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CaldwellGenealogy.com Guestbook Archives – June 2005 to May 2014

christine ann parle gerhold brown James Caldwell Pedigree 1399458869 leeds west yorkshire
christine ann parle gerhold brown Christine Ann Brown, nee Parle Gerhold Brown Granddaughter to – Andrewina Swan Caldwell Parle Check out Caldwell CastleJames Caldwell born 1862-d-13-04-1942-married 27-08-186-spouse-Amelia Swan -b-1800s -d-27-08-1904.
Children-Amelia Caldwell b- 3-10-1888-d-1955 married
Charles.G.A.Gossett-Children-Elizabeth 1907-Amelia
-b-1908-Margret-b-1910-d-3-04-1977-Charles George
Jane McIntosh-b-110601890-m-16-10-1912
Frank Spokas -d-1914-Amelia Swan -b-27-06-1913-d-12-06-1914
Jane Templeton-b-19-08-1891-d-14-02-1916-M-George Thomas Travail-son-b-James
James Caldwell-b-11-08-1893-d-25-12-1963-dau-jean Mable-b-4-10-1921
Isabella Caldwell -b-6-06-1895-d-27-01-1982-m-William Chalmers Hastie-son-David
Charmers Ann Swan-b-1-02-1897-d—07-1988-m-George RogersMargaret Charmers Swan-b-7-07-1898-d-11-07-1905
Andrewina Caldwell Swan, Parle (my grandmother) – d.o.b. July 7th 1898-Married John
1399391018 United Kingdom
Caroline Caldwell I have married in to the
Caldwell clan. we are planning a trip to Ayrshire next year and would like
information about and prior to Andrew Meikle Caldwell born 25/9/1802 in
Mauchline Ayr Scotland . We have his father’s name as Andrew Caldwell of same
place and mother as a Mary Baxter .
1398472057 Melbourne Australia
James Caldwell Hi, I am interested in tracing
family. Father is John William Caldwell. beyond that I have no idea yet.
1394608251 Houston Texas
mary ruessing looking for Caldwell history traced back to james? arrived in America early 1700s from Scotland possible family in Ireland family was in se mo during 1800s 1393289600 scottland ireland
Whitney Mankey I’m looking for more information about Henri Caldwell (Caldwel) 1423 and Adelaide Dudevant m. 11th 1449 and anyone before them. If you have any info that’d be great! Thank you! 1390436578 Troutdale, Oregon
Robert H E Cleeves One Ann Simpson born c1750 married a Caldwell,name unknown,she died 1785 and is buried in the Simpson tomb at Clogher Co Tyrone where does she fit in the Caldwell tree 1388609670 Chester England
David Morrow I am looking for ancestors of Alexander Caldwell. He had a son named William Caldwell born in Westmoreland Co., PA between 1735 and 1750. Alexander was born between 1690 and 1725 in Northern Ireland. He married Mary Colwell in Wales or Pennsylvania around 1727. 1387484874 Iowa
Brett Caldwell Hi all, Am looking for Caldwell researchers regarding Caldwells in Strabane, around 1840 and prior.Also regarding a’David Caldwell’ killed in France 1916. My GG Father came from ‘Glen Glush’ Strabane in 1840 to Australia. Hoping for a
reply,cheers from Oz.
Jennifer Caldwell I am trying to find out what to which Clan the Caldwell Sept belongs! -I was always told Campbell, but now I’m not so sure. :/ 1383506536 London, Ontario, Canada
John Frank I am searching for infor. about my great great grandfather David G. Caldwell of Conestoga, Lancaster County. PA. The Caldwell “tree” for Lancaster County just stops at that point. 1382370907 Lancaster, PA USA
Fred I am searching for my great grandparents roots– Alexandra & Sarah Caldwell.He came to Cape Town South Africa in 1899- 1382369226 South Africa
corinne caldwell Looking for any info on my family. Allan Caldwell was my father. Alice Caldwell was his mother both deceased. 1381163058 Glasgow
Diane Bayless Looking for info on descendents or ancestors of James B Caldwell b 1807/8 NY died 1887 Newmarket Ontario Canada 1380990823 Ontario Canada
Cheryl Crowell Looking for some additional clues. Researching the Caldwell Family in Butler County, OH. 1380371842 Cincinnati, OH
Christopher Caldwell I stumbled upon this site while I was doing some random research on the Caldwell history. Indeed, I am a Caldwell, and I am proud to be one! 1380251814 San Diego, California
Sonia Sublett I am looking for any information on Manvell or Elvis Hayden Caldwell. 1378999705 arkansas
Maria Barnes I have also found info indicating that Darius Caldwell may have been from Botourte County, VA. Anybody have any info? 1370307662
Maria Barnes This is in reply to Terry L Caldwell of Arizona. Rollie Caldwell from Kentucky/Butler county, OH is also my grandfather. 1370238814
Maria Barnes My Great Grandfather was Darius (Derice)Silas Caldwell. He was born in Indiana in 1820. His first wife was Mary Neff. Second wife, my great grandma was Mary Catherine Music Caldwell. I have traced him from birth in Indiana to marriages in Virginia and Kentucky. Is there anyone else out there from this Caldwell line? 1370168253
Margaret C Hall Brand new to search, please excuse any faux pas. i am looking for Andrew Caldwell, father of Rev John Caldwell, Muskingum and Belmont Cty, Ohio. Andrew born c1818, I think middle initial T, but considering date of birth, could be J. thanks. 1366320464
Margaret Hayden I am looking for first cousins who left Ireland by the name of Caldwell also any second cousins from above family. The parents are Bridget Hayden and Patrick Caldwell and Lived in Marino Dublin One of my cousins was named Seamus and I think some of the girls had the name Angela and Evelyn I am not to sure on the girls names the male name is correct. My aunts husband was in the 1916 raising in Dublin. The Hayden’s are from Stepaside/Glencullen Co Dublin and I have located that some of them lived in Co Wexford before going to Glencullen/Stepaside. If there is any one out there connect to us I would love to hear from you as I am doing the family tree. Many Thanks, Margaret Hayden 1363613782 anywhere but especially USA
and Cannada
D. Whitaker My mother is a Caldwell from Eastern KY, I was here trying to nail down where in Scotland the folk had come from. 1362139253 Maryland, USA
Sharon Akins Would like to contact Gary L. Caldwell who has done so much work in Wash. Co. Pa. We may be related!! 1359488531 Hickory, Pa
Charla Faye Rheintgen Hill I was so pleased to be able to trace my ancestors in the Caldwell family. I descend from Cora Etta Campbell who married James Campbell 1357776523 South Carolina
Lois J Lane Looking for Caldwell’s from NH, USA that migrated to WESTERN NY around 1815. My Husbands GG Grandfather was James Caldwell, born in Wyoming County?,NY in 1815. State Census’s say his father was born in NH and his mother was born in Mass., USA. I have not found any information on his parents names. I have been trying to research Census for migrations of Caldwell’s to get an idea of WHO might have been his father but so far, NO LUCK. 1357503113 New England States, USA
Melissa Heath I started looking into my family history so I can keep track of it for my son my mothers side is all Caldwells and has been traced back to Pocahontas but other then that I don’t know much 1356411285
Judy Hawker I have a gtx3 grandmother who was a Jane Marshall (nee Cauldwell. She was a tinker/gypsy from Ayrshire. 1355948783 Scotland
Roxane Cooper Gabriel I just started looking into my ancestry for my daughters 2nd grade school project. The caldwell (Lilly) is my mom’s grandmother (dads mom), my great grandmother. very interesting stuff 1355501565 Tampa, FL
Ashley Muday I was married into the Dean family my son Greydon Dean is named after Greydon Light Dean. They still live in Berrien Center MI. I was just looking more into my two sons heritage and found this. I think this is amazing. 1354291457 St. Joseph MI
Todd Caldwell Stumbled onto the sight and just wanted to say hello. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was always under the impression we are scottish and hope to find out some info on the Caldwell roots in Scottland. 1352293225 Canada
Noelene Barnes – Caldwell Hi, I am trying to find any info on Rev Hugh Caldwell from Newtownards,Down,Ireland I know that he married Anne Winder in 1770 at Bangor Ireland and he died in Newtownards Down Ireland in 1789.I would love to find out who his parents were and if they came from Scotland. Any info would be great , Thank You Noelene 1351429533 Australia
Carol Jean Bailey Looking for information on JOHN THOMAS CALDWELL (b.11 April 1874, Morgan County, MO; d.14 January 1938 in Lakeview Heights, Benton County, Missouri). He is the son of William Caldwell and Martha McGinnis. I just found his death certificate after a 40 year search. JOHN THOMAS was listed in my GGrandma’s (SARA ELIZABETH HOSKINS) bible as Thomas M. Caldwell. Any information would be appreciated.John, I contacted you several years ago in reference to this person. So glad to see you have set up this website. I tried to put this in the discussion forum, but couldn’t use it. I have a profile set already set up. Any ideas? Thanks again. 1349718942 United States – Missouri
Lesley Frances Annette Caldwell I am married to Philip John Griffiths Caldwell – 16-03-74, son of Major General Frank Griffiths Caldwell. 1349645374 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Sheri Caldwell Turner I’m proud to be a Caldwell. Looking for information on any members of the Caldwell Clan that would have fought at Culloden – and what Clan they may have served with. 1349583438 Kentucky
Scott Caldwell I’m looking for some Info on where my family came from. Scotland or Ireland?? My fathers name is Darrell, grandfather Carroll and great grandfather was Stanley Caldwell. Some information would be great! 1348710166 Mississippi, USA
David Caldwell AS I have maintained all along and my D N A now proves it, My fathers line is predominantly Pretani (ancient British) with a splash of ancient Irish and a drop of Anatolian. David caldwell Manitoba 1347723012 Canada and Scotland
David Caldwell my D N A 1347671103 Manitoba, Canada and Ayrshire,
SJC Wilhelm Looking for info on Margaret Caldwell & family. She was b. Sept 1811 in TN, m. Andrew B Pauley in March 1829 in Arkansas, had at least 6 children, died July 1886 & buried in Little River Co, Arkansas. Any info would be much appreciated. 1347238344 TN & AR
Brooke Bird Deborah Caldwell was my second Great Grandmother. She was born in 1805 in Pennyslvania 1345328312 Wheatland, Wyoming
Gordon Caldwell Would all Caldwells support my niece, Hilary Caldwell, who is swimming in the Olympics in the 200 metres backstroke for Canada. 1343202580 London England
Amy Wynn Lancaster-Brown Georgia/South Carolina Caldwell family link: George W.Caldwell (1796-1865) married to Catherine Sloan. Son John Dixon Caldwell (1835 Newberry Co, SC-1903 Coweta Co, GA) married to Rutha Ann Morgan (1841-1912), Daughter Ruth Annie Caldwell (1875) Coweta Co, GA-1939 College Park, GA), my great grandmother. Am looking to be able to prove parents of George W. Caldwell (1796-1865). My grandparents linke him to James Caldwell (1755-1813), but it appears this may not be the case. 1343249412 USA
Paula Paradise Jane Caldwell b. 1808 is my
2nd great grandmother. She was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania the d/o Joseph Caldwell and Mary Bennett
Jacquelyn E. Bean @ Laura Tessier. I, too, descend from John and Mary (Sweetenham) Caldwell. 1341678461
Jim Caldwell My grandfather Thomas Buncome Caldwell migrated to Texas in 1866 from Quincy, Florida — I’m looking for info before that, actually before William T. Caldwell, his grandfather. 1341549328 Houston, Texas, USA
Wes Kowalchuk My mom is a Caldwell. I am looking for early information about Kenneth Caldwell ( who built the Caldwell castle new avonlea Scotland ) History befor and after him would be great. 1341177400 Alberta canada
Tracey Deron (nee Wood) My grandfather was Earl B.
Caldwell of Philadelphia, PA. Anybody out there related to me?
1340050386 New Jersey, USA
Felicity Conrad Correction: Hulda Jane
Caldwell seems actually to have been born 1817, in New York; not 1810.
Jeffrey Caldwell Looking for info of a Charles
(Clifford) Caldwell from Brockton ma.
1339076369 Ashburnham ma.
Micheal Allen Caldwell Hello I am trying to find what
clan I belong to and what tartan I fall under if any one could help thank
1338968946 Boise,ID
Roberta Sponsler I am the great grandaughter of
Maggie Myrtle Caldwell (she married my great grandfather, Myron Agustus
Sponsler). I am so happy to have found your site and all of the information
about my family! Wow! This is really great. I think I will register to be a
daughter of the American Revolution now. Thank you so much for all your hard
1338343575 Palm Springs, CA
Martha E Kayse I am the daughter of Cecil O.
Caldwell, Seven generations back to David Caldwell who married Margaret
Phillips in Ireland. I would like to know more about Ireland. My great
grandfather in Green County Ky
1338232579 Shelbyville, Ky
Bruce Kevin Caldwell Son of David Stanley Caldwell
Jr. From Memphis Tn
1337797817 Nashville Tn
Laura Tessier John & Mary
(Sweetenham)Caldwell are my 11th Great Grandparents. Interesting to see the
family tree. Found this website while doing some additional research. Thank
you so much for this site.
1337383174 Norfolk, Virginia
Rex Thomen @Richard Dale Caldwell-I am
trying to track down information on my great-grandfather, Little Berry
Caldwell, b; 1849 in Leake Co;, MS, I have his photo, and have some
information about his life.
1337199134 Little Rock, AR
Marlene Louise Caldwell I was born in Sale Victoria
Australia, to Leslie Joesph Caldwell. and Alice Emily Louise Perry. I am the
third child of six children. I would be interested in any information about
the leg of the family that emigrated from England.
1337001156 Australia
Leslie Colvin I’m a lineal descendant of
William Findley Caldwell on my Mother’s side. We’re in the process of
searching for stories to give the tree dimension.
1336912804 Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Craig A. Miller My Name Is Craig Miller, and
