA
Dan Duncan I’m looking for information on a Charles Caldwell that
I have as a son of Andrew Caldwell b. 1722
and the father of John Thompson Caldwell b. 1780 in PA and d. 1835 in
Gallatin Co. Illinois. I can’t find any records on him other than his
death in 1790. This leaves a loose link for me to the other Caldwells
going back to Ireland. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
America – USA
David Caldwell Just came upon this site and it has given me the impetus
to search my geneaology further. Will be back!
Glenna Freeman McLaughlin Was very happy indeed to find your Black/Caldwell info–I
am a descendant of John A. Black and Eleanor
M. Caldwell. Her father was John Caldwell b. 3 May 1776 and d. 22 Dec
1863. Eleanor died 23 Aug 1879 in Kirkwood Warren Co. IL; however she
had remarried (I believe he was a physician named Arnold). I am in FL
presently and do not have those files with me but I’ve done lots of research
in OH IL IA NE WY and do have many records in WV where I’ll be soon. My
descent is from their dau Oraminta Gordon Black. b. 23 Dec 1846 in Washington
Co. IA who m. George Washington Pense on 8 Sep 1861 in Oquawka Henderson
IL. Oraminta d. 22 Oct 1923 in Greybull Big Horn Co. WY. Will be happy
to share what I have.
America – USA
Nicola Marshall-Roth  My paternal Grandmother
was born Irene Mary Caldwell daughter of Horace Horatio son of Robert who was son of Thomas Caldwell
from Edinburgh and Euphemia Pringle. Euphemia was related to the 5th Earl
of Douglas who was 3rd in succession from James 2nd

Gregory G. Caldwell I happy to have discovered this website!
America – USA
Julie Caldwell Wow what a great time I had reading about the Caldwell
name. I had always been under the impression
that the Caldwells originated in England not Scotland. I look forward
to finding out more about my family lineage in the future.
America – USA
Pamela G. Caldwell John What a great site! We may have “talked”
in the Caldwell forum a few years ago. I am
researching my grandfather’s line Jasper Bettis Caldwell. My grandmother
(maiden name) Gertrude Lula Caldwell’s line:John-Mary Sweetenham/John-Mary
Holmes/John Joseph-JaneJannet McGhia/John-Mary Margaret Phillips/David-Mary
Dudgeon/John-Dicey Mann/William-Eliza Pyle/John-Elizabeth Fry/George Wm.-Elizabeth
Ann Williams/James Harvey-Fannie Alice Belcher/Gertrude Lula Caldwell-Jasper
Bettis Caldwell/Danny Marshall-Billie Joyce Anderson/Pamela Gay Caldwell.If
anyone knows of Jasper’s line please comment! Thank you Pamela
America – USA
Judy Blackburn Bolyard Joseph Blackburn and Deborah McGrew are my five greats
grandparent. I live in Morgan County Ohio It
is always nice to meet a new cousin. If I might have any information you
need about our branch of the family feel free to ask. God Bless You and
all of your hard work. Judy
America – USA
Diana Alexander I was hping to find info on these pages to assit me. I
am looking for information on JOSEPH LOWERY
ALEXANDER who married Margaret Tate PA Margaret’s parents are: Father:
Maybe someone will see this and be able to provde me with some clues.

America – USA
John Dale Caldwell im 24 years old and i am from Pictou County Nova Scoita
and i think it is cool that there is actually
a site like this . im the grandson of the late Thomas Willam Caldwell
and Gladis Caldwell
linda johnson I am the granddaugher of Lura Caldwell-Neirman born in
ohio 1929 to Edward Caldwell mother unknown
would like to know more information on Caldwells. Please feel free to
e-mail me. thanks
America – USA
Steven Pope Caldwell Outstanding site John thanks for all your work. I’m from
one of the Texas lines of Caldwells my father
Charles Sergeant Caldwell(born 1932 NY) son of Charles Morrison Caldwell
(b. 1908 NY) son of Charles Pope Caldwell (b. 1875 Bastrop TX and U.S.
Congressman from NY) son of Charles Gallion Caldwell (b. 1840 TX) son
of John Caldwell (b. 1802 KY) deeded 29000 acres from Governor of Mexico
elected to Texas Senate in 1838. I have more details on all of these including
siblings spouses etc. I’ve stopped at John Caldwell but believe he is
son of John Caldwell KY Lt. Governor in 1804. How do I send all the details
to you. I’m working with Family Tree Version 7.0 for Windows. Thanks!
America – USA
Scott Bremer I am the son of Lloyd Brian (not Bryant) Bremer. Please
make the correction. I enjoyed seeing my ancestors
on this page. Thank you for updating this information. Lloyd may be contacting
you. Llian Caldwell was Lloyd’s grandmother.
America – USA
Michele Just found your site; great reading! The history and stories
put a little more meaning the names and dates.
Thanks! Im a decendent of Rev. David Caldwell through his son James Caldwell
and his grand daughter Sara Caldwell. Keep up the good work there cousin!
America – USA
Kay Caldwell Scott Marshall My great great great grandfather Robert Caldwell emigrated
to America from County Tyrone as a child.
America – USA
Tamara Ashford Searching for Nancy Caldwell who married a Malone in the
Vinton County Ohio area. They had a daughter
named Nancy Jane Ann Elizabeth Malone who was born 21Mar1856. She married
Andrew Wiseman 6Apr1877. If any of this sounds familiar please contact
me I’m willing to share and exchange information.
America – USA
jim goodwin Looking for info on John Caldwell of Newberry SC. He married
Susanna. He died about 1796. His daughter Margaret
married Daniel Dyson. Margaret and Daniel had a daughter that married
Abraham Anderson. Any info on any of these folks will be appreciated.
America – USA
Tom Brewis I am interested in Henry Caldwell Receiver General of
Lower Canada and his son John (later Sir John
Caldwell Baronet and Receiver General too!) and their wives and ancestors.
I am very impressed with what I read.
United Kingdom
teresa thomas I am also the great great great great grand daughter to
Matthew Caldwell who fought in the Mormon Batallion
& who came accross the plains with the Mormon pioneers. Anyone have
further information?
America – USA
Teresa Thomas Grand-daughter of Gerald(Gay)Caldwell
America – USA
amy bills I recenty traced my genealogy back to the caldwells.  I am nto sure if my information is right.  This
is how it goes…My grandmother was a Barnes. She was related to the Bakers.
The Bakers were married to Morrisions and Beattys. Robeart Beatty Sr.
Married Agnes Nancy Calhoun. One of her Siblings is John Caldwell Calhoun
(vice president from 1825-1832)His mother was Martha Caldwell My records
say that she died in the insane asylum. She was married to Patrick Calhoun.
Does this sound correct. if it is….I bet you are a long lost relative!

America – USA
Alexander Torrance Mayhew
America – USA
Elizabeth Caldwell Wirtz Very interesting to see all the Caldwell’s listed. I don’t
know much about my heritage but perhaps this
will spur me into finding out.
Liz Delaplain Thanks for your good work! I am a direct descendant of
Cub Creek John Caldwell through his son David
then David Varner John (b.1790Ky) James Allen Caldwell (b.May 91818 DanvilleKy)David
Knox Caldwell (b.Dec.71848 Mercer Co.Ky) and my grandmother Jennie Ruth
Caldwell(b.June 301892 Allen Co.KS)  Would like to compare notes with any Caldwells
of this line.

America – USA
Jacqui Baud I have just happened upon this site so will return for
more info. My maiden name is Caldwell – my
father is James Caldwell born in Scotland and his father was also James
Caldwell originally I believe from Tyree(!)

John Oliver Caldwell Greetings all. Just a quick note: I’m an officer in the
U.S. Marines (10yrs. so far). My father John
Edward Caldwell served about 23yrs. in the U.S. Air Force. His father
Oliver Clarence Caldwell retired from the Air Force as well. Look forward
to sharing notes with anyone who knew my grandfather. r John

America – USA
Jennifer Miller Im descended from Charles Caldwell wh with brother James
obtained lease of the townlands of Killen and
Edenasop in Tyrone Ireland in 1724. have followed this line down and met
my known gg grandfather John Caldwell of Knockdoo farm. Have quite a lot
of info on this line and also Caldwells of neighbouring Maghernageeragh
as we intermarried with them
New Zealand
Donna Caldwell I enjoyed looking at your database. My husband is a descendent
of the English Caldwell line. The line starts
with Wayne (my Husband) then Curtis Samuel Franklinand English. My research
stops with English. I don’t have any proof of his father. I do have some
information onAmelia Family. Would be happy to share information with
anyone interested.
America – USA
Diane Caldwell My father was John Caldwell of Leeds West Yorkshire England
formerly of Barrow-in-Furness. He married Hilda
Mawson. My sister is Hazel Cane. I was born in Leeds and have live in
Connecticut USA since 1970.
America – USA
Hazel Cane Nee. Caldwell p.s. our caldwell names for th e males our:alexander.William.James.John.Peter
& women .Mary.Elizabeth.Minnie.Maud.Elsie.dorothy.Masie. pre.1920.
United Kingdom
Hazel Cane Nee. Caldwell their add. in ireland was farmyard rd. lisburn co. antrim.my
family came to barrow in furness in 1879 they
wereAlexander Caldwell &  mary
nee.MCcann in 1881 census they lived at 42 howe st.& had james william
elizabeth &john.john was my grandfather.

United Kingdom
Hazel Cane Nee. Caldwell my family came to barrow in furness in 1879 they wereAlexander
Caldwell &  mary nee.MCcann in 1881 census they lived
at 42 howe st.& had james william elizabeth &john.john was my

United Kingdom
Grace (Caldwell) Birrell Are these the same Caldwell’s that Wm.Caldwell and family
are related to? He was born October 2 1919
and deseceased Jan. 10 2001. His wife is Betty Friar.
Jean Hayter James Caldwell and Jane Reed – Lancaster County later
Warrior’s Run PA buried in Westport PA are
my 4or 5 great grands… would love any info and will share what I have…
America – USA
Clint Caldwell Hello to all the Caldwell’s. Thanks Ed Waters for letting
me know of this site. I am from Louisiana.
If any my have information on that Caldwell line I would appreciate an
America – USA
Gwen Caldwell Quickel Hello John R. Adams. Nice to hear from you even if it
is in the Caldwell Guestbook. John is a double
Caldwell from the same Caldwell lineage that I am from. John has also
worked very hard researching our Caldwell lineage and our Clayton lineage
as well as his Adams lineage. He like me also prefers documentation rather
than repeated words from manuscripts that are not documented.
America – USA
Sean Caldwell Thanks for the hard work!
America – USA
Tim Caldwell I just found this sight through a friend. I will check
it out and see if it will help me in my “quest
for Caldwell’s”.
America – USA
Linda Ralston Very excited about finding this Caldwell site! My great-great
grandparents Joseph Gilbert and his wife Nancy
Caldwell Gilbert had her mother Lucy Caldwell living with them in the
1860 census of Kewanee Henry County IL. I found papers in the Henry County
courthouse where she states that her late husband John Caldwell was a
veteran of the American Revolution. If this is so she is much younger
(probably born about 1788) and probably a second wife. I know that Joseph
and Nancy were married in New York and lived in Michigan before going
to IL around 1840. Thanks for the great site.
America – USA
James Caldwell Thanks for all the hard work!
America – USA
John R. Adams I descend from Mary Elizabeth CaldwellAdams- John Henry
Caldwell- Elder Creed Caldwell – David Caldwell
Also Martha CaldwellParker- David Caldwell

America – USA
John R. Adams Thanks
America – USA
Gwen Caldwell Quickel Hello John! I enjoy your site very much. I really like
the Caldwell Myths. Ancestors Database is interesting
but the son John of Cub Creek John was really busy with all those marriages!
Some of the information would “fit” into the Caldwell Myths.
A quick synopsis of my lineage: Cub Creek John John John David Creed Matthew
Tanner George W. John Elijah George W. and myself. Cub Creek John’s grandson
John died 30 October 1795 in Halifax County VA.(not Maury Co. TN) He died
intestate and his estate was not settled until 1809-1810. It was then
that part of this Caldwell family went to Maury Co. TN. There was no Maury
County TN in 1795. I have documented proof of the settlement of John Caldwell’s
estate in Halifax County VA and the names of his children and wife. Her
name was Nancy. She married Jesse Richardson later and then William Rice.
John’s son David and wife Elizabeth Tanner Caldwell went to Georgia after
the estate was settled. This John’s father John was named in deeds and
other documents in Halifax County VA records 1752 (when Halifax Co. was
formed from Lunnenburg Co.) and later. He had at least two sons John and
Allen and at least one daughter Sarah. The land he owned in Halifax and
Pittsylvania Counties were divided between the two sons John and Allen.
I owe most of my documented proof to Imogene M. Terry also a descendent
of the same lineage. The documented proof that I believe most in are recorded
records at County Courthouses. The printed word in books and manuscripts
I take with a grain of salt until they are proven. Thank you for your
site and allowing me to “have my say!”
America – USA
virginia angela covell I am searching for my halfbrother Ean John Caldwell. His
birthday is 12/09/71.He was born in Los Angelos
California. His father is William Frank Caldwell. His mother is Julie
Ann Covell. He Does not know that he has an older sister. He had blond
hair when he was young . The last place that I know he lived in was Oregon
that was around 1978. My name is “ginger” short for Virginia.
Thank You for any help. God bless you…

America – USA
virginia angela covell I am searching for my halfbrother Ean John Caldwell. His
birthday is 12/09/91.He was born in Los Angelos
California. His father is William Frank Caldwell. His mother is Julie
Ann Covell. He Does not know that he has an older sister. He had blond
hair when he was young . The last place that I know he lived in was Oregon
that was around 1998. My name is “ginger” short for Virginia.
Thank You for any help. God bless you…

America – USA
joan caldwell Gerrish So happy to find another Caldwell site as I’ve been search-
ing forever for Caldwell/Weed connection.
America – USA
Carol Mohea Caldwell Sprouse John I am working on my Genealogy line. I have traced
it back to Curtis Caldwell in Ill. Several
people have in born in two different states Kentucy and South Carolina.
I’m leaning towards South Carolina. Have you heard of this Caldwell line?
I do have an email address but we’re having problems sending messages.
I’ll have to find some way to hear from you. You have done such a wonderful
job on your web site. I was so excited to find it and I’ll be back alot.                   Thank-you                    Mohea

America – USA
Karen L. Caldwell I have left a message about Cataloochee Valley Great Smoky
Mountain Caldwells. My email has changed so
this is just an update.
America – USA
Pat Caldwell My father was raised in Cocke Cty Tenn (Del Rio). Family
name altered in 1920 census from Colwell to
Caldwell or at least thats how the story goes.
America – USA
Fannie Blocker Bertram I am seeking info on Thomas Giles Caldwell 1825-1871 mar
to Sarah Adeline Carter both bur. Carter’s
Ford Bapt.Ch. near Lodge Colleton Co. SC Their daug Ellen Augusta Caldwell
is my gr’grandmother.
America – USA
Rob Caldwell
America – USA
Mark Caldwell Just discovered this site and its great.  My paternal grandfather was Charles B Caldwell who I believe was born in New Hampshire @1882.
Charles moved to Winona Minnesota and married Nettie Jacobsen from Wisconsin.
If anybody has any information of Charles please let me know

America – USA
John C Caldwell A great site – thanks for all your work.
United Kingdom
Patricia Hocker So many Caldwells! My great-grandfather William Caldwell
was born ca 1836 in or near Omagh County Tyrone
Ireland and was baptized in the 2nd Presbyterian Church there (parents:
Robert Caldwell and Mary Moore) . He emigrated to Canada before 1858 enlisted
in the 100th Regiment of Foot (an Irish Infantry Regiment) and was posted
to Malta for 7 years. He married Margaret Birch who came from Cashel Co.
Tipperary. The couple was living in Ottawa Ontario at the time of the
1871 census and William was a shoe-maker. They had 7 children: Robert
Mary Jane Catherine Maude Elizabeth Margaret and my grandfather Lyman
John Caldwell (b 1882). They moved from Ottawa to Durham Ontario in 1876
and William died there in 1883. I have never been able to find any info
about William’s parents other than their names; maybe there is somebody
out there who can fill in the blanks????