John Caldwell would be my Great Grandfather on my Mothers side of the family.
Here madian name was Jaszewski from Howell, Mich, where Mr. John Caldwell is
Buried at Lakeview Cemetary.Jane Gray was Johns Wife.Her fathers name was
William Gray.According to my records, Mr Caldwell was one of the pioneers of
Zion, ILL.
1335712312 Elkhart,IN
Bari J. Abbott-Blankinsop I was looking for a photo of
Castle Caldwell in Scotland and found this site as well. My younger sister
will be traveling to Scotland in a year to visit and research our family. We
are decendanted from the three brothers, John, Oliver, and Alexander. I have
a relative that has a great deal of information that goes all the way back to
Saint Peter the apposal.
Stephen Caldwell I just found this site today.
I come from a branch of the family that started in North America with William
Coaldwell (1695-1802). He jumped ship in Boston circa 1711 and eventually
settled in Nova Scotia. My family has been in New Brunswick for six
generations. Here is a link that I found. Whoops! Anyway it goes to Gilbert
DeColville in the eleventh century. -Steve
1334888879 Alberta right now.
Ronald Greg Caldwell Thank you for allowing our
family as guests. As near as i can tell, my relatives are as follows (in
reverse):Ronald George Caldwell,Raymond caldwell,jerline caldwell.I can’t
seem to get any further back. Any help would be useful.
1334533520 Grants Pass,Oregon, USA
Katie Rodgers Looking for information on the
Thomas Caldwell that was married to Nancy Purcells. They lived in Virginia
and left for Indiana and then Texas
1333470843 Virginia, Indiana, Texas
Janice Caldwell My husband is a lineal
descendant of Andrew & Martha Caldwell of Drumore Twp., Lancaster Co, PA
1333051361 San Antonio, TX
Evelynn Cartwright Looking to make contact with
Pat Hocker concerning a reply about an Omagh book.
1332776000 Canada
1331531996 UK ,IRELAND,USA
David Billy is my Great Great Great
Great Uncle.
1330648968 Upper Canada
Elizabeth Caldwell Grant I’m planning a trip to France
and Italy and am interested in visiting Aude, France as well as Tulon, and
Turin, Italy where the 3 Caldwell brothers John, Alexander & Oliver were
supposedly born and raised. Any information would be helpful.
1330449128 Denver, Colorado
George Caldwell Looking for background on
Alexander who migrated from northern ireland to philadelphia and then west to
westmoreland county pennsylvania
Crystal Caldwell Hi, my name is Crystal
Caldwell. For a couple of years now i have wanted to look up my family tree,
but now I just started. I am looking to figure out who my great grandparents
are and how did it come to the point of me being who I am. I also want to
find and know all my cousins all over the world. So, my grandfather name was
Thomas Allen Caldwell from Chester, SC but he died in Charlotte, NC. So, Im
looking to find out who was his parents and so on.
1329430925 Chester, SC
Gordon Caldwell Welcome to Eleanor Caldwell,
my Granddaughter, who entered the World on 22 December 2011
1329295987 London England (ex Scotland)
john testing again 1329294810
John testing 1329293634
John test 1329283755
Candace Lynn Caldwell Sweeney Hi Cousins! 1315787244 Portland, Oregon, USA
Andrea I am very interest in the
Caldwell family name as I was born into it. However, when my father
immigrated to England from Jamaica, UK immigration made an error in spelling
Caldwell as Cordwell. His brothers in USA spell it as Caldwell so I know this
is the correct spelling. My father was born in Jamaica, West Indies in the
parish of St Elizabeth. I was told by the eldest uncle, my dad’s brother who
resides in Nottingham UK, that the original Caldwell was a Scottish
highlander that wore a kilt and a red coat! He also stated that there is also
French, Syrian and Chinese involved in our family.Can anyone shed some more
light on this Scottish fellow? Where he was born, year and date would be
helpful. Greatly appreciated if you could. Thanks & regards.
1315427596 London, England
Gregg Richard Clawson I actually stumbled across
this recently. It is extremely impressive. Your research is fantastic. Thank
you for your extreme efforts and all I can say is, Hey Cousins!!
1315401689 Greenwood, IN
Janice Caldwell Hi, I am the wife of Robert L.
Caldwell, a direct descendant of Alexander Caldwell. When it was an active
organization, we were members or the Caldwell Family Association and attended
several of the reunions. I am trying to add to our knowledge of the Caldwell
family, so we can leave that information to our children and grandchilden.
Glad to find you site.
1314049284 San Anotnio, TX
Matthew My Birth fathers name is Mark
L Caldwell he lives in Zion,IL. I have no information on my family history
But im hoping someone will read this and be able to give me some
information,PS I would ask my father but he wants nothing to do with me even
now as an adult.
1313641224 Zion Illinois
Annabelle Lee Caldwell Yoho Father : Jackie Darnell
Looking for ancestry links-having DNA run through FTDNA.
Anyone on that site w/ DNA info?
1312521489 Topeka, Kansas
Kay Sarah Caldwell Hi everyone out there,just
trying to find out my heritage.Dad- Colin John
Caldwell,Mother-Sarah Caldwell,Lived MerrylandsNSW,Sister Beryl Caldwell had
a farm in Mittigong NSW approx 40-50 years ago and I never new my
Grandfather, I have heard that he was a Captain of a Ship that Sailed to
Australia,but little can I access information. Can you help?
1312186670 UK,IRELAND,USA
James Caldwell there is a Caldwell Road in
Huyton, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK – possible initial departure to America
1312196700 Bristol, UK
Cy Durand looking for any help-had a
great uncle
George Caldwell-I think he was a banker
lived in Chicago, USA. My great grandfather was in MN, USA in the 1920’s. Any
Caldwell’s out there who might be able to help?
1311943866 Long Prairie, MN, USA
Neil Caldwell Some of you who have been
involved in Caldwell genealogy have surely come across my brother, Alan
Caldwell. He passed away in May 2010 and was buried with full honors at
Arlington National Cemetery as a highly decorated career officer. Alan was
very involved in the restoration of Caldwell Castle. I hope to be able to
take up that cause soon. Our great grandfather was born in Donegal in 1837
and entered the US in 1853. There is no record of him on any ship nor any
trace of him so far in Donegal. If anyone has family from that part of
Ireland, please reach out. THANK YOU. Neil
1311912015 Houston, TX
Diane L. McDowell Searching for photos or any
info on Louis,Mary Segerman late 1880s. Louis murdered his wife in 1894.
1311897323 Ponca City, Oklahoma
Melba Finley My Grandmother was Bertha
Levania Campbell Cooper, her mother was Amanda Elizabeth Caldwell Campbell,
her father was Rufus A Caldwell, his father was David Caldwell, his father
was John Caldwell, his father was James Caldwell and there was some
connection with the Caldwell Castle of Norther Ireland. My Caldwells came to
Catwaba County North Carolina via Virginia and Ireland. Kattie Caldwell
Duncan was scapled by indians and was the sister of John Caldwell and
daughter of James Caldwell.
1311737590 Lincoln County, North Carolina
lonetta descendent oh hugh caldwell VA
just found this site trying to do family tree and i love this sitekin to the caldwells in campbell co. tn
1310189521 east tennessee
Diane Foote Looking For Richard Caldwell
deceased long time ago. Had children by Gracie Lee Foote. Looking for anyone
who may have some information on this. His brother was named Major Caldwell
an had a sister Hanna Jane who lived in Chester,SC Approx. 1940’s- Till now.
1309918105 Chester, South Carolina
Damian C. Caldwell Hello Caldwell’s! I have just
entered into my family genealogy and have gotten stuck. Does anyone have
information on the ancestors of Thomas A. Caldwell/Culwell b. about 1785 in
VA or MD & m. Hettie Gaines Collins in Bourbon County, KY on Feb. 11,
1808? Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
1309450376 USA
Kris I am curious if you were able
to find more information. I am also very interested in your search. Thanks.RE:L; McBride
“My husband is a descendent
of Colonel William Caldwell born in 1750 in Fermanagh North Ireland; His
parents were William and Rebecka Caldwell; Colonel Caldwell immigrated to
North America in 1773; I am still trying to piece together more but have just
started; Anyone with information please email me; “
1309144869 Amherstburg
Kris I would love to contact you
and learn more about your findings.
RE:Mrs; Elsie W; Ernst”I have been researching Colonel William Caldwell b ca 1747
co; Fermanaugh Ireland who had a child Billy b ca 1780 with an Indian wife;
He married Susanne Baby dit Duperon b 1766 ca 1782; Both are buried in
Amherstburg Canada; They had 12 children; Late in 1776 or early in 1777 he
received the captaincy of the 2nd company of Butler’s Rangers; He commanded
the Rangers and entered Ky where he was victorious in the Battle of Blue
Licks; He then settled in Detroit MI; Anyway I have a lot on him if anyone is
1309143516 Amherstburg
Kris I would like to take the time
to say “Hello” to the family of Caldwell. I am very interested in
researching your family history. I live in Amherstburg Ontario and I would
like to piece together information about William Caldwell who was married to
Suzanne Baby and died in 1822.
1309143148 Amherstburg, Ontario
Shirley Winkelhoch Your parents are related
(cousins) of my father, Hankemeyer. His mother’s sisters m. Caldwell men and
his father’s aunt m. a Caldwell so we are double related on Colter/Caldwell.
1307609568 NEWPORT,TENN.
Jeremy H. Ward I am the grandson of the late
Nelva Jane Caldwell Ward,of Sinking Creek, who is a relative if Add Caldwell
of Sinking Creek, VA. I would love to learn more about my roots.
1307479611 VA
Eva I am a descendent of Hugh
Caldwell who lived in Botetourt Co., VA. Does anyone have any info on him? He
was born supposedly in 1740 in Northern Ireland.
1307238802 USA
William Poole One of four children of Gwen
Poole daughter of Robert and Elizabeth I believe from Londonderry as was
formerly called. I stumbled upon this site and sparked an interest in my
past.In particular the number of contributors whose ancestry seems to come
from the northern counties. Hello to all the relatives where you are, be
good.best wishes Bill.
1304329932 Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Zachary Caldwell Labor of love indeed. Great
site. Thanks!
1306083537 East Tennessee
Vicki Leigh Caldwell After 40 years, I have found
my Caldwell Family!
1305878231 Sacramento, California
BRUCE PARRY seeking info on JAMES &
ELIZABETH CALDWELL,address at time of death,Richmond,Melbourne Australia
1305777963 AUSTRALIA
Jay Caldwell Patterson Greetings, Cousins! Very
pleased to find this site.
1305662096 Santa Monica, CA
Felicity Conrad I am trying to find Margaret
Sproule ( My family’s sp. of the surname ) originally of County Tyrone, Ire.
whose daughter Hully or Hulda Jane Caldwell married Alexander Lang in
Ontario, and had with him great influence on their descendants. Margaret is
referred to in the family as the Lady Margaret, whether for romantic reasons
or Burkes I know not. She and her husband Caldwell emigrated to New York and
thence to Ontario. Her daughter Hully or Huldy was born in New York about
1810. Any assistance wd be greatly appreciated.
1304648273 I am in California
Vicki Leigh Caldwell As my search begins to find
out (WHO AM I) many of yours has already ended. As I began reading the life
stories of so many Caldwell’s, I knew mine would fit right in! My story is
written from an 11 year old little girl¦s memory who, never found out,
WHO SHE WAS, and WHERE SHE CAME FROM. I am the daughter of Joseph Mark
Caldwell Jr. of Valley Stream, New York. I lost my father to a boating
accident when I was only 11, in 1971. My Grandfather was and is Joseph Mark
Caldwell Sr., for whom I only had the pleasure of meeting a couple times
before he passed. His wife Lenore Caldwell wrote many letters to us on his
behalf. I think? After my father’s passing his brother, my Uncle, Glen Edward
Caldwell (from Germany), he was in the Army, and his wife Gudrun and their
two sons, have been absent from my life for reasons unknown to me. Glen was
with my father when his boat capsized in the Rosario Straits, off Whidbey
Island in the State of Washington and that was the last time I saw him? Lee
Caldwell from Maine is also my Uncle, and he had a wife whose name is Cindy
and Susan Caldwell from Boston is my Aunt, and like Glen, after my father
died, I never had the opportunity to talk to any of them again. At 11 years
old and for the last 40 years I have wondered why? I recently lost my
wonderful mother, Alma Jeanne Caldwell from Tennessee, leaving me with a VOID
in my life that I am hoping to fill with the assistance of the Caldwell
Genealogy Team. I have more Caldwell relatives out there! YEA! Charles W.
Caldwell Jr. was my father¦s Uncle for whom he spoke so highly of that
this 11 year old remembers. In my search to find out WHO I AM and WHERE I
CAME FROM, I found several generations, of Caldwell¦s, Givens,
McCarthy/Wheelers Tuttle¦s, Troutt¦s, and Snapp¦s, that I
am looking forward to connecting with and learning more about my family I
almost forgot to mention Cathy Sue Caldwell, she is my sister!!
1304198360 Sacramento, California
CALDWELL ( CAIN ) married 1877 family in Victoria
1303789388 AUSTRALIA,Ducks Pond,Bendigo
Carol Elizabeth Molina I am a descendant of David
Calwell and Elizabeth Tanner. Her maiden name has been passed down since the
1800’s all the way to my grandson, Tanner. Also, there are Elizabeths in each
generation, including my middle name and my daughter’s. I am looking for
verification that Matthew Tanner Caldwell, DOB May 1823, was in the
confederate army.
1303094580 East Texas
Merlin Coulter I am a GGgrandson of Caldwell
Kerr and he has much more family history than I. I found Dave Mitchell’s
email searching for my great grandfather Samuel Steele KerrDave Mitchell
“Greetings from Cape Town South
Africa;””Looking for Caldwell’s in vicinity
of Londonderry and Strabanein counties Londonderry and Tyrone Ireland;””Specifically three sisters — Elizabteh Caldwell
(born ca; 1790) Eleanor Caldwell and Mary Caldwell;””Elizabeth
Caldwell married Robert Kerr of Drumenny and died after 2 years of marriage
i;e; ca; 1816 – 1820 after producing twin sons on 14 February 1814 Alexander
Kerr of Drumenny in the parish of Donagheady co; Tyrone and Caldwell Kerr who
emigrated to the U;S;A; where he died at Hillsboro Highland County Ohio on 26
October 1893;”Kind regardsDave MitchellCape TownSouth Africa10 May 2005 – Africa
1303258411 Washington, IN
Candice Caldwell Hello! My earliest
“US” Caldwell ancestor is John Caldwell (b, 1624) of Massachusetts
(m. Sarah Dillingham) and then the line goes through Maine until my
great-great grandfather Henry Ware Caldwell. I have traced John back to
Alexander Caldwell/Cauldwell.
I would love to hear from Maine
Caldwells and anyone who knows for sure whether Flora Sleeper was Henry Ware
Caldwell’s biological mother or his step-mother – I am seeing both as I
research. Thanks!
1302678611 Bellevue, WA USA
Ken Brown Connecting Isaac Caldwell with
Catherine Gerrard. Both from NY, Chautauqua County area. He died in Tennessee
in the Civil War.
1302587674 Michigan
Richard Dale Caldwell I am trying to track down
information on my great-grandfather, Little Berry Caldwell, b. 1849 in Leake
Co., MS
1302042945 Safety Harbor, FL
Jean I am trying to find out the
country of origin of Benjamin Colewell’s line (he was born in 1829 in Nova
Scotia) and he’s the furthest ancestor to which my family line can be traced.
His son was the captain of a ship and they all eventually moved to Eastport,
ME. Anybody’s best guess, based on the scant information I have provided
about whether the family of Benjamin Colewell was likely to have come from
England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales then migrated to Nova Scotia sometime
before 1829? Any ideas, even hypotheses would be appreciated. Thank you!
1301519382 United States
Elizabeth Caldwell Just looking around for
possible information about ancestors. My dad’s dad died while dad and his
brother where still pretty young and their mom died when they were both still
toddlers, so I don’t know a whole lot of the history of my family.
1300671957 Indiana
Helen Caldwell Hi I am researching my dad’s
family of caldwell’s who were farmers in Rixton, Lancashire. I have traced
them back to 1841 census with George Caldwell born in Warrington but dont
know any more. Is any one else researching this branch of the Caldwells?
1300052096 Cheshire
Bob Caldwell Jon Caldwell wrote that he is
researching Daniel Caldwell b.1080 d.1878. He is also my ancestor!I would love to share information!
1299457990 Renton, Washington
Maurica L Davis Rev.David Caldwell is my 8th
great grandfather.
1298958134 Cincinnati,Ohio
Jon Caldwell descendant of Daniel Caldwell
1808-1878 virginia. i have a caldwell history book and a caldwell diary from
my granddad and great grandfather.
1298603687 Littleton,il
Nancy Caldwell Hi, I am the great great
grandaughter of Thomas Caldwell of County Tyrone. Thomas’ father was Lt.
William Caldwell of Maghernageeragh, County Tyrone.
Robert Caldwell I’m the son of a robert
caldwell whose father was also robert caldwell.
From Renfrewshire
in Scotland
1298746733 Scotland
Joseph Lanker Came across my great grand
mother and great grand fathers grave, they are located between Carey and
Uppersandusky Oh.Seen the Crawford memorial, and started researching him.You
have done a great job on telling his story.
1298584414 Wharton, Ohio
Shirley Winkelhoch To: Barbara Caldwell Stege:
Yes, I too am a descendant of John Colter and related to Caldwell. Maude
Caldwell and Mag (Margaret) Caldwell were sisters of my paternal grandmother,
Elizabeth Phillips Hankemeyer. Hope you get this. Let me hear from you.
1298662262 ??
David Pettifer Am trying to find some details
around the ‘Callwells of Lismoine’ Co Antrim. George my 3rd ggfather, 1813 to
1874. m E E Mc Cance. dau Eliz
1298418495 Australia
Michael Caldwell Shelby Mother was Marjorie Caldwell,
Grandfather was Arthur Caldwell. Lebanon and Lafayette In
1297257197 USA
Renee Slaugh I am the great great
granddaughter of Matthew Caldwell. My great grandfather was David Clarence
Caldwell who married Bessie Glen from the Uintah Basin. I would love all kind
of information on the Caldwell family.
Renee Slaugh I am the great great grand
daughter of Matthew Caldwell. My great grandfather was David Clarence. I
still live here in the Uintah Basin.
Connie Jones John Ritchie son of Alexander
Ritchie and Jeanne Caldwell. John Ritchie born 20 Aug 1739 married 5 May 1756
Jane Davis,daughter of George and Violet? Davis. Their daughter Mary Ritchie
married Abednego Inman.
1297193984 Virginia to Tennessee
Errol Caldwell I am the great grandson of
John Caldwell who was born in Ontario, possibly Hastings county around 1851.
I have one reference to him from the 1871 census but that is all. He had a
son Thomas with Ellen McInroy but I do not know if they were married. There
was a John T Caldwell listed as a carpenter in Stirling around the same
period but he might not be related. Any information would be appreciated.
1297110415 Ontario, Canada
Teresa Caldwell-Fitzgerald Harry and Maud Caldwell were
on the Wind River reservation. I am of Shoshone decent.I have not been able
to trace my fathers family. ANYONE wher can I go ???
1296857393 Grand Rapids Michigan
penny deib I just came across a note I’d
written for myself which says “ancestors of John Coldwell mention of a
Margaret Smith Fraser” Now I trying to find where I saw this information
as I am trying to see what Fraser Margaret Smith was married to.help!
1296249619 Alberta, Canada
Justin I am researching the line of
Salatha Roberson (born: 05/25/1838 in Jefferson Co., IL) who married George
W. Henderson. I have that her paretns were Joseph Roberson and Margaret
Caldwell. I am a dead end and would love some help with this line! Thanks in
1296233041 DC
Michelle Shupp Montgomery Regarding my grandmother,
Katherine Ruby Caldwell, her father was Charles A. Caldwell, born 1986; her
mother was Mary, born 1871 – both from Ohio. According to a census, they were
living in Troy, St. Croix, Wisconsin. Looking for Grandma Kitty’s family from
Wisconsin. Thank you in advance
1296078745 Olympia, WA
Michelle Shupp Montgomery Looking for the family of
Catherine (Katherine) Ruby Caldwell of Wisconsin
1296077115 Olympia, WA
Kirsty Caldwell Only just found this site.but
I’m a Caldwell from Northern Ireland (County. Londonderry)
1295923906 Northern Ireland
robert caldwell Nancy Saultz Radloff,after
reading late last night I found another Richard Caldwell here under Ancestors
Database,Descendants #490 born 1815-1879
1295392155 Alabama
ROBERT CALDWELL Hello Nancy Saultz Radloff,I
know a Richard Caldwell but He was born in Green Co. Ga. in 1805.could he be
the one you are looking for?what do you know about your Richard?
1295327978 Alabama
pamela caldwell would like to know if any one
knew my father his name was curtis earl caldwell and he was from creg
Ashley Wardlow My grandfather had a child
with a woman named Patricia Grimes in Kokomo, Indiana. He met her when he was
married, with children. He decided to keep the child a secret. That child was
my father, Timothy Paul Wardlow. His name should have been Caldwell, but he
was adopted to keep the secret of his father, Isaac (Ike) Caldwell. I want to
know more about the family I never had to chance to meet. Please contact me,
Michael Isaac Caldwell.
1294510923 Tupelo, MS
Patrick Caldwell Just found the site and
looking around a little bit.
1294350764 Rochester,ny
william a. caldwell grandfather, w. h.; father w.
c.b 1905 knoxville, tn
1294021040 freeport, ks
Blaire Caldwell My first recorded ancestor is
George Caldwell born in St. Thomas, Hampshire, England(1800). He married
Hannah Demeline and the two along with their children moved to the Orillia
area in Ontario Canada in 1831. I have recently discovered the name of
George’s father, Abraham Colewell. If anyone has information regarding
Abraham’s parents, siblings, etc. I would love to hear it. Thanks
1288659335 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Melissa (Caldwell) Quinn Just doing research on family
history. My grandfather was Warren Lee Caldwell (1920-1996).Having a lot of
1287926122 born in USA, living in England
Gwen Caldwell Quickel Checking out the site. Haven’t
in a very
long time.
1288125562 Texas
Barbara Caldwell Hirst To Jill McFarlane
seem to have the same ancestor, Audley Caldwell, Castlederg. Audley d. 1859
was the brother to my Henry Caldwell b. 1770.
1287719969 Ontario now, New Brunswick
Sheila Schulteis My grt. gramma was Jane A.
spence, dtr. of Robert C. spence, Son of William Spence and Abigale Caldwell.
Looking for someone who knows Maiden name of Roberts wife, Sarah. Robert was
born about 1814 or 15, assuming his wife Sara might be close in age.Besides
Jane, they had William Wilson Spence and Eufala spence.(from So. Carol – MS)
1287717778 California
Jane Charlton Hi. Just visisting and noticed
some ones thoughts on Grandpa(Thomas Caldwell VC)I know very little about his
family as They moved to Australia when Mum was 5.
1287553287 Australia
Mark Caldwell Trying to trace my family
history and discover more about the name.
1287331702 Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Nancy Saultz Radloff I am looking for information
on my ancestor, Richard Caldwell, born in South Carolina about 1815.
1286927139 USA
Sherry Manley Jane (Jennie) Caldwell born 11
Oct 1796, either born in NC or TN (don’t know) she married Bennett M Wilkey 8
Jun 1815 in Smith or Sumner Co tn. She has 2 sisters, Elizabeth born 28 Oct
1793 who married Theophilus Cook and a sister Margaret born c 1802 who
married Joshua Roberson. They all came to Jefferson County, Illinois
together. Jane is my 4g grandmother. I am looking for the parents of these
girls. I see the names are used frequently in the other Caldwell families.
Hoping someone knows this family or can point me in the right direction of
finding out.
Thank You in advance for any help received.
1286047071 TN, IL Possibly NC or SC
Candi Newcombe HUGH CALDWELL. Hi I am the 7th
great grandaughter to Hugh Caldwell. I have information that I can share from
my family to yours. 🙂
1285904795 Mount Vernon, Washington
Gloria Jean Caldwell I am Saulteaux/ojibway and
scotish I think? my Dads name was Alexander Dolphis Caldwell born in 1920 in
Saskatchwan Canada my Grandfather on my dads side was George Caldwell also
Saulteaux ojibway they both were champion fiddle players and jiggers
1284949063 We are native canadian
Caldwell Family
Gloria Jean Caldwell I am searching for my Caldwell
roots? I am a Canadian Caldwell my Father was Alexander Caldwell born in
Kamsack Saskatchwan near the Sask/Manitoba boarder. My Grandfather was George
Caldwell he I think moved to Saskatchewan from Manitoba. My Grandfather had
brothers; Sidney Caldwell, Francis Caldwell, Charles Caldwell, sister
Elizabeth Caldwell. I never knew my grandfather George Caldwell he died from
heart attach at an early age, but my dad Alex Caldwell always talked about
him. They were all good fiddle players and jiggers. We are also
Saulteaux/Ojibway ancestry. I have 3 sisters; Norma Beatrice Caldwell/Eileen
Caldwell/Rosalind Alexis Caldwell and my brothers are; Barry Mathew Caldwell,
Franklin George Caldwell, Darryl Wayne Caldwell and Theodore Alexander Caldwell.
My Dad had sisters Olive Caldwell and Evelyn Caldwell Brother Guspar
1284950530 Saskatchwan Canada Caldwells
brandie caldwell hello if there is anyone out
there that can help me. i am looking for information on the family of oscar
chapman caldwell sr. he had a son named ocsar jr. oscar had a son elmer that
i know of the family if from either virginia or west virginia. any help would
be great thank you so much.
1283065181 missouri
Shirley Haak I am looking for Robert
Caldwell He was living in SLC, Utah & Park City, Utah. Son Corey M.
Caldwell. Robert would be in his 80’s and Corey in his late 40’s. They are
relatives of my late husbands family. Merle Gibson Caldwell
1282510905 USA
Robert Charles Caldwell Hi, All CaldwellsSince my last message post, I have discovered through the
internet(which is a story in its-self) that:
– My g/g/g.f.Charles
Campbell C. who married Margaret Jane Symington(b.1817, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone,
Ulster)was born in New Carlisle,Quebec,CAN. in 1812 & was one of 12 chn.- My g/g/g/g.ps:John Todd C.(b.1763,N.Y State) m. Mary Jane
Lane(b.ca 1770,?) in 1789 at NewCarlisle.
– My g/g/g/g/g.ps:Robert
C.(b.ca 1735, Co.Antrim, Ulster) m. Sarah H.Todd (b.ca1740,Co.?,Ullster?) in
Ulster? in ca.1760, migrated to NY State in 1761,farmed leased-land, born
& bred 5 chn,jailed for 2 yrs for refusing to swear allegiance to the 13
Colonies in the War of Independence, joined & fought for the Brits,
disbanded & reunited with his family in the overcrowded refugee camp of
Machiche. Quebec in 1783, declared a UE Loyalist, rewarded with an allocation
of farmland at New Carlisle and settled there with his family in 1784 for
many years.So naturally,the trail of my Caldwell
Descendants moves onto Co.Antrim, Ulster, where I believe I will have great
difficulty tracking down the background of Robert & Sarah H. C., as I
have not even a a sniff of a townland, parish or church to go by, b/c it is
so far back. Still, that’s the life of family tree-searcher. Hang in there
Bobby Boy, as you have come 2 generations in one hit.