donna byrd I am looking for information regarding “Georgia B.
Caldwell.” She painted flowers one of
which I have a lithograph copyrighted by “John Cooper” 1942.
Does anyone have any info? Thank you. ~db~
America – USA
Kathleen Shick Searching for families of Samuel Caldwell (1792) and Martha
Price through their son William Caldwell and
Ann Mc Creight all from Pennsylvania. Thanks Kathleen
America – USA
Nora Tebbets Am from the Robert McJunkin line who married Margaret
Caldwell. You website is very nice. Thanks
for letting me view it.
America – USA
Shelley Caldwell Young
America – USA
Jim Williamson I’m looking at Rev. Andrew Harper Caldwell (1814-1899)
and wife Sarah Ann Williamson (1827-1911).
My ancestors migrated from York County SC about 1845 and I believe that
the Caldwells were among those that migrated to north Mississippi about
that time. Also investigating the Williamson-Caldwell connection to Davidson
College. I just visited Rev. Harper’s grave in the Bethesda Cemetery in
Senatobia Mississippi. There is an earlier Bethesda Cemetery in York County
SC. If anyone can shed any light on this I’d appreciate hearing from you.
America – USA
james hardy caldwell greetings all. I’m 67 years old and am descended from
Robert Caldwell who enlisted in the Revolutionary
War From Greensburg Westmoreland County Pennsylvania in July 1776 at age
19. He moved to Kentucky after the War and had 10 children by two wives.
His grandson David Caldwell born in 1820 moved to Abingdon (Jefferson
County) Iowa in a covered wagon with his wife Mary Doughty Caldwell in
1845 They moved to Iowa from Rushville Rush County Indiana. His son was
my great grandfather William Doughty Caldwell who was a blacksmith and
lived in Crawfordsville Washington County Iowa. In 1890 he moved to Dallas
City Illinois with his three children Charles F Caldwell Nelle Caldwell
and David Floyd Caldwell. My Grandfather was Charles F and his wife Charlotte
Goll Caldwell my grandmother. These two latter had two children one of
whom was my Aunt Ermil Caldwell Harned who lived in Madison Wisconsin
and my father William Wendell Caldwell
America – USA
Don Connelley Just came across your website. My line is through James
Richey who married Margaret Caldwell. James
was a Revolutionary Soldier from South Carolina.
America – USA
Bill Caldwell Originally I’m from Kilmarnock Scotland but now live in
England. I have two brothers still in Scotland
and am interested in knowing how widespread the Caldwell family is! Warmest
Greetings to you!
United Kingdom
Charles Jerry Robinson John What an impressive website! I found my name listed
amongst the many. If I can be of any help to
you gathering info don’t hesitate to contact me. Wonderful job! -Charles
Jerry Robinson
America – USA
Angela Porter In all the years I have been tracing my `tree` never have
I come across anyone doing the same line but
I am still hoping so here goes. John Caldwell was the son of Charles Caldwell
and Mrs Betty Caldwell born in June 1805 at Risley Cheshire England. He
married 25 year old Martha Robinson on the 4 December 1825 at Bowdon Cheshire
England and raised his family at Carrington Cheshire. He died at Pendleton
Salford England in December 1868. He and his elder brother William were
sawyers by trade. The Caldwell generations of famous axemen here in Australia
are decendants from this line. So please help. Any information will be
well received.
Joyce Rinehart Thornton Looking for Caldwell’s related to Berry Barry and Fulkerson
families of Humeston and Wayne Co. Joyce rinehart
America – USA
cathy west I certainly have enjoyed this site. I am a descendent
of Chester Clay Caldwell son of Ezra Caldwell
and Laura Bell Works GRant County KY. For the last several months working
on the Caldwell family line which goes back to Pendleton Campbell Kenton
County Ky and previous into VA. I have quite a number of these ancestors
listed but have many more to search out. Any info on this line would be
appreciated. Thanks…and… um…the puzzle goes on.
America – USA
Thomas James Knight very well done site. We are descended from Caldwells of
South Carolina (James Caldwell of the Battle
of Cowpens from whence the “James” in my name probably originated.)
America – USA
Jaime Caldwell it was really inteesting to learn some information on
my family name. thank
America – USA
Autumn Lee Wilson Adamson Estes Interesting would any one happen to know if the Last name
d’Este is connected to D’Estes both are Itialian
but to tell the truth I know more of the Adamson history (my mother’s)
than the Estes side. My father once told me it was Basques but my mother
insists it’s Italian. By the wayt he three middle names are just for connection
for anyone seeing the family names. Thanks
America – USA
Christopher C. Caldwell Just getting started but hope to contribute. Thanks Chris
America – USA
Cesilie Botello Hello: I am the great grand-daughter of Sarah Ada Caldwell.
Here is what I know: Andrew Caldwell B: 1798
in County Tyrone Ireland married Mary Woods in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.
They had a son John Thomas Caldwell B: January 21 1825 in Granville Township
Mifflin County PA he married Nancy Kopelin/Coplin who was B: abt. 1833
in Newton Hamilton PA. Their children were: Nannie E. CaldwellB:1856 William
S. B: 1858 Alice B:1860 David M.B:1862 Sarah Ada Caldwell B: December
11 1864(my great-grandmother) and Rebecca J. B: 1868. Sarah Ada Caldwell
married Isaac Samuel Pyle. Their son John Caldwell Pyle was my grandfather.
America – USA
Lonnie Caldwell
America – USA
Chanda Caldwell Owens Stanley Caldwell son of Elijah did not marry Marie Caldwell.
He is my grandfather and I know. They had a
son (my uncle Billy Ray) but that was before he met my grandmother and
they didn’t marry. Please change it.
America – USA
Chanda Caldwell Owens I am from Harlan Ky. I am twice related to William Caldwell
who was married to Agnes. I am a direct descendant
of two of their children George and Samuel. Sam-William-Eligah-Stanley-
Stanley E.- Me is Sam’s line to me and for George.. George-Zach-Samuel-Cordelia-Nettie-Stanley
E.-me. My name is Chanda Renne Caldwell and I added Owens after I married.
If anyone wants to get together that is related my email address is chanda@cybergal.com.
Cordelia is my oldest living ancestor and I vist her often.
America – USA
Ralph Christopher Caldwell
America – USA
Peter John Caldwell
Megan Hopkyn-Rees I am descended from New Zealand Caldwells. My three times
great grandparents were Alexander Caldwell
& Jean MacQueen married 19/9/1796 My two times great grandparents
were David Caldwell and Jean Orr married 8/11/1831 in Sorn My great grandparents
were Thomas Caldwell & Elizabeth Aitken married 30/4/1866 in Londonderry
& emigrated to New Zealand the same year.
Trinidad & Tobago
Jana Lynn Ryan Thompson I am the granddaughter of Georgia Elizabeth Caldwell daughter
of William Harrison Caldwell and Ora Mae Thomas
Caldwell. My great-grandfather’s parents were W.(William)L. Caldwell and
Elizabeth D’Lilah Smith. Before that I have no idea but I am very interested
in knowing anything about the family. Thanks.
America – USA
Dr. Earl D. Patton
America – USA
Karen L. Caldwell My ancestors are the Caldwell’s from The Great Smoky Mountains
Cataloochee Valley in North Carolina. If you
are a descendant from these Caldwell’s contact me. I would enjoy passing
on information about the National Park where the Home Place School Church
and some other settlements are preserved for people to visit and maybe
meet relatives. This place is there to serve as a reminder of what life
was like for our Family’s.