there anyone who can give assistance &/or advise me on how I can continue
following the Caldwell Trail, which I believe will end in Scotland, maybe!


Bendigo Bob from Oz

P.S I have endeavoured, as someone has suggested in a
guestbook visitor entry, to present this entry on the Discussion Forum, but
I’m having great difficulty bringing up a message window to present this
scenario, in order to get a response to my request. I do have a profile on
this web-site. Maybe I might have to send it direct to the webmaster. Any

1282265518 Bendigo, Victoria , AUSTRALIA
Robert Charles Caldwell Hi, All CaldwellsSince my last message post, I have discovered through the internet
(which is a story in its-self) that:
– My g/g/g.f. Charles Campbell
C. who married Margaret Jane Symington (b.1817, Dungannon, Co.Tyrone,
Ulster)was born in New Carlisle, Quebec,CAN. in 1812 & was one of 12 chn.- My g/g/g/g.ps: John Todd C. (b.1763,N.Y State) m. Mary Jane Lane
(b.ca 1770,?) in 1789 at New Carlisle.
– My g/g/g/g/g.ps: Robert
C.(b.ca 1735, Co.Antrim, Ulster) m. Sarah H.Todd (b.ca1740,Co.?,Ullster?) in
Ulster? in ca.1760, migrated to NY State in 1761, farmed leased-land at White
Ck, Charlotte Co., born & bred 5 chn, jailed for 2 yrs for refusing to
swear allegiance to the 13 Colonies in the War of Independence, joined &
fought for the Brits, disbanded & reunited with his family in the
overcrowded refugee camp of Machiche. Quebec, in 1783, declared a UE
Loyalist, rewarded with an allocation of farmland at New Carlisle and settled
there with his family in 1784 for many years.So
naturally, the trail of my Caldwell Descendants moves onto Co. Antrim,
Ulster, where I believe I will have great difficulty tracking down the
background of Robert & Sarah H. C., as I have not even a a sniff of a
townland, parish or church to go by, b/c it is so far back. Still, that’s the
life of family tree-searcher. Hang in there Bobby Boy, as you have come 2
generations in one hit.

Is there anyone who can give
assistance &/or advise me on how I can continue following the Caldwell
Trail, which I believe will end in Scotland, maybe!


Bendigo Bob from Oz

P.S I have endeavoured, as someone has suggested in a guestbook
visitor entry, to present this entry on the Discussion Forum, but I’m having
great difficulty bringing up a message window to present this scenario, in
order to get a response to my request. I do have a profile on this web-site.
Maybe I might have to send it direct to the webmaster. Any comment?

1282265978 Bendigo, Victoria , AUSTRALIA
Donna Holland Researching history and trails
of Caldwell’s, trying to put a book together for my Grandkids.
1281986124 I live in Southern CA but
descend from Cub Creek Caldwell’s
Todd Caldwell Just poking around trying to
find out more about the Caldwell History from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
1280249302 Nova Scotia, Canada
Judy Smith Stroud My gggrandfather was John
William Caldwell of Spartanburg SC. I am looking for any relatives. His baby
son is Manning who is my ggrandfather. I have not found any relatives of his
brithers and sisters.
1280101935 US South Carolina
Robert Charles Caldwell My g/g/grandfather (Charles
Campbell Caldwell) came to Australia in early 1800 as he married in Sydney
Australia in 1842. I am endeavouring to find out where he came from as I have
no details of his background. A cousin believes that he was a sea captain and
came from Canada.In my search I am following a lead that he was born in New
Carlisle in 1812 and was one of 12 children. To continue the family journey
back in time,I would like to find out who his father was by asking is there
anyone who could be of assistance in my search.
Regards Bob
1277484488 Bendigo, Victoria , AUSTRALIA
Walter Caldwell Decendent of Robert Caldwell,
Caldwell, Ohio
Jenny I am researching the Caldwell
family my greatgrandfather being a Caldwell from Coleraine Northern Ireland.
1276583778 Australia
Pamela Caldwell (Ms. Winkie) I am searching for family that
reside in Newberry SC. My Great,Great Grandfather his name is James Caldwell
was married to Betty Brizely (maiden name) his son John H. Caldwell and my
grandfather James Caldwell. My grandfather moved to WS with his mother Ola
Sims Caldwell and his father John H. Caldwell. I have family in VA. Children
of Henry Lee Caldwell and Michigan and DC. Please check us out on Facebook.
Caldwell4life. WE all are trying to connect our family branches
1275855653 Newberry SC, NC, VA, Michigan,
Jessie Caldwell Hello Caldwells!I am seeking information on the families of Garland CALDWELL.
Garland was born 1770 in the Camden area of SC. He was the son of George
CALDWELL and Jane WINN. George had been born at sea 3 days before a ship
docked in Baltimore coming from IRELAND. George’s family settled in VA. He
was also supposedly a member of Francis Marion’s brigade in South Carolina
during the American Revolution.
Garland CALDWELL’s first marriage
was to a Miss LAND in the early 1800’s. They had two children, Benjamin and
Mary. These children were last heard of in TN.
Garland CALDWELL’s
second marriage was to Elizabeth(MATTHEWS). They were married about 1812, and
lived for some years in Spartanburg, SC. They had 3 sons that we have thus
identified. Andrew W.(b.1814 SC), John Hollis (b.1820 SC), & Charles M.-
there may have been another son or two. There was one daughter, Jane Agness
(b.@1821) who married a John MOORE.
Garland and Elizabeth moved to
north GA with their family in 1823.I am ESPECIALLY
seeking any information on the illusive GEORGE CALDWELL. Born on his way to
BAltimore coming from Ireland, family settled in Virginia, father of Garland
Caldwell, and member of Francis Marion’s brigade in South Carolina.Thank you!
Joan Armistead Andrew Caldwell of Tyrone Co
Ireland could NOT have been born in 1798 as he a son William Scott Caldwell
born in 181O. Following all censuses thru 1880 he consistently put his age as
born in 1810.
1275497540 Maryland
Melinda Wilson My father is Curtis Caldwell.
His father Daniel (or Daneil) Caldwell.
1273676628 Harlan County, Kentucky
Eileen Caldwell Two Canadians with the same
name I was born in Glasgow Scotland. My father was William Wilson Caldwell
and mother Marion Elizabeth Budge Dick.
1272402757 Montreal Quebec Canada
michele caldwell i am looking for the ancestors
of james h caldwell from lake luzerne ny,or milton ny, any help would be
great, thanks
1271445635 ny
gaynelle caldwell another message,,,,,,I am
searching for descendants of Hugh Caldwell born in Ireland 1718 and died in
Virginia 1769. He was married to Sara Hardy. Also, William Caldwell
1742-1801. Connected to these familes are GIVENS and LOCKMAN and
WAGGONER.many were living in Catawba County, North Carolina.thanks
1270565525 south carolina
rebecca caldwell Hello, i have been visiting
this site for nearly five years now but havent been in for a while. I have
just been looking back over the last years messages and was delighted to see
two people writing about the Lancashire Caldwells. David Caldwell 6th April
2009 and Jo Zorn 25 July 2008 have written saying they are descendants of
Lancashire Caldwells. I hope the two of you sometime get to read my message
as i would love to be able to contact you. I am direct line of Charles
Caldwell who was born in Lowton Lancashire in 1773. He married Betty
Battersby in Winwick in 1796 and they many children who all resided with
their families in the Warrington area.Charles and all his sons actually
worked in a sawmill for many years and then went on to be a wheelright and
butchers block makers.I have hit a brick wall with Charles and his parents so
any informatin would be most grateful.I have been told one set of parents for
Charles but i cannot find any proof of this and the dates do not match.Maybe
we are distant cousins, so if you have any info in Caldwells in the Lowton
area before 1773 or of a Charles Caldwell 1773 somewhere in your records i
would love to hear about it. John and Zorn are the first two people i have
found searching for the similar line of Caldwells. After all this time it
would be great to find some more information and add some more branches. hope
you get to read this.thanksRebecca
1270174724 gippsland australia
Gaynelle Caldwell I am researching Caldwell’s
that resided in Mountain Creek Township, or Catawba County, N. C. in the
1800’s.some of the names are Andrew Caldwell, Patrick Caldwell, Franklin
Caldwell, Luther Floyd Caldwell or Mary Lockman.
1269963973 anywhere
Macosquin, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, N.Ireland in 1943 and educated at
Macosquin Primary School, then Coleraine Academical Institution followed by
Queen’s University of Belfast(QUB). As a result of high academic
qualifications in Mathematics, e.g. BSc,MSc and higher doctorate(DSc) from
QUB and PhD,DSc from Teesside University in England, I have pursued an
academic career lecturing and researching in universities. I am at present
Adjunct Professor in Mathematics at the City University of Hong Kong but will
be retiring soon back to my home country after 20 years in Hong Kong. Further
details of my ancestry may prove helpful,e.g. my father (THOMAS CALDWELL)
married MARGARET TANNAHILL and lived in the Macosquin area with my mother coming
from a farming family. I believe some of their former ancestors may have
originated from Scotland. A number of my mother’s relatives did emigrate to
both Canada and Australia. Perhaps some of my relatives are out there?
1268293751 Hong Kong, China
Shawn Caldwell Son of Harry E Caldwell III,
Grandson of H. E. Caldwell Jr.(deceased, retired Airforce pilot). Only known
living relatives are immediate family. Was contacted in the 1990’s about a
what I believe was an uncle who was a major league pitcher in the early
1900’s. Can’t recall his first name or where he played, but I believe it was
somewhere in the northeast US.
1268106312 Louisiana
Harry Caldwell Seeking info on John ‘Francis’
Caldwell of Donegal Township Pa about 1811 & on, his wife was Mary
Clemens, they had John C, Mary Margaret, Robert & James, he was a
baker/innkeeper in Buffalo, Pa. caldwellkennels at yahoo dot comThanks
1266939813 I’m in Alaska
Jeanna Davis My grandmother was Della
Caldwell Gilstrap, her brother was Delbert they were from Newton County
Missouri. I am looking for information on their parents or other family.
1266868930 Utah
SANDRA CORDELL-MOORE I happened upon a post(several
years old) looking for information on Elizabeth, daughter of Annie Ward and
George Marshall. Annie Ward was the daughter of Jane Caldwell and Bradley
Ward. Elizabeth is my mother. I will be happy to answer any questions and
connect with any relatives.
God Bless.
1265553758 COLUMBUS, OHIO
JAMES CALDWELL I am James Caldwell, born 1943
in Macosquin, Coleraine, N.Ireland. My parents [Thomas and Margaret (maiden
name, Tannahill)] were also born in the Coleraine area. I do know that far
back ancestors were born in Ireland and Scotland. Also (more recently) some
ancestors did emigrate to North America(including Canada) and Australia. As
an academic I am quite highly qualified, holding the degrees of BSc, MSc and
DSc (awarded by Queen’s University of Belfast in N.Ireland) and PhD, DSc
(awarded by Teesside University in England). At present I am Adjunct
Professor of Mathematics at the City University of Hong Kong, CHINA but will
retire back to the UK in the summer of 2010.
1265340958 Hong Kong, CHINA
Robin Caldwell Pruitt I’m looking for family that
came from Nebraska and moved to CA.
Earl Wayne Caldwell was born in
Nebraska about 1910. I don’t have any other names.
1264652872 CA, USA
Jerry Coffee My 5-G grandparents, Peter and
Susanna (Mathews) Coffee settled in Amelia Co. VA in the area of Vaughn’s
Creek and Cub Creek in 1748. Peter Coffee was born in Northern Ireland and
came to the Virginia Colony by way of Newgate Prison in London. Peter Coffee
sailed from London on the prison gally Forward (Jonathan Forward) and landed
at Dumfries Dock on the Quantico Creek inlet of the Potomac River in 1730.
Peter Coffee (ca.1705-1771) served as an indentured laborer for 7 years after
arrival before he married Susanna Mathews in Stafford Co. VA. Susanna was the
daughter of William Mathews, a tobacco merchant in Stafford County VA and to
whom Peter Coffee was indentured.Can I assume the area
of what is now Prince Edward County, northeast of the present community of
Phenix VA, was in the John Caldwell Cub Creek Settlement?
1264010251 Plano, Texas
Alynn Cauldwell Hi, My oldest known Cauldwell
ancestor is R. Arthur Cauldwell. I am looking for ancestors.He is my great
grandfather. My grandfather is Lyall A.Cauldwell
1263532535 Looking for upstate New York
Jean Caldwell Adams Anyone have information on the
Somerset Co., MD CALDWELLS who are related to the Cub (Cubb) Creek
(Lunenberg/Charlotte Co.,) VA CALDWELLS?
1263397362 El Paso, Texas
Helen Cawyer Just to keep things
interesting!! My mother who was married to Robert Caldwell Patton, always
said that the name Caldwell meant HOT spring, NOT COLD, just like the word
CAULDRON, meaning a pot of hot water. I checked on my ancient Bleu map and
sure enough there is a Gauldwell site identified at the very top of Scotland
tie in as all the Caldwells in our family are blond, as are many northern
Scots. I also found evidence of Caldwell in Renfrewshire, Scotland, and the
Scottish history states they went to Northern Ireland (Ulster) when the
Presbyterians were made to leave Scotland. I read that their religeon was not
authorized by the King (when either Catholic or Anglican) so they finally left
for America and settled in Appalachian mountains (PA, NY, KY, NC, TN, western
VA, and West Virginia.)
Later, many went to Texas during the
Mexican war. There a photos of an old Caldwell castle in northwestern
Ireland, which used to be called Ulster.
Jean Caldwell Adams I believe I had contact with
you before, then lost contact. Please email me the information please. Is
this MARY ELIZABETH CALDWELL who was born in 1819, a Sister to HENRY
DICKERSON CALDWELL of Effingham, IL, Effingham Co.? HENRY later had a farm in
Shelby Co., IL. There was also a ROBERT CALDWELL family also living in Shelby
Co., IL. If she belongs as a Sister to HENRY DICKERSON CALDWELL born in 1825
in Russell Co., VA, then the parents were ANDREW CALDWELL and JERUSHA
ELLINGTON originally from Russell and Lee Counties, VA. They came to Illinois
in 1830, first acquired land at Lafayette Township, then acquired other lands
when he did the survey work on the development of the Old National Road.
ANDREW did the Census for Clark Co., IL in 1840. He died in 1844 – we are not
sure just where.
1262730233 El Paso, Texas (915) 581-8823
Robert Upham I am looking for the parents
of Elizabeth Mary Caldwell who married John G Reynolds in Shelby Co, Ill in
Dale Caldwell I am looking for information
about James Caldwell, killed in the Boston Massacre, 1770 and James Caldwell
the Presbyterian soldier/parson, 1734-1781.
1260294820 Tennessee
Bette Joe Clapp I am looking for the ancestors
of Alexander Caldwell, b. 1784 VA m. Judith Bunn OH. d. 1864 in IL.
David J. Caldwell I am descended from Brattan
Caldwell of Northumberland Co. PA, Revolutionary War patriot and Fair Play
Commissioner along the West branch of the Susquehanna River in central
Pennsylvania. Believe he came here via Kilcar Parish, County Donegal about
1770 and landed in Philadelphia. Am curious as to what if any siblings he
had, and the names of his parents. Have a world of info that i could share
with anyone in the know.
1258858704 Northumberland and Lycoming
Counties, PA
Lois Lane I am looking for anyone that
has Caldwells that have relatives that were from New Hampshire and came to
New York. I have a James Caldwell born 1815 in Western NY. His father born in
New Hampshire and Mother born in Rhode Island. Looking to connect him with
family members from his youth.
1258642118 Western NY
Lois Lane I don’t get this site. How are
you supposed to contact anyone that has a possible connection to your line?
Please e-mail me at first initial,last name 14 at juno dot com.
1258642716 Western NY
Klaus Caldwelll My Father was John Alfred
Caldwell, who was born in Chicago,. His mothers name was Charlene Washington.
I have also been in search of a Robert Scott Caldwell who is supposedly my
older brother from a prior marriage.
1258468477 IAre you a relative?
LaMarius Caldwell Hello everyone! This feels
like a family reunion in here!! I am 24 years old and a native of Tuscaloosa,
AL. Im not very familiar with my lineage and i need to change that because i
have a daughter and she needs to know where we come from. if anyone can help
me trace my roots, id really appreciate it. thanks in advance to all of you
1258384865 Tulsa, OK via Tuscaloosa, AL
Brett Caldwell Any info on Cunningham
Caldwell b.1820 County Ardstraw, Nth Ireland. Also a D. Caldwell from same
region who died 1st July 1916 (Somme). Other than that, hi to everybody.
1258253675 Australia
Lorna Caldwell Larsen Jeyte My grandfather was Millard
Arthur Caldwell from Boone County, Indiana. His father was Theodore Robert, I
believe. My great uncle, Otis Caldwell, a biologist at Princeton University,
did a great deal of genealogic research on the Caldwell family. I heard tales
at age 6 (I am now 69) of pirates in the family (3 brothers). Just recently I
read about Italian and French connections. Does that explain the rather
prominent nose? and olive complexion?
1258190896 I live in Hawai’i
Lynne To Cynthia Cox. There is a
copy of a handtyped compilation (book)of information on the history of the
Thomas & Delphia’s COLDwell family at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon
(www GFO org) located in Portland, OR. The history states they changed their
name from Caldwell to COLDwell . so both spellings are correct when you
research. They are distantly related to my Caldwell family but not directly.
1257369756 Oregon
Cynthia Cox I am researching the line of
Thomas Coldwell and Delphia Ballard. Thank-you for providing this site!
1256738093 Tennessee
Nadine Quinn Looking for Caldwells in
upstate New York
1255461487 Henderson, Nevada
Shanta Caldwell Hinson Daughter of William Reid
Caldwell, Charlotte, TN. Great x4 Grand daughter of William Oscar Caldwell.
1255275844 Charlotte, TN
Ramona Jeanne Caldwell Taber I have been searching for my
father’s family ancestry.his name was Ora Preston Caldwell.Thanks!
1255193168 Pershing, IN
Ramona Caldwell Taber I am looking for information
about Ora Preston Caldwell’s family history.Can anyone help? Thanks!
1255194535 Pershing, IN
Vicki Brown I am searching for Elizabeth
Caldwell who died between 1870-1880 in Haywood county, North Carolina. I find
a Henry Caldwell who could be her father. He was born 1759 in Pennsylvania,
but later moved to North Carolina. His sons Daniel, William Thomas and James
were all born in North Carolina. William and James both died in Haywood,
North Carolina. Any clues to help me put this family together. Elizabeth was
born 1792 possible Virginia. Sincerely Vicki
1254857905 United States
Norma Caldwell My husband is from John
Caldwell and Mary Young. We were in Northern Ireland for most of the month of
August, 2008 doing research. Loved the people,Larne, Ireland and did find
1254606224 Arkansas, United States
Diane Michelle Caldwell Daughter of Joanne Caldwell
Scots/Irish. I will always keep my maiden name as my
mother did. my Grandfather was Whitney Caldwell. we have been called very
“colorful people”
1254202398 usa
Susie I believe I could be a
descendant of David Caldwell, who was born in North Carolina around 1790 and
died in 1836. Am trying to get in touch with Dale Gilbert Caldwell to swap
1253098022 Indiana
Linda Caldwell I think Hugh Caldwell was my
great, great, ect. grandfather. I have traced my family back to him. I am not
sure all my info is correct.
1252963405 Warbranch, kY
Patricia Hocker Hello Caldwell Researchers – I
submitted a post some time ago about the value of DNA testing and would like
to reinforce its importance; records and family stories are unreliable but
the DNA doesn’t lie. I’ve discovered that my brother’s DNA exactly matches
that of two descendants of ‘Cub Creek John Caldwell,’ an immigrant from Co.
Donegal, Ireland in the 1720s. His descendant became a US Vice-President
(John Caldwell Calhoun). What I’m interested in discovering now is whether or
not John Caldwell, Lt-Gov of Kentucky in 1804 and son of the early Ky
pioneer, Robert, is also a cousin. Was Robert a son of Cub Creek John
Caldwell or not? DNA will tell us. Go to FamilyTreeDNA(dot)com for info on
testing. The test, a simple inner cheek swab, must be done on a male with the
Caldwell surname. Best wishes and thanks for much great reading on this site!
Patricia Caldwell Hocker
1252959774 Canada
Finis Jay Caldwell I have a newly published book
on Dr. David Caldwell! For contact info: write to 2011 St. Francis St.
Kennett, MO 63857
1251391667 Kennett, Missouri
Carol Baum Timn, I know that your father