America – USA
Jason Caldwell I was interested to find your site as there does not seem
to be too much info about the Caldwells.  If any one has information on Canadian Caldwells
that would be great. I am located in Ontario and know that one local branch
of the Caldwells here were very successful members of the community. I
know that the emigrated to Canada on the David of London (Ship) sometime
in the 1800’s (not sure of date) and that my branch was related to them
while still in Scotland.

Malcolm Caldwell John Caldwell Sorry about my first email….I mistakenly
referred to you as “Mike”. Great
website John……..Mal Caldwell
America – USA
Malcolm Caldwell Hello to all the Caldwell’s. Great website Mike. I am
decended from John and Mary Young Caldwell
who left the port of Larne North Ireland on August 25 1772 and arrived
in the ship (snow) the James and Mary in Charleston South Carolina on
October 18th. This is documented in a book by Jean Stephenson “Scotch
Irish Migration to South Carolina 1772-Rev. William Martin’s Five Shiploads”.
The other ships that followed were the Pennsylvania Farmer Hopewell Lord
Dunluce and the Free Mason. I viewed the guests on this website and found
two known relatives Daphne Dawson and Elizabeth Browne. Hope to hear from
you. For anyone who is familar with the Marshall Tucker Band of the ’70’s
the founders musicians and songwriters were cousins of my lineage the
late great Tommy and Toy Caldwell
America – USA
Brandon Caldwell I think its great that ur making this site
America – USA
teresa caldwell Hello i have been researching my caldwell ancestors for
a very long time and was really happy to see
this web site. My caldwell’s come from scotland to ireland to nova scotia
to pennsylvania and new jersey.
America – USA
Norman C. Caldwell Growing up in the ‘wilderness of northern Michigan we
had no idea there were so many of the Caldwell
people out there in the world. A great site. Still trying to go ‘back
in time’ from Timothy 1800 Maytown East Donegal Township Lancaster County
Pennsylvania. Supposedly born 1790 in Scotland no proof. Norm
America – USA
Joshua Caldwell I forgot to enter my family information after signing
the guest book the first time! I am a direct
descendent of John Caldwell who according to a census record was born
in Ireland in 1771. He was married to a Susan ? They lived and died in
Fayette County PA and are buried at Hill Grove Cemetery in Connellsville..
They had a son named John who married a Susan Wilhelm. They resided in
Dunbar Twsp. of Fayette County PA. John and Susan had a son named James
who married Amanda Jean Hoover. James and Amanda resided along the Breakneck
Road Connellsville twsp Fayette County PA and Amanda is buried at Hill
Grove but I have not located where James rests. James and Amanda had Charles
C. who married a Myrtle Jean Bitner. Charles C. passed away at a young
age and is buried at Hill Grove Cemetery in Connellsville PA. Charles
C. and Myrtle had Charles C. Jr. who is my grandfather and Jr. married
Julia Namet. Charles C. Jr. and Julia resided in Bobtown Greene County
PA. Charles C. Jr. passed away and is buried in Fayette County PA at Point
Marion Cemetery. Charles C. and Julia had Daniel my father who married
Marilyn Haney. They reside in Greene County PA at this time. I have moved
to Connellsville and am the first of my family to live in Fayette County
since my grandfather in his youth. I would like to know if anyone is familiar
with my line of Caldwell’s. They were all Coliers (coal miners) and I
too carried on this unfortunate occupation up until three months ago.
If anyone can help me find out exactly where John Caldwell came from in
Ireland I would appreciate it. If anyone needs to know any more information
I will be glad to oblige. I would like to express that all of the people
that I have listed had other children but for the sake of space I did
not list them. God Bless.
America – USA
Joshua Caldwell Great page. I am thankful that someone has finally dispelled
the myths concerning our family name. Caldwell’s
are a proud and noble people. I am blessed to have this name and do it
honour by carrying myself as a gentleman. Fac Et Spera.
America – USA
Pauline Williams Just checking out your web site haven’t been here in awhile.
Hope all is well with you
America – USA
Ralph Emmett Caldwell
Dick Martin My Grandmother was Cora Richey daughter of Harvey Alonzo
Richey of Pickens South Carolina. My father
James Richey was born June 26 1894. I have no record of his father. There
is no mention of Cora being married before 1899 when she married Warren
Columbus Martin. Harvey is the son of James Nathaniel Richey.
America – USA
John David Caldwell  I’m the sixth generation
of a Caldwell line which I’ve traced back to the end of the 1790’s in that part of Tenn- essee just south
of Nashville in what’s now Rutherford Coun- ty on the Williamson Co. line
near Nolensville and Smyrna near the communities of Rocky Fork and Almaville.
William was born about 1806 and married Emily Hutchison from Virgin- ia.
Thomas Hutchison Caldwell was a son who married Eliza- beth Jordan whose
son John Jordan Caldwell was my grandfath- er. I think William’s father
came to Tenn. from S. Carol- ina. He may have been Robert. I’d like to
know. Can’t find reference to them on any website so far. This is a great
site. I’m enjoying it very much. Thanks.