was Jack “Jackie” Royce Caldwell who married Charlene May Parish.
Yes, Loyd Edward Caldwell and your father were buried at the Goodland City
Cem., Goodland, Ks. as is your Arthur S. Caldwell and wife Grace Greenwood
Shull Caldwell.
I am gathering Cadwell, etc. data for your relation
Shirley “Sue” Caldwell Peters and found Arthur’s father, William,
Contact me. I know someone else now interested in your family
line too who lives in Pa.
1250884400 Goodland, Ks.
Helen Adair Patton Cawyer Fascinating Site! I never knew
there were so many Caldwells! Never even heard the name growing up, but then
it was not in the South. I’m descended from Isaac Caldwell, Lawyer, b. June
30, 1834 near Colombia, Adair Co, KY and son of William and Anne (Trabue)
Caldwell. His brother/partner was U.S. Congressman George Alfred Caldwell,
and in 1853 they moved the law office to Louisville. Isaac married Catherine
Smith of Louisville on Jan. 20, 1857 (no information)
who died Nov.
25, 1885 and is buried in St. Louis Cem., Louisville, KY. Their son, Robert
Adair Caldwell, for whom I am named, died in the Sp/American War and was
buried at Arlington Cem. VA. Their daughter, Katherine Caldwell(Patton)was my
She married George Charles Patton ofCloverville, KY and they later moved to New York City, but I don’t
know exactly where. My sister is Katherine Caldwell Patton (Parent), named
for my grandmother (on my father’s side). It should be noted that Katherine
Caldwell Patton died of breast cancer in 1940. Since both my sister and I
have had breast cancer surgury (and we are both fine so far) I though I
should post this on the website in case this (supposed)gene might run in
other members of the Caldwell – Patton family. Please feel free to contact me
with any questions.
1247973259 Julian, California
Joanne Pribble Ladwig I Sarah Caldwell is my 4th
great grandmother. Her grandfather was John Caldwell b 1683 in Donnegal,
Ireland and died 1750 in Cub Creek, Virginia. He was married to Margaret
Phillips. I have little information about Margaret Phillips and would love to
learn more about her and her ancestors.
1248732165 Florida, United States
Marilyn Van Berg Would love to exchange
information about the family of Joseph A. Caldwell of Boone County Indiana.
Joseph ( bn 1805 VA) married Mary E. Goldsberry MAR. 22,1827 in Ross Co.,
Ohio. Their children: Rebecca Caldwell b: 22 MAR 1828 in OhioElizabeth Caldwell b: ABT 1831 in Ohio
John Caldwell b:
ABT FEB 1832 Indiana
Eliza J. Caldwell b: ABT 1834 IndianaMalinda Caldwell b: 07 DEC 1835
Robert Caldwell b: ABT
OCT 1837
Drucilla Caldwell b: ABT 1840
Caldwell b: ABT 1841
Cordelia Caldwell b: ABT 1844
Ellen Caldwell b: OCT 1846
1247750344 Merrillville, IN
Peggy Pourtemour Hello, <br>Jane Caldwell
Gullick is my g-g-g-g-g-Aunt. I would like to know how she had the middle
name of “Caldwell”).She was the daughter of Jonathan Gullick and
Margaret Baldridge (Margaret Baldridge was the widow of Moses Henry).
Jonathan Gullick was the son of John Gullick Sr. and Elizabeth? They were
either from Cecil, Maryland of Lancaster, PA.Jonathan and Margaret (Baldridge) Henry Gullick (Moses Henry’s
widow)Family: James Clark Gullick b. 1789 NCm. Jane (Jincy) Baldridge b. 1793Jane CALDWELL Gullick
b. 1792 NC
m.1812 Littleberry Stowe b.1786 VA.Milton Henry Moore Gullick b.1801 d.1865
m. 3/17/1826 to
Rebeckah Marshall
sons: George (d. 1865) & Jasper
Lawrence Finn Looking for information on
Joseph (died 1954 aprox)& Samuel Caldwell (died 1914), both British
officers 9th Lancers. Joseph had a wife in the UK and 3 daughters but he ran
off to Canada with my Grandmother and had another daughter under his assumed
name Millard.
1245594081 I’m in Australia
Lee Wayne Caldwell I am overwhelmed by the amount
of information and have no idea where I fit. Guess I’ll have to get to
1245060889 Westminster CA, USA
Kathy Marconi Boody im looking for all the McGrews
that are related to John Byron McGrew of sutersville Pa he is my grandfather
1244469677 sutersville pa
Madison Columbus I’m just looking for my
father’s father’s side of my family. I haven’t had much luck, but I’ve
learned much from this site about the few people I do know.
1243643884 Fairfield, Pennsylvania
John A. Caldwell Just checking out the world of
Caldwells. My Grandfather was Floyd B. Caldwell of Fort Worth, Texas.
1241758369 Carlsbad, CA
E. James Caldwell Looking for port and ship my
grgrgr grandfather, James Caldwell Sr. arrived in/on about 1755. Was raised
by Quakers as parents died on ship. Moved to Redstone, Pa and settled in
Columbaina, Ohio 1806. THANKS, GREAT SITE.
jerry thompson Researching Samuel Caldwell,
Beaver County, Pa 1840-1907 Help!
1240458088 America
Cindy Schwartz I am not sure if I am related
to anyone, however I have been trying to locate my lost family. I have lost
touch with my Caldwell family from my mothers side, my mother is Sandra Lee
Calldwell last know in San Francisco Ca. and my Grandfather Peter Caldwell Sr
who used to live in Santa Roas Ca. when I was small (I am 44 now) and there
is my uncle Peter Caldwell Jr and Michael Caldwell last known in Chicago. If
anyone has any info on these names please contact me and please let me know.
I have not seen my mother since I was 11 and I am 44 now. Thank you and God
1239931525 FRESNO CA
Dan Doyle My wife is the great great
great grandaughter of William Caldwell and a few years ago I was in
communication with Jerry Gagnon and sent him copies of the original Caldwell
family tree. I have misplaced his email address and phone number. If you can
get this message to him it would be appreciated.
1239322520 Somerset,, Michigan
david caldwell Similarly to Jo Zorn who left
a message with you on 25th July 2008 I too am a descendent from the large
group of Caldwells that can be traced back to the eastern outskirts of
Liverpool,Lancashire as far back as the early 1600’s. Due to a lot of gaps
with the birth,marriage and death records it is hard to be precise about our
origins but as with Jo I can go back as far as John Caldwell who was my great
x5 grandfather who died in Knowsley,Lancashire in 1798 (and left a Will). I
think its likely that a lot of Caldwells who even today live in the
Merseyside locality and out towards Warrington may well be descendents of
these Caldwells originating from the Huyton,Knowsley,Kirkby area east of
1239086705 melbourne,australia
Tom Anderson I am the grandson of Guy
Caldwell, who ws born in Ohio in the late 1800’s and died in San Antonio
Texas in the 1960’s. We have a large family in San Anotnio and spread all
over the US very proud to be Caldwells
1238094535 I live in Tucson Arizona USA
Steven Holmes Caldwell Just starting to research my
ancestry and found this site. My father was born John Edward Caldwell in
Massachusetts 1915. Died 1957 on business in Arizona but lived in Whittier
Ca. He had a sister named Ann. I’m told their mom and dad came over from
Scotland. Named (only names I know) Bumper and Alice Caldwell. Would love to
find out more info on them if possible.
1238101013 Medford, Oregon
Larry B. Schnorf I am looking for information
about William Wesley Caldwell & Spouse Hannah Schnorf. William was born
in Wauseon Co., Ohio. He & Hannah came to Holden, MO abt 1866. They had a
son Vernon Avondale Caldwell. He went to & graduated from West Point,
went on to become a Brig. General. I have a picture of him in his W.P.
uniform, would love to know where William (his Dad) fits in with the Caldwell
family, also Vernon married one Luella Noble, they lived thier later years in
St. Marys OH. His Dad william moved from Holden, MO to Montgomery Co., KS,
died there abt 1875. Hannah moved back to OH & married John N.
1237679367 USA
Margaret McGrath I think I found a connection
to your Mary Matilda Berry. Her parents James L and Laura had 11 children. I
have an in direct connection to Matilda’s brother John D. Berry. I believe he
moved to NYC and married Margaret Linehan. I do not know if they had children
but John died in his early 40’s of a sudden heart attack. Contact me for more
1237075997 Ohio
Susan Culberson I am trying to find
information on Robert W Caldwell (b. 1835 in SC – d. 1910 in AL) m. Martha
“Jimmie” Turk (1841-1897). I have hit a brick wall when trying to
identify Robert’s parents and family. Please email me if you have information
on this branch of the Caldwell line. Thank you.
1236697720 SC and/or AL
Lonnie Raye Caldwell not really sure if related.
Father-Ronald Lee Caldwell born 11/29/39 Handcock,MD Grandfather-Lee Caldwell
1233500333 now I am working in China on a
Robert Haneke I am a descendent of the Hon.
James Caldwell thru (son) John caldwell, then (son) Ezechial Caldwell, then
(son) Brownhill Caldwell, then (son)Ezechial Caldwell, then (son) Fred
Brownhill Caldwell, then (daughter)Ethel Caldwell (my mother).
1231815959 USA
Fr. Carlos Aparecido Marchesani Hello, I am Fr. Carlos, a
catholic priest from Diocese of Jundia?, Brazil. I am the founder of a
religious community called Fraternity Saint Gilbert, and I would like to
receive some informations, pictures of possible ruins of the Gilbertine
Priory of Saint Mary at Dalmulin, in Paisley. May God bless you all. In
Christ, Fr. Carlos
1230337197 Brazil
Betty Bull My Caldwell ancestors:
earliest known are Robert Caldwell (born: 23 July 1775, died: before 1857)
married to Mary Cochrane 8 March 1800). Robert is believed to be the son of
William Caldwell( 1750 -1783) and Jean Dunlop ( married 18 July 1772 at
Dunlop, Ayrshire). Can anyone confirm this?My branch of
the Caldwell tree left Scotland in 1866 and settled in Megantic County,
Quebec, Canada.
1230345127 I live in British Columbia,
Renee Caldwell My Caldwell line:parents- John
C.Caldwell/Pamela G.Caldwell-gpar-Charles
J.Muirhead(1888-1967)b,m,d,-ohio.GGgpar-James W.Caldwel(1861-1936)b,m,d-ohio/Susanna
I have other info on all these
lines.Would like to exchange.
1228250060 counties-portage,summit,monroe,guernsey,in
Christine Hein-Hartmann Hello All, My line of the
Caldwells left Ireland late c1700-early c1800
George a shoemaker
born in Down, Ireland (son of John a farmer & Helen Clyde) married to
Isabella Campbell from Scotland. They lived in Neilston Renfrewshire. Most of
their children worked in the printfields. Their son, my GGGrandfather Henry,
who married Susan Downs, was a stoker, sometimes in the printfields,
sometimes in the whaling ships. There son Hugh, who married Jessie Mcgregor,
worked in the printfields in Alexandria on the River Leven in Dunbartonshire.I am hoping that some of the family who have emigrated will see
Freda Kilgo Daniel Mary Melissa Caldwell was my
gggrandmother. Her family goes back to John Caldwell, b 1683, Ireland & d
at Cub Creek, VA, 1748. He m Margaret Phillips.
1226511340 Ireland, VA, GA, TX
Dale Gilbert Caldwell I am a descendent of Jane
Caldwell who was a slave on the Caldwell Plantation in Guilford County, North
Carolina.I am fascinated by the Caldwell family history
and would like to learn more about the descendents of Dr. David Caldwell.I would be willing to take a DNA test to determine if,
as an African American, I am related to any of the white ancestors of Dr.
David Caldwell.
1226234662 New Brunswick, Nw Jersey
Alasdair Caldwell hey, I’m Alasdair Caldwell,
and i’ve been reasearching my family tree.found this site, and thought i’d
just tell you all that There’s hundreds of caldwells from The United Kingdom,
and would like to know how I’m related to you all( if, indeed, i Am) Love to
hear somtime soon.
1220123222 Scotland
Clyde Roy Caldwell, Jr. I am seeking information on my
grandfather Vernon Caldwell born March 21, 1892. Settled in Bedford County,
Shelbyville, TN Singleton community. Was a sharecrop farmer and carpenter.
Died 1966 in Bedford County TN Any information will be greatly appreciated. I
am new to genealogy and learning. Thanks
1220927318 Dayton, Tennessee
Sylvia Hamm JOHN COLWELL born c. 1785 here
in NB to an unknown Loyalist of the Rev. War who came in 1783. Please help
with parents and birth place. MY BRICK WALL for sure!
1220658268 Sussex Corner, New Brunswick,
John Kent Caldwell Great site! Looking for some
info on my Caldwell linage past my Grandfather Paul Caldwell married to
Eileen Caldwell of Urbana, Ohio. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Go
1220545539 Tampa, Florida USA
Shannon Sypolt I’ve been trying to research
the Caldwells in my family. I’ve gotten as far back as Hugh Caldwell born
1773 in Derry, Ireland married to Jane Anderson. Does anyone have information
regarding the parents of Hugh?
1217962558 West Virginia
Jill Macfarlane Delighted to have found this
web site. A real eye opener to discover that I am descended from Alexander
Caldwell b.1639 son of John b.1603 and brother of Sir James 1st bart of
Castle Caldwell.
My great great grandfather was Audley Caldwell
b.1802 d.1859 of Killeter, Castlederg. Was he Sir Audley of Coolnaheron Park
I wonder or was that his father? It gets a bit hazy the links around here?
Any thoughts?
1217712201 London, UK
Jo Zorn I’ve browsed this great site
for a while but have yet to see a reference to the Caldwells of Knowsley or
Kirkby in Lancashire UK. Caldwells were in the area from at least 1639,
according to IGI.
I am descended from John Caldwell(1746-1798). He
was a nurseryman who supplied many of the local aristocracy. His son William
(1766-1844) had a nursery in Knutsford, Cheshire which only closed in the
late 20th century.
Does anyone else have links to the Lancashire
1217023198 Shropshire, England
Barbara (Caldwell) Stege WOW!! All those Caldwell’s!! I
never knew there were so many. Interesting about the common names. Like me,
Barbara, my brothers Thomas and Daniel. Somehow I believe we all have to be
related. I found out that our Caldwell Clan is related to John Colter. Anyone
out there that is related to him?
1216689015 St. Louis Mo
Barbara (Caldwell) Stege I am from St. Louis Mo. Born
1950 to Eugene and Therese Caldwell. My fathers parents were Arthur And Maude
Caldwell. Would like to hear from anyone who may be related. Thank You
1216494104 St. Louis Missouri
Brenda Caldwell Rolwing My great grandfather was Oscar
Caldwell. I think he was born in Mew Madrid MO. Have been told he was a
orphan. He later married Philomena Witt. Need help. Thanks
1215830010 Sikeston, MO
Charlotte (Hill) Edsall Hello from Indiana! Visit the
LaGrange Co., Inidiana Historical Society WebSite and you will find some
Colwell (Caldwell) obituaries from our neck-of-the-woods! I can not post the
website link here but we are hosted by RootsWeb and you can find us that way
or other search engines I am sure.GREAT SITE!!
1215736724 Indiana, USA
Michael Daniel McGrew Great resource, thank you for
allowing access to all of your work.
1215241573 Oregon
Timothy Michael Caldwell I am a proud member of the
Caldwell Clan. Just starting about my ancestors. Your site is GREAT!
1214188069 south central Pa.
Tom Putman I’m not sure if I’m related or
not.Joseph P.Caldwell had a son Robert R.Caldwell he had a son Silas Witt
Caldwell.Silas has 3 different death dates from Southwest City,McDonald
county,Missouri.His wife Nancy White gave birth to Senora Alice Caldwell who
is actually my great grandmother but who her father is a “Great Big
Mystery” could any one please clear this up?
Elizabeth Davis I am the granddaughter of
Benjamin F. Wheeler. I am very interested in geneology. We have the Keith
family branch of the family tree and it is wonderful to see the Wheeler
branch. Thank you.
1211056308 St. Louis, MO
Byron A Johnson I am hoping to find
information on my great grandfather, Jacob Caldwell Hasson. He was born in
1817 in Northern Ireland, County Derry. The surname Hasson is Irish from way
back in Northern Ireland. The Jacob and Caldwell do not seem to be Hasson
family names and I wonder if he was named after a ‘Jacob Caldwell.’ Jacob is
a derivative of Jacobite and I believe would not have been a good thing to
name a child at that point in time unless there was a strong reason to do so.
The Caldwell name is a mystery to me. Perhaps some Caldwell can enlighten me
on the possible significance of these names.
In 1610 James I setup
the Plantation system in Northern Ireland and he imported both Scottish and
English settlers and gave them the lands previously held by the native Irish.
Some of the settlers were Presbyterians and others Episcopalian, not Catholic
– the native Irish were all Catholic I believe. My great grandfather was
married in a Presbyterian Church.
1210468667 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ruth Sandys Edwards I own two beautiful portraits
of Josiah M and Anita S Caldwell by my great grandfather Anthony Frederick
Sandys, one of the Pre-Raphaelite artists, drawn in 1888. I am trying to find
out more about the Caldwells and whether there are any living descendants.From the English Census of 1881 I discovered Josiah was
born in the USA in 1839 and moved to England after making a fortune as a
Contractor for Public Works. He had children Julia b 1870, Walter L. b 1872,
Anita B. b 1873, John W. b 1875 and Malcolm D b 1879.I
would be grateful for any information about the family and their descendants.
Darrell Thurman I am researching three
brothers, John G Caldwell b abt 1828 in KY, Joseph b May 28, 1818 in KY and
William M. b 1816 in KY. Census records and military records prove them to be
brothers but I have not been able to identify their parents. All spent most
of their lives in Champaign Co., IL. Is there any one that can shed some
light on this?
1209427863 Champaign Co., IL
Susan Caldwell Hi, I’m the daughter of Scott
Caldwell and the sister of Ryan Caldwell.You sent a cd
with the Caldwell genealogy, and I was looking at it because I’m doing a
genealogy project for my Multi-Cultural America class in high school.I was reading through some of the information you put on
the cd, and I came to this website because you mentioned it in one of the
files.It’s pretty cool to see this family of Caldwell’s
that I never knew existed. I never knew anything about the Caldwell family. I
don’t even know where my father was born or my grandpa’s [Robert Caldwell]
middle name. I don’t even know his wife’s name.So I
decided to research my dad’s side of the family, thinking that I’d learn of
really fascinating people.So, I thank you for
researching the Caldwell family and providing tons of information.It’ll take me awhile to look through everything and figure out the
Adobe Reader and realize how to read the charts. But I’ll take my time in
doing so.

Thank you, once again.

1208622298 Evansville, Indiana
Heather Thompson My Great, Great Grandfather
was George William Caldwell. Birthday is July 1,1829. I found information I
was missing on this web site. I am trying to gather as much information as I
can, so I can pass it down to my children. Thanks a million!!!!
1207364966 West Virginia
Charlotte Hill Edsall I am connected to John Colwell
(Caldwell, as his children spelled it), through his daughter, Phoebe S.
Colwell Hart. I am hoping to discover who John’s parents were and if anyone
elese has the spelling of Colwell in their Caldwell family?1880 United States Federal Census John Colwell in Clear Spring,
Lagrange, Indiana
Age: 51 Estimated birth year: abt 1829
Birthplace: Indiana
Head of house Spouse’s name: SarahFather’s birthplace: Ohio Mother’s birthplace: Ohio Occupation:
Race: White Gender: Male Cannot read/writeHousehold Members:
John Colwell 51 Sarah Colwell 45 Mary
Colwell 18 Phoebe Colwell 7 Annie Colwell 2John Colwell
died at his home in Clearspring twp., February 23, 1895. He was born in
Richland County , Ohio on January 1, 1832; aged 63 years, 1 month and 22
days. Mr. Colwell was married to Sarah Bloss on March 16, 1862 in Clearspring
twp. Mr. Colwell moved with his parents from Ohio to St. Joseph County, and
was about 11-years-old when he moved with his parents to Clearspring twp., 6
miles southwest of LaGrange. March 1868, he and his wife moved on a farm 4.5
miles southeast of Topeka. He was confined to his home some 2 months and was
very patient during his sickness. He leaves a wife, three daughters, 2
sisters, and four brothers to mourn their loss. He was fully prepared and
ready to die when the Lord said “Come.” He was very industrious and
a quiet citizen. Thess, 4:28. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev.
Croume of Wawaka and internment was at Sloan Cemetery. – Source: The
Standard, LaGrange, Indiana, March 7, 1895John Colwell, white, male, 63 years, 1 month, and 22 days, a farmer,
married, died in Clearspring twp., of Dropsy. – Source: LaGrange Co.,
Indiana, Death Records on File for Public at the Health Department
1206558089 LaGrange, Indiana
Connie Mac McCaslin My grandfather, William Barney
Caldwell, born Dekalb Co. Tennessee 18 Jan 1889 son of John William Caldwell
who died in Cannon County Tennessee about 1905. I believe John’s father was
also named John. They must have had land in Dekalb county Tenn. and Warren
County Tennessee. The names John, William, Franklin and David were common
down through to the present. They may have come through Virginia and or South
Carolina. Any help would be appreciated. thank you
1205859708 California
Lillian Stevenson My Caldwell line is from Wayne
Co.,KY–Nancy Caldwell married Elias Kelly, 16 Oct. 1806. Nancy’s father was
John Caldwell, and her mother was Sarah Ann (possibly Armstrong). But from
there, it is a puzzle since there is so much conflicting information out
there. John was probably from Augusta Co., VA, as there is a mention in one
of the Chalkley books about a John in Lincoln Co., KY. And from the
‘conflicting’ information, it seems as though his father may have been Samuel
Caldwell. But there are several Samuels, numerous Johns, besides others, in
the Chalkley volumes. What I would really like is definite confirmation, if
1205467896 Canyonville, OR
Ellen Childs I’m researching my Donahey
ancestors from Allegheny Co., PA, and may have a Caldwell connection. My
great grandfather was William Lamar Donahey. Ring any bells with anyone?Thanks.
1204867003 Originally Pittsburgh, now
Northern New York & Florida
Mark Caldwell I am seeking information on
ancestors of
John Caldwell Madisonville Monroe County TennesseeBorn December 6, 1780(2?) Died June 28, 1855Any assistance would be appreciated.
1203097802 Madisonville Monroe County
Nicole Caldwell I am a caldwell and i have
family here in missour i had an uncle who was in the army who is M.I.A. and
an aunt who i have never met . i dont know much of my family there all very
distant. I know my family consit of German, Irish, and Sweedish. my Family
shows alot of German and Irish. well thats all for now . good bye.Nikki
1199843165 Missouri
Ray Caldwell I am a decendant of James
M.Caldwell, Sr. who lived in Texas and Oklahoma in the 18 and 1900’s.
1201193571 Houston, Texas
Regina Anne Caldwell Middleton I was born (1955) in Marshall
Mo to William Eugene Caldwell, Jr.(b. 1930) and Bonnie Brown Caldwell. My
paternal grandfather was William Eugene Caldwell, son of John & Hattie
Caldwell. I know that they came to MO from KY.
1200454580 I live in Warner Robins, GA
Douglas Caldwell Davis Howdy, Folks!I found this article by Clara B. Cox about my ancestor,
William Addison Caldwell, very interesting but it seems a webpage
mustn¦t be posted here. If you¦re interested in reading it, let
me know and I¦ll send it by some other method.My
Dad has been researching family history and has visited Holland Caldwell at
the old home place on Sinking Creek in Craig County.Would anyone happen to have any further information regarding these
people? I believe Add’s father and/or uncles were involved in Pickett’s
Charge. Are there any websites with detailed information of Confederate

Oscar F. W. C. Caldwell was said to have owned
a mare named Jenny Slipper. Are there any horse people here who might know
more about her? Being a horseman myself, I’m curious to learn more!