America – USA
Robert Edward Caldwell Looking for ancestory of Samuel L. Caldwell b. Guilford
County North Carolina January 3 1824 d.November
131873 in Milan TN Gibson County.
America – USA
Robert Caldwell Great website. My father was Robert Young Caldwell b.
Newcastle on Tyne UK 1904 d. Coventry UK 1984.
His father was James Caldwell of Maybole Ayrshire Scotland. d. 1945 or
1946. I’d be very interested to hear from anyone with any info. Thanks.
United Kingdom
Betty Penick This is GREAT – but I should have read it before I posted
any thing!My line: Houston Watson C.(1889-1983)
son of Alexander Samuel C(1857-1905) and Maggie Winston son of Alexander
Samuel C.(d.1859) and Matilda Watson Sheppard son of Adam C. (d.1831)
and Phoebe Galion (d.1848). I don’t have any info exept these dates on
these last 3 generations and can’t seem to get back further. This family
was pretty prominent in Nashville TN in the 1900’s. My grandfather always
said it was funny that my grandmother was so proud of his lineage as they
were Scots pirates run out of England and Wales.
America – USA
Betty Penick My maternal grandfather was a Caldwell from Tennessee
and I am looking for his ancestors.
America – USA
Robert Earl Caldwell Have traced my roots to James and Rebecca Caldwell of
Beaver County PA James was born 1753 Died April
9 1836. Next in line are John and Hannah Caldwell followed by James and
Elizabeth Caldwell followed by Grant and Myrtle Caldwell and my father
Harold Willard Caldwell. I am very interested in finding where James and
eldest son Samuel migrated from. They settled on adjoining farms in North
sewickley Township. Land belonging to Benjamin Chew of Philadelphia.
America – USA
Ed Waters I am really impressed. You have a lot of info from Nancy
(?) and Dean Simpson. We have developed the
Descendants of Willis & Dicey Mann Caldwell thru their son James (including
a picture of James Marion Caldwell taken c 1900. I have read a neat book
about “Tinkling Spring” by Howard McKnight Wilson I think it
was published c1954.It is in most Presbyterian libraries and tells the
story Of John (The Immigrant) Caldwell born 1683 (?) died 1750.Actually
he is one of the ‘starts’ of the book and it tells about life in Virginia
1730-1750 + . Founder of the Cub Creek settlement.
America – USA
Cornelia Amiri  You have such a nice page. I have researched my Butler
line my url is http://coramiri.tripod.com/62681family/
America – USA
Kent Caldwell just starting to look at the family history and was intrested
in the coat of arms and the meanings. I have
seen two different types so far and trying to sort out which one is correct.
Are there any sights that explain what all the simbals mean on the coat
of arms.
New Zealand
Jeri Caldwell Arent I am researching descendents of Hugh Caldwell who I think
was born in Pennsylvania in 1731. He married
a Rebecca Allison and Jane McIntyre and fathered four children. I would
like to find out who his parents were did he have siblings and did the
family come originally from Northern Ireland and where in Northern Ireland.
America – USA
Billy Mason Caldwell I was born 09/15/1923 the son of Mattie Caldwell of Blue
Field W.VA I have two daughters Lois Maarie
Caldwell Falkner Tampa Fl. and Deborah Lynn Caldwell Wagner Gainesville
Fl. married Bernice A. Dykes Caldwell 07/18/1965. Previous Marriage was
to Vivian Green.
America – USA
gerald w gagnon My grandmother on my father’s side was Mary Sarah Jane
Caldwell. Her father was Alexander Ralph Caldwell.His
father was James McGregor Caldwell. I was always toldthat our ancestor
was a Captain William Caldwell who foughtwith Butler’s Rangers. He was
a Loyalist in the Revoluntionary War. I have been looking for theancestors
from William Thomas Caldwell. Any help out there????
America – USA
Toni Diane Caldwell Clark Sorry was in a hurry and misspelled the name the first
time and I am on a strange computer instead
of my own. I was born in Tipton Missouri in 1942 the only child of James
Talbert and Mollie Hays Caldwell. My father was born July 4 1911 in Tipton
Missouri to Elmer and Bertha Robertson Caldwell. Elmer was born November
17 1884 to James T. and Carrie McNeal Caldwell. James T. was born in July
1837 in Missouri. I am trying to find his parents but as of yet I am not
having much luck. I am trying to to learn where my family came from when
they came to the United States and why they decided to settle in Missouri.
Since I am the last one of this particular line of Caldwells my heritage
is very important to me.
America – USA
Jeanine Rose This is an interesting site. I couldn’t find my family
treehere but we do have a book that goes back
to 1771. My Caldwellfamily tree starts with William Caldwell from Virginia.Thereis
a Caldwell reunion in CorbonKentucky every July.
America – USA
James Caldwell Just surfed on in from ancestry.com and found many interestingthings.
I’ve been interested in a family history/geneologyand
this site appears to be a good place to park for a while.I will gladly
return to learn more history of our surname.Personally my father was born
in Iowa and grew up in theIowa/Indiana area.Thanks for fantastic web site.James
America – USA
Tracey Deron Very new to geneology. My mother is Barbara Jane Caldwell.Her
father is Earl Brown Caldwell. Earl had 8 brothers
andsisters. I’m still trying to sort them all out. I have three bound
volumes called The Caldwell Papers published by the Maitland Club in Glaslow.
Quite interesting. I’m still reading and trying to understand it all.
My family is from the East…Pennsylvania..mostly Philadelphia area.I
have a friend who is helping me sort all this stuff out.Maybe when we’re
finished I’ll have a connection to someone.
America – USA
BRIAN CALDWELL Any Texan Caldwells?
United Kingdom
FRED FUNK Just discovered your site. It’s great. I have been lookingfor
my Caldwell line for several years with out
any sucess I mean absolultely none. My great great grandfather wasSamuel
James Caldwell married to Emily Patterson. I haveno dates. The only thing
I know for sure is that they hada child Alma Bethia. She was born in Columbus
FranklinCounty Ohio November 17 1859. Alma married mygreatgrandfather
Madison Leib Funk in Reno Co. Kansas July25 1880. This leads me to believe
that Samuel and Emilymay have lived in Kansas at one time. I also suspect
thatthey may have lived in Scott or Morgan Co. Ill. My grandfather was
born there and there are a lot of Caldwellsthere. But I cannot make a
connection. NEED HELP.Fred
America – USA
DONN CALDWELL Interesting stuff. Have it bookmarked for my son.Donn
CaldwellFort Worth Texas
America – USA
Tiffani Brooke Caldwell
America – USA
Marilyn A. Janda There is a mention of our particular line of Caldwells
mentioned on a another page of this website
(Discussion Forum) and the fact that we are having a reunion in Johnson
City TN on July 25.Our group is not as active as it used to be so I do
not know just what will transpire at this meeting.aif we decide to continue
our organization I will give more information at some later date.
America – USA
Mike Abernethy I am looking for descendants of Alexander Caldwell from
County Donegal Ireland born about 1780.He came
to New Jersey in the early 1800’s.His son James came to America and settled
in Huntingdon PA. He married Jane Matilda Drake and had 3 children: Alexander
Lizzie and Mary. James and his son fought the Mexicans and James died
in battle in 1847.Alexander moved to Leavenworth in 1861.I would appreciate
any additional information anyone has.Mike
America – USA
Rev John Gray Hi John:Thank you for adding to my family’s understandingof
our Caldwell genealogy. Very nice site!
America – USA
bob bagshaw
America – USA
JO SORRILL Thank you so much for this great labour of love.
Elizabeth Browne This is a very nice website. I am part of the SC Caldwells
who settled in Spartanburg (though I do not
live there). I descend from John Caldwell and Mary Young from County Antrim
through their son William. Would like to find some cousins.Beth
America – USA
dave shackelford I’m searching for a George Knox. He sied in Arizona.
America – USA
Ian John Caldwell I am trying to find out Patrick William Caldwell (Born
in Londonderry Northern Ireland in 1837)ancestors
were and how to trace back when you don’t know where to look.  He would have been my great grandfather.Ian

New Zealand
Lawrence Chard Great site.We came across it accidentally while searching
for “Sovereigns”.If you wish to visit
our site we would love to see you.Please use the above linkor our gold
sovereign site:-<a href=”http://www.goldsovereigns.co.uk”>www.goldsovereigns.co.uk</a>
United Kingdom
David Hahn Born in Lancaster PA.Son of Virginia Ann Caldwell.Grandson
of William James Caldwell.I am just beginning
to research my family’s history and will be interested in corresponding
with other Caldwell researchers.
America – USA
Gordon M. Caldwell Hello great site my father was Richard Morris Caldwellborn
in YakimaWashington son of Robert & Peggy
Caldwellbrother of Robert(Bob)who lives in Renton WA. and David of North
BendWA. Anybody know me send me an email. would like info on great grand
father John Alexander Caldwell I believe of wisconsin.
America – USA
Richard K.Caldwell A server error occured in my previous posting re mathew
Caldwell.CORRECTION: samuel Caldwell was born
in Guilford County North Carolina about 1798.olina about 1798
America – USA
Richard K. Caldwell I am a descendant of Samuel CaldwellBorn in Guilford county
aaan.aaaaaaaaaaaaac. in 1772. He died 9-30-1841
in Greene County Tn. I am looking for information on Mathew Caldwellborn
in Kentucky about 1798. He moved with his parents to Missouri later. He
went to Texas in 1831 and quickly became a leader in the Texas emigrant
community.He was a acclaimed Indian fighter. He was a leader in the Texian
revolt against Mexico and signed the Texas declaration of independence
on March 21836. He died in Gonzales Texas December 281842.He is buried
in GonzalesTexas.Any information on the parents of this man will be appreciated.
America – USA
Mary Lou Hasson Looking for Caldwell/Hasson connection in Ireland late
1700’s to mid 1800’s.
America – USA
Perry D. Caldwell Great webpage yall!
America – USA
Adam Cliborne Caldwell Anybody out there descended from the Cataloochee Caldwells?
(some of the first white settlers of the Smokey
Mountains of N.C. First came from Scotland) I’m a direct descendent and
would love to meet others please e-mail me if so.
America – USA
Dottie Caldwell I hail from Texas. My line is Caldwell-Deans.
America – USA
Graham Lawrence Caldwell Hi whilst I now live in Melbourne AUS I was born in Birmingham
Warks. in 1947. My line has been extensively
researched back to Shropshire 1610 and is believed to be Worcestershire
before that. My line is GLC (me) – Alexander Lawrence Caldwell (b.Birmingham
1916) – Alexander Benjamin Caldwell (b.Douglas IOM 1881) – (Alexander)
Benjamin Caldwell (Pyrotechnist b.Worcester 1824)- Benjamin Caldwell (b.Hopton
Wafers Salop 1795) – Thomas Caldwell (b.Ludford Salop 1757) – John Caldwell
(b.Rushbury Salop 1705) – Robert Caldwell (b.Stanton Lacey Salop 1671)
– John Caldwell (b.Bitterley Salop 1623) – ? but mother to John was Jane
Caldwell (maiden surname unknown)who died at Ludwich Parish of Bitterley
Salop in 1684. Exchange of information offered. Any help welcome. Graham
Caldwell 11 Roberna Court Langwarrin Vic. 3910 Australia.
United Kingdom
Ronald David Burditt Howdy!!My mother name is Viola Namoi Caldwell bDec 11924
Oklahomaher father John A. Caldwell b 8 May
1878 IllinoisHis father Robert William Caldwell b. abt 1857 unknown..Need
help on ancestors of Robert..Thanks for the help..Cuzin Ron
America – USA
Chris Herkner hello!
America – USA
Jacquelyn Smith Hi I am a Caldwell minus the last name. I live in Connecticut
My Caldwell Relatives arrived in Massachusettes
in the 16 hundreds. I have had no problem researching my caldwell sidehowever
I did have trouble with the others. I think all the Caldwells arerealated
and I really do like to believe the myths. I am interested in having a
pen pal though.I am the direct desendent of John Caldwell who was born
in 1624 in England and came to Massachusetts and died in 1692. He is the
farthest back I can be sure of.He married Sarah Dillingham who was the
forst woman in America to own land. If anyonehas anymore information on
that John Caldwell’s family tree going backwardsI would love to know it!
Thank you!
America – USA
teresa caldwell Hello i am researching my caldwell roots i am very happy
to see your web site keep up the great work.
America – USA
Briony Sinclair
Michael R Caldwell It was fun looking round the site. I will keep in touch
for news and updates.RegardsMike Caldwell
United Kingdom
Audrey cool site thanks
America – USA
Anne Harris Hello cousinI just sent you an email while visiting your
pages (about my trip to Scotland). Please put
some pictures up it would be fun to compare Caldwell features. I will
send one of Andrew Caldwell as soon as I have my scanner cleared out again.Love
your website keep up the good work.Anne
America – USA
sharon r white this is the first time i’ve visited this site and it’s
very interesting.one of my g.grandfather’s
was john william oscar caldwell born 18 oct 1869 in sinking creek craig
co. va. thank you for making this labor of love.
America – USA
shelagh shaw (nee caldwell) I found your site very interesting and will look out for
any new information.
United Kingdom
Vernice Joy Grant Caldwell I very much enjoyed your web site. Very good work!
America – USA
Vernice Joy Grant Caldwell
America – USA
Elizabeth Caldwell My father James Caldwell was born in Parkhead Glasgow
Scotland in 1913 the son of Colin Green Caldwell
and Mary Caldwell. They came to US in late 20s and settled in New Jersey.
My father’s younger brothers were William and AndrewColin’s father my
great grandfather was Andrew Caldwell and won several skiff racing and
swimming medals with the Glasgow Police in the late 1800s.
America – USA
Libby Piper What a fascinating site. I am related to the Caldwell’s
of Ayrshire on my maternal side and have gone
back as far as David Caldwell who was born in Kilmarnock circa 1803 and
married Jean Orr in the parish of Sorn Ayrshire on 8 November 1831. They
had a son Thomas born 27 July 1834 in Catrine (Sorn Parish) who married
Elizabeth Jane Aitken (b1846)on 30 April 1866 in Londonderry and then
immediately after their marriage emmigrated to New Zealand on the vessel
Sir Ralph Abercrombie arriving at Lyttleton South Island.My current problem
is to find the record of David Caldwell’s birth and parentage – if only
they could finally link up to your Ayrshire Caldwells wouldn’t that be
great. I have downloaded the GEDCOM file and will investigate it thoroughly.
If I have any exciting news as a result I will let you know.Many thanks
for all your hard work.
United Kingdom
Ruby Caldwell Best
America – USA
Valerie Caldwell
United Kingdom
Mary Jo Ann Caldwell Bortolazzo I’ve just began my search. Althrough I not having much
luck I haverealy enjoyed reading all I have
found about the Caldwells. Ifanyone can help me I would appricate it.
My fathers name wasPaul Frost Caldwell born March 24 1923 in Indiana His
fathersname was Carl Caldwell born April 101902 not sure where. I belive
my grandmothers name was Theodosia. Unforturnly that is all I have. If
anyone can point me in the right direction thatwould be great
America – USA
John Merritt Caldwell
I promise — this is my correct homepage URL. Father is
John M. Caldwell USNA Class of ’56. Mother
Marian Rice Massilon Ohio. Grandparents were Rice Krebbs Caldwell and
America – USA
John Merritt Caldwell
Please note corrected homepage URL information.
America – USA
John Merritt Caldwell
America – USA
Foster Caldwell Estes Glad to know that part of me is a Scot.
America – USA
Katy Ellington thats kool
America – USA
Cindy Waltershausen
America – USA
Thurman E. Caldwell Just discovered your web site. Lot of interisting information.
Have hit a brick wall. My ggreat grandfatherJohn
Caldwell B 1824-25 D 1864-65 Married Lydia PriceLived in Haywood co. North
Carolina Jonathens creek in1840-50 census Don’t know any further back
any help wouldbe apreaceated. May be connected to Pa. You have a great
America – USA
Eileen Warren Hook In the company of several “cousins” I’m searching
for the roots of my Caldwell ancestors. My
own great-grandmother Sarah Caldwell immigrated with her family from Glasgow
Scotland to Pennsylvania when she was about nine years old.She was born
March 22 1841 in Glasgow. On December 6 1855she was married in McKeesport
PA. She had an older brotherSamuel Caldwell who married the older sister
of Sarah’s husband. They had another brother older than Samuel namedAlfred
Alexander Caldwell. We think but have no proof that the parents were Samuel
Levi Caldwell and Rhoda ForsytheThere is a “handed down” family
story that the grandfather immigrated in a ship that sank in the harbor
and he rode histoolbox in to shore. Once we ran across another Caldwell
who had a similar story. We have been told also that SamuelLevi Caldwell
was a shoemaker in Philadelphia but have no proof there either. We suspect
that there’s a connection tothe other Caldwells in PA and perhaps to the
Cub Creek groupalso though our lot remained in Pennsylvania. Does anyone
care to claim us? We’ve been looking for a long time.
America – USA
Enda Caldwell Hi just found this site after reading a document on the
family name at my Grandmother’s house yesterday!Fascinating!
My links to Scotland: 1.I was in Glasgow last year!!2.My Grandad Tom Caldwell
worked for BP in the late 70’s and early 80’s on the Oil Rigs off Aberdeenshire3.The
radio station I work for TODAYFM – is owned by Scottish Radio Holdings.Just
a few links!Enda.
Ellen F. Eanes
America – USA
Diane Caldwell Very impressed with site and information here. I am new
to genealogy and am looking for information
on Matthew Caldwell married to Nancy Mariah Lane (just one of his wives).
They had a son namedGeorge Wilding Caldwell who married Mary Olive Searle
and theirson Arthur Caldwell who married Edelwiss Elizabeth Rice is myhusbands
Grandparents. We currently live in North Idaho near Spokane Washington.
America – USA
Spencer how can I find my coat of arms?
America – USA
Ken Caldwell I was just looking for relatives. My great grandfathers
JohnCaldwell.he came to virden manatoba canada
in the mid 1800’s.He was a horticulturist.
Heather Hunter Caldwell interest as my g grandmother was Eliza Caldwell
from Tyrone IrelandSee my website http://www.mccaskie.org.uk
about the Tyrone Caldwells who are connected to this websiteHeather
United Kingdom
Mark Samples
America – USA
tom kelly Great site John.I hope to join when I have a site of my
own.Does anyone have any info on James Caldwell
and his wifeMargaret who left Scotland for Liverpool UK about 1840.A son
of theirs John Duncan Caldwell was my granddad’s granddad a very elusive
character. On the way to Liverpool James and Margaret had a daughter Margaret
in France????
United Kingdom
Norman C. Caldwell Just found the site having a great time exploring it.
Our line as of now begins with Timothy (1790
Scotland)but first record is of his service in Pennsylvania whenhe served
in the War of 1812. About 1818 he married Martha M.(Sward) in Elizabeth
Township Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Children: Leah (1819 Maytown PA)
Benjamin 25 January 1825 PA) William (1831 PA)Martha A. (1832 PA) John
(1835 PA) Almyra (1837 PA)& Elva (1852 Ohio). Benjamin married Jerusha
Evans 25 April 1844 Blakely Hills Plains Township Ohio. Their children:
Emily (1845 Wayne Co Ohio) Martha Jane (1846 Wayne Co Ohio) and Eugene
(1850 Ionia Co Michigan).Eugene married Mary Wermuth 22 February 1880.
Children:Fred J. (10 August 1881 Muskegon Co MI) John (13 June 1883 Oscoda
Co MI) Mildred (April 1886 Oscoda Co MI). Children of Fred J. & Mattie
(Hartwig)Caldwell: Evert Allen (1912 Detroit) Doris Mary (1916Detroit).
Children of Evert & Irene (Speck): Norman C.& Glen Roy. Would
like to communicate with anyone thatfits into this network.
America – USA
Alister Caldwell I am the son of Cyril Irwin Caldwell who was born at Rylestone
NSW Australia on February 3rd 1879.Cyril was
the son of Thomas who was born in County Tyronearound 1836.Thomas was
the son of James who was born in county Tyronearound 1800 and married
Mary Jane Scott.
Ross Caldwell
America – USA
Sandra Marshall (nee Cladwell) Didn’t realise there were so many Caldwells out there.
They are few and far between in Scotland where
I come from.
United Kingdom
Gaye F. Caldwell Great Job. I’m researching Caldwells of African American
descent. If you run across any interesting
facts let me know.Thanksgaye F. Caldwell
America – USA
Phillips Verner Bradford I’m interested in the descendants of Rev. David Caldwell
(1725-1824) who married Rachel Craighead a
sister of Nancy Craighead and daughter of Alexander Craighead from whom
I am descended. Hello to my distant Caldwell cousins.Phil
America – USA
America – USA
David Caldwell Great site John.    Love
the debates as much as the sharing of information and ideas. Shows that we have imagination (or lateral thinking).
I was born just outside Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland in 1941. Where most
of Caldwells roots are. Moved to Stranraer Wigtownshire Scotland in 72
and came to Manitoba Canada in 1995.

Carol Jean Knipp Thank you for all your hard work in getting this website
together. It is really great!
America – USA
jim standridge
America – USA
America – USA
April Caldwell I’m an African-American woman who just wants to know more
about Caldwell geneology and history.
America – USA
Jacquelyn E. Bean Nice page John! Keep up the good work!
America – USA
Alton Brown Caldwell Thank you for the great site. I seek ancestors of Wm Caldwell
b@1771 Va m 1799 in Montgomery Co.VA to Mary
America – USA
Barry Caldwell Very interesting site a lot of things wrote there relateto
my family. Well done!!
Lenny Caldwell Just started looking into our family history and found
you. Cool pages!! Part of Cub Creek clan. Alot
of Caldwells out in CA. to keep name going.
America – USA
Shannon Joyce My mother was Lorraine Caldwell b. 1918 Detroit Mi. Her
father was Chandos Caldwell b. 1874. His father
was Alonzo Caldwell and mother was Mary Jane Devoe b. 1831. Alonzo (not
the ones on your site) and Mary had four childrenJulius Lydia Chandos
and ?. Alonzo is buried in Middleville MI. Any help appreciated. Great
America – USA
Jonathan Scott Caldwell
America – USA
Jim Caldwell Here’s me thinking there aren’t many of us about!Cool
site and best wishes to us all.
United Kingdom
Ronald David Burditt JohnGood site… Was looking for a John Albert Caldwell
b 08 May 1878 in Marion Ill..d 03 June 1948…m
Mary Callie Frazier8 March 1903 in Francis OK she was born 27 November
1885 in Rosebud Falls Co. TX….I’m at a brick wall..Thanks for the help
in advance..Cuzin Ron
America – USA
Wayne and Lorraine Caldwell
America – USA
Giron O’Neal Caldwell Greetings from Nashville. What a great site! I’ve often
toyed with the idea of researching our family
line to sort the fact from fiction. What first steps would you recommend
for someone who doesn’t have a clue where to begin?Thanks and regardsNeal
America – USA
Tom Caldwell Obviously a great effort and wonderful idea. I am a bit
disappointed that there were no responses to
my postings. This might be because all my postings (bar one) my profile
listing and the signing of the guest book seem to have disappeared from
the site.Is this a problem that the site has been having? … or am I
doing something wrong.I think that your initiative is a great help in
getting some serious research started!Tom Caldwell
Jerry Shetler I am a descendent of the Caldwell Tree. My Great Grandmotherwas
Margret Mae “Donahey” Lear who was
a daughter of McClure Donahey who was a son of James Donahey who was a
son ofMary Caldwell. Some of the information in your tree for theLear
family is not accurate and I would like to send you some recent information.
Is there an email address I can send the information?Jerry Shetler
America – USA
andrew caldwell
United Kingdom
Tom Caldwell Born Scotland emigrated to Australia 1959 with parents.Spent
an hour or so sending information then lost
it – will email.
Roseann Caldwell I’m from a family of Caldwells in southwestern Ontario
Canada. The site was very informative. Thank
Sam Christopher Ross Weetman Carter I am on a hunt for information on my ancestors the Rosses
Of The Clan Ross this website has been a help
in my long journey. The end result i hope will be my family’s tree. Thanks
Peace be with you all. Sam Carter
Brian William Caldwell Great site: lots of hard work.RegardsBrian originally
of Paisley Scotland
cynthia I am looking for Caldwells that lived in Monroe Co. Ms
1870-1900. My ggrandma Effie married Lee Adams
in 1893. We know nothing about her past. Please view my web site to see
what we know. Cousins where are you?
America – USA
Dixie Caldwell Bounds  What a fantastic
site!! I`m still looking for my Grandfather David Mac Caldwell. All I know for sure is that when my father was born
in Heyworth Illinois on 10-17-1913 that his father was David Mac Caldwell
age of 29 born in Kentucky a farmer and his mother was Anna F. Clem age
of 27 born in Kentucky. Dad said the last time he saw his dad was when
he was about 5 years old until 1953 or 54 when we made a trip to Kentucky
to see him. Apparently dad got a letter or phone call from a daughter
or daughter-in-law that he had been injured when he hitched a ride on
a railcar going to the roundhouse and was knocked off. All I remember
of my Grandfather is a very tall man in a special made bed because he
was so tall replying when asked if he knew who my dad was “Sure Thats
my son Art”. Dad talked to him for awhile then we left. I have no
idea when he died or who he married after Grandma. Would sure like to
find out who his parents werewho his wife and second family were anything
at all. All I get is a brick wall. I think it was around Danville Ky.
I think he had two blind sisters living around Frankfort Ky.
I remember visiting two elderly ladies who were both blind and
lived alone. Can anyone help me?? Dixie

America – USA
Anna Cuff I have been doing research on my Caldwell (mother’s maiden
) line for alomst 6 years and have seem to
hit a wall. I’m looking for new resources to try to break through that
America – USA
Gloria Caldwell Does anyone know the Caldwells from Nova Scotia-I’m still
looking for further info on John Caldwell and
Nancy Clarke who were married on 12 Dec 1783. All their children were
born in Nova Scotia but could have scattered after that. Two more generations
in Canada or could it be USA then in 1852 John Thomas Caldwell came here
to Australia. Anyone with info on that line pleeease contact.Gloria Caldwell
Larry Caldwell Hi Cousin. I’m descended from Samual Caldwell (Samuel
1708 in your data base) and his sons Hugh Sr.
and Hugh Jr. I have quite a collection of information on their descendents
and collateral lines. Samuel’s wife ElizabethBuchanan is said to have
been aunt to President James Buchanan. As far as I can tell it is possible.Briefly
my line is Samuel->Hugh->Hugh->Matthew->Reuben->Robert->Robert->Me.Thanks
so much for the family history in Ireland. Accordingto family oral tradition
Samuel spent some time in Hollandbefore coming to Pennsylvania.
America – USA
Georgia Caldwell DuBose I am a descendant of Andrew and Jerusha Ellington Caldwell
who left Russell Co. Va in 1830 to move to
Clark (later Coles) Co. IL through their son Henry Dickerson Caldwell.
Andrew’s father William married a Rebeckah LNU. There are two divergent
family stories: one is that William came from Buncombe Co. NC. The other
is that he was a son (by a brief first marriage) of the Rev. War. hero
the Rev. (Capt.) james Caldwell. If anyone has any information about this
line I would like to hear it.
America – USA
buie mason caldwell hi. my father was rupert mason caldell. he and my mom
divorced when i was about 4 yrs. old.{about
55 yrs. ago. any help on locating him brothers or sisters will be appreciate.
America – USA
Arthur Clemons Caldwell III Live in North Carolina but grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
America – USA
Mary Ann Looney
America – USA
Mark Caldwell Decended from Hugh Caldwell and Sarah who lived in Loudon
Co VA on Goose Creek at secolins branch
America – USA
Elsie Caldwell Fields Collecting Caldwell data in South Carolina. Have two Caldwell
America – USA
Connie Gilbert I am researching the Caldwell lines that came from New
Hampshire to Vermont to Jefferson and Lewis
Counties in New York State. My mother was Ora Irene Caldwell Shannon.

America – USA
Daphne Dawson I am a descendant of John Caldwell who came to SC in 1766with
his Wife Mary Young and a few children. His
secondson John II was scalped by Bloody Bill Cunningham’s men as he raced
to tell the neighbors the Tories were in the area. William a son of John
I participated in the battle of King’s Mountain Cowpens and Blackstock
Plantation. In the past few years the original log home was discoveredand
rebuilt piece by piece on church land that was given tothe church by John
America – USA
Norman “”Bruce””
Burnell Caldwell Jr.
I’m very new to genealogy but am very interested in all
things related to the name Caldwell. My only
claim to fame is an ancestor Dr. James Caldwell who sailed on the Bountyas
a missionary. The Pitcarin Islands put his picture on astamp about 10
years ago. Anyway I hope to find out a lot more in the future. Thanks
for this page.
America – USA
Wanda Howard I am descended from the Cub Creek Caldwells. My maiden
name was Black. MY line married into the Pickens
and Black family. They migrated to Butler county Ala. and Jefferson county
America – USA
Clifton Caldwell
United Kingdom
michele ellis Hi My gp’s were William F.& Mary (Denis)Caldwell from
Izard.Co. Ar. I know he came from N.C about
1860 they had children all over Ark. and Ok.
America – USA
Jerry Crumly Lots of work went into this site. Well done.
America – USA
Deb I have a lot of research on the Caldwell name (my paternal
grandmother’s line) My research goes back to
ca 1653 to family of shoemakers and stonemasons inSelkirkshire Scotland.
Our line emigrated to Canada in 1832 and settledin Southwestern Ontario.
Some branches moved on to the Canadian West around theturn of the century.
Would love to make contact with others whomay share this line.
James Leon Caldwell Jr. Looking for Caldwell history in Leak County Mississippi
America – USA
John Masson Looking for info on Mary Caldwell/Coldwell who married
Philip Morton Antes in PA 1826.
America – USA
Joyce McCamey Reilly I am descendant of James Caldwell (1724-1804) and Elizabeth
Alexander(1737-1804?). My quick look seems
to not match yours. I am also in of a second Caldwell line said to be
from Franklin CountyVA in the mid 1700’s. A Rebecca Caldwell b. 1760 in
that County married a RObertHill of Monongalia County.
America – USA
Paula John I like your critical thinking. You must be an historian.
America – USA
Karna Zierden My line goes through Robert Caldwell and Linna Jebolt.
I have been looking for their parents for a
long time. I don’t think I am related to your Caldwells but you never
know. Thanks for the site. It’s great.
America – USA
Betty Evenson Hi cuz glad to see you made the move! It seems to bea
great site and you have done a special needed
service for CALDWELLS to meet. A toast to success and a busy future! Betty
America – USA
Jerry A. Moore Great site with a lot of future. My grandmother was Katherine
White Caldwell of Perryville Boyle Ky. a direct
descendant of “Cub Creek John”
America – USA
William Caldwell Reynolds My GGrand mother was Margaret Jane Caldwell of Massachusetts.
She is one of my many brick walls. Margaret
Jane married a William Heaney and together gave birth to Edith Ruby Heaney
of Lowell Ma. Margaret Jane b. 3 June 1852 d. 9 April 1926 LowellMassachusetts.www.tenacrewoods.com/rey.htmGreat
America – USA
George Caldwell I come from Clydebank Scotland.
United Kingdom
Sharon Lee Taylor Thanks for setting up the nice site!
America – USA
Terry E. Caldwell I just posted my brief Caldwell lineage on the caldwell-klan
site. If you are interested please review my
America – USA
Alan C. Caldwell I am from South Carolina. My ancestor came from North
Carolina; Lincoln Catawba Rowan and Mecklenburg
Counties. I am a descendant of William Caldwell and Agnes Givens. My ggfather
was Franklin and my gggrndfather was Andrew.
America – USA
Judy Daniels Hugh Caldwell who was born 1773 in Ireland and died 14
Aug1851 in Liberty Twp Liberty OHIO married
Jane Anderson.They had 5 children. 1. ?? Caldwell was born 18052. ?? Caldwell
was born 18073. Jane Caldwell was born 3 Jan 1809 in Philadelphia PA.
She married John Hoover. They had 13 children. 4.William Caldwell was
born 1811/1813 in Liberty Trumbull OHIO. He married Abigail Hickox.They
had 5 children. 5.John Caldwell was born 1812 in Liberty OHIO . He married
Sarah Leslie. They had 4 children. Email me at jubert65@yahoo.com
Betty Evenson I’ve been looking for the family of John Caldwellb. 1776
PA and I’m hoping that at long last I have
made a connection! My line is from Eleanor Caldwell md toJohn A Black
and their daughter Mary Elizabeth Blackmd. Henry West (of Hannibal MO)
who are direct ancestors.This should prove to be a fruitful site!
America – USA
Margo Boyd Appreciate the information found here. I will definitely
let you know if any of this fits my line.Margo
America – USA
Cathie Gebert Hi John my name is Cathie Gebert and I am the daughter
of Allen Dale Garton. He’s the one who gave
me the link to yourweb site which by the way is really cool. I found it
to bea very good read. ::Thanks:: Keep up the good work………
America – USA
Joseph Caldwell
United Kingdom
Allen Dale Garton Great job cuz.Thanks for the credit. Glad to have been
of some help.Dale
America – USA
John Gray John -Nice Site! Thanks for advancing the cause.Rev John
America – USA
Jo Parnell enjoyed your site….am looking for Larkin Joseph L. born
about 1865 from Kymarried Elizabeth Crank in
Ill any help appreciated.
America – USA
Barbara Caldwell Hi John. noticed you put my message about Robert in the
possibles of your tree. Still looking for proof
and have been all over the map with looking up Caldwell stuff. Do you
have a connection to the Cub Creek Caldwells?
America – USA
Eva Caldwell I looked at your sight because of your first name. My
grandfathers’ name was John Caldwell also.
I am glad youhave done this site…I will be looking over it when I havemore
America – USA
Jo Parnell Keep up the good work. I enjoyed visiting your site.
America – USA
pamela g caldwell I like your Caldwell Page. I do not have info that I know
of concerning your family. I have found many
times {in the limited time I have been researching the Caldwell family}
I uncover information helpful to other “Caldwell” Searchers.
I’m hoping this is true in this case. I will go into more detail on your
e-mail. Sincerely Pamela
America – USA
Allen Dale Garton Great Great Grandson of Nicholas and Abigail J. Curtis
America – USA
Kathy Bell
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John I’m just testing out this new guestbook. Notice that your
address won’t be harvested by spammers.
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