There is a site with some good photographs from The War
of Northern Aggression which I can tell y¦all about, too.

Douglas Caldwell Davis

1200180542 Texas
Douglas Caldwell Davis One of my ancestors, William
Addison Caldwell, was the first student to register at Virginia Polytechnical
Institute. Any long-lost kin out there?
1200128471 Texas
Bonnie Eckart I come from a line of
Caldwells that came from Donegal, Ireland. Was just looking to see I there
were others from my line here.
joanna hines (caldwell) tucker I would like to hear from
Steven Pope Caldwell. Charles (Charlie) Morrison Caldwell was my daughter’s
grandfather. I took my daughter to Pa. to see Charlie in the early 70’s. We
discussed genealogy, but yours is the first link I’ve seen to the Texas line.
My daughter would like to have this information.
1198739445 Idaho
pat madden my great great grandfather was
a patrick william caldwell who migrated from londonderry to victoria,
australia married catherine o’brian and then went to new zealand and had nine
Ryan Caldwell Hello from Michigan! Great
site very informative, but I can’t find anything anywhere about Caldwell’s in
MI. or when they moved here. Any help would be great keep up the good work.
1198535123 Vassar, MI.
John Tolly Greetings from south of the
border! While searching the Internet about my name, I came across your site,
which in item #633, indicated that a Barbara Jones married a man with my same
name. Would you happen to have any more information on this “other”
John Tolly? In any case, thanks for your site!
1198044483 Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
pk wilkerson susannah e caldwell m william
t wilkerson in virginia 1812 their son william samuel wilkerson b 1814 m
susan christian wright b 1815 lived in campbell co va
i am looking
for william t wilkerson ancestors . i cannot seem to connect susannah e
caldwell d 23 june 1857 with any of the caldwells
Terry L. Caldwell I am trying to trace my
grandfather, Rolla Caldwell. I have no other info
about him except
that he farmed and was a hostler in Butler County, Ohio
1196999135 Mesa, Arizona
henry weinbender i live in prosser, washington.
my grandfather and grandmother came from russia. i was born in fort morgan
colorado. can you tell me a little about yourself. henry
Stephanie Corley Looking for information on the
birth mother of my exhusband. He was born 7-4-1965 in GA. Her name was Marie
Jean Caldwell. She would have been 31 at the time. She has 4 grandchildren.
Any help is appreciated.
1196191840 Georgia
Mrs. Patrick Caldwell I have been researching the
lines from Robert Caldwell (174?-1789) of Caldwell Mountain, Botetourt
County, Virginia.Are there others out there?
1195360573 Washington , DC
Ralph Henry Caldwell my grand father billy caldwell
past and i am changing my name to caldwell to carry on the name and bloodline
in my area. i would like any onfo on my family and its history as i am very
much into tradition and namesake.
1195482865 palm bay fla united states
james caldwell son of douglas williamson of archibald twin to john ?? caldwell born 1884 blackshaw
son of archibald caldwell scottish farmer looking for more
info then that
1195103055 victoria bc
Fred Wilson Perry My great grandfather was
Alexander Caldwell born Jan. 1848 in Salisbury, NC. He married Emma Iverson
in Chicago, IL 1886, Emma was born in Norway. They had three Children
Clarence b. 1887, Ralph b. 1889, and Esther b. 1895. Esther is my
1194739306 I live in Northern California,
originally from Chicago, IL
Sharon Stine Caldwell Seeking information on
Caldwell family from Cub Creek Virginia. These are my children’s ancestors
through Samuel.
1194144617 Los Angeles County, CA
Tammy Caldwell Conwell I am looking for any
Colwell/Caldwell from Madison County Texas. My information stops at a John
Colwell 1820 Alabama married to Lucy A. Birdsong who begat John Allen Colwell
married to Julia Mitchell who begat Jim Caldwell married to Nettie Parker who
begat Weymon Hayes Caldwell married to Nina Huntsman who begat me. Cant seem
to get any farther back than 1820’s. somewhere I must have wrong information.
If anyone is familar with these names please contact me at allphaseselect at
the y. Most of the family is still in East Texas.
1194069996 USA
Valerie Jones Howell My Caldwell line is rather
short so far. My grandmother was Emily E. Caldwell, her father Samuel George
Caldwell (originally named George Samuel), his father was Samuel Thomas
Caldwell and his mother was Araminta Hurtt, his father is not known but I
believe his mother’s name was Rachel. All lived in Kent Co. or Cecil Co.
Maryland on the Eastern Shore. Can anyone help me?
1193796879 Johnston Co., NC USA
Cindy Waltershausen I have traced my Caldwell
ancestors back to James Caldwell, born in 1725 in Ipswich, Massachusetts to
Jacob Caldwell and Rebecca Lull Caldwell. James married Elizabeth Hicks in
1754 in Sutton, Massachusetts. I would like to learn where James died.
1193525650 I live in rural De Soto,
Wisconsin, USA
Eileen Caldwell Im from Canada.My family is
the only Caldwells I know of.My Grandfather was George Caldwell,and he
homesteaded in Manitoba.He later moved to Saskatchewan.I heard we originated
from Wisconsin,but with no names other than my grandfather,thats pretty
impossible to track our family.
Brooke Mannie Staples My mother is Rebecca Sue
(Caldwell) Mannie, daughter of Marjorie and the late Ray Edward Caldwell
(6/9/1920-11/16/2004) of Kentucky. He was one of 7 children, and was in the
Army Air Forces in WWII. My grandmother Marjorie says she does not remember
his parent’s names, as they never visited their graves. I do know that there
was a Native American woman in the family, and I think it was my gandfather’s
grandmother. One of his brother’s took a lot of the Native American physical
features, but he drowned many years ago. This is all I know. Can someone help
me find his family?
1193187708 Houston, TX
Gerald Caldwell Gippsland axeman Les Caldwell
Snr. is my father,I grew up going to woodchopping arenas every weekend, and
when there was’nt an event on my father would train and teach other people
around him to strive to be as good as he was. I have many other relations in
the gippsland area, all have a history in the forestry industry.
1191681045 Gippsland, Victoria
Wilene Alexander Caldwell md.
Margaret Looney, July 25, 1778, Craig’s Creek, Botetourt Co., VA.William Caldwell md. Priscilla “Peggy” Looney, March 24,
1789, Craig’s Creek, Botetourt Co., VA.
Margaret and Priscilla were
daughters of Absalom Looney and Margaret “Peggy” Moore.Were Alexander and William related to each other? Brothers perhaps?
If so, who were their parents? There were MANY Caldwell / Looney
inter-relationships in the Craig’s Creek area according to the Kegleys.Alexander and Margaret lived in Knox Co., TN, where he died before
June 15, 1830, and Margaret died after Nov. 5, 1830. They had 7 known
children: Benjamin, Alexander, Robert (md. Sarah Rhodes, March 1, 1810),
Absalom, John, Nancy (md. Jesse Galloway, July 31, 1816), and Jane
“Jessie” (md. Benjamin Looney, March 18, 1821). I’ve struggled with
all of this for 30+ years, but Alexander and Margaret is as far as I’ve
1191709189 Craig’s Creek, Botetourt Co.,
James Hysong I just found your page , it
very nice to see someone keeping track ! I found out a couple of things I did
not know . I am # 837 on your list , I live in va beach VA . And if you are
interested I am married to a vietnamese imagrant named THAO THI DUONG . I
love your page please keep up the good work ! THANKS JIM
Christopher Dann I am looking for information
on Cyril B. Caldwell – the only information I have about him is that he spent
some time in the Bahamas in the 1950s. Would appreciate any information.
1189716211 California
Kevin Scott Caldwell I am from the Caldwell’s from
Poteau Oklahoma
1172753613 Tulsa Oklahoma
ayhan erkilic im seeking shirley giles we
went to east vic park primary school in perth western australia they had a
corner deli just across the road from the school caled by there surename
giles deli news her fathers name is sam giles they left for england in 1979
ive tried every thing to locate her with no luck some body must know her in
england her friends her relatives please help me im the turkish boy who
coudent speak english than shirley use to help me out a lot whith english
shirley its me ayhan erkilic some body must know her please contact me
1172498220 perth western australia
ayhan erkilic searching for shirley giles
went to primary school in perth australia inth70’s parents had a deli by
there surename giles deli they left for england in 1979 some bodys bound to
know shirley giles a friend or relative in england please cotact me
1172499571 perth western australia
order here I agree with RSA. This could
work, but a simple bulletted list on a homepage will not suffice. If you
don’t know about this service already:
1171179295 Austrian
Martin Right! I have the same poin of
view as the last author!
1171524083 USA, Bethany Beach
steven caldwell just curious as to my
background etc and thought i would check out the site . if anyone out there
is related to me , get in touch ,
1171155784 leeds uk (born in falkirk ,
scotland )
Donna Caldwell Shannon How I love the Intenet! It was
wonderful reading this with my family. Thank you!
1168859179 Aberdeen, NC
Dick Caldwell Alexander Caldwell was my
greatgrandfather. He was born in 1825 and arrived in Oregon Country in 1846.
Shortly after returning from the Cayuse War he married Sara Anne McKinney
whose family arrived in Oregon Country in 1848. My grandfather was William
Caldwell, second child of Alexander and Sara Anne. I would like to find
information about Alexander’s family origin and about the decendents of his
1170074735 Coupeville, WA
Dwayne Caldwell A lot of Caldwell’s on this
page :). Just wondering if anyone out there is kin to a Cornellius Caldwell?
Just curious to see if anyone replies to this message.
1169663649 El Reno, Oklahoma
Mary (Caldwell) Weinbender Taking a look 1169295456 Oregon, USA
sandy tubbs I am a decendent of William H
Caldwell/Colwell.& Anna A Wyant of ohio,jackson county. just looked to
see if there was any onfo/ connection.Found nothing but,enjoyed the site.
1169261158 ohio
SHIRLEY WRIGHT Looking for caldwell’s from
Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland. or Upper Kiltenny, Macosquin Parish,
Londonderry, Ireland. Some names are John born in Killmacconnell, died in
Nova Scotia, Canada. Samuel b: 1808 married Nancy Gibson, they came to Canada
in 1856. they had 8 children.I also have a lot more. Please contact me if you
feel you may have info. Thanks Shirley
1167716375 Centre Burlington,Nova Scotia,
Brian E. Caldwell Great! Found my grandfather in
here and plan to add more family history.
1166689200 Pearland, TX
Rich Caldwell I am very interested in
finding out more about who I am. I think that this is a great site.
1165058126 Florida
James Gregory Caldwell Looking for a little family
history. My dad is Tony Caldwell of Centreville, AL and his father was James
Willard Caldwell of Ralph, AL and his father was James Oliver Caldwell.
1165641137 Homewood, AL
Mark Caldwell I love this site! I am hoping
to find info on my Caldwell line. The end of the beginning of my line is John
Caldwell (born around 1749 in Belfast, Ireland) who was married to Nancy
Wooden (born around 1753, also in Belfast.) I was told that we originated in
the Lanark or Ayrshire areas in Scotland. Any help would be most appreciated.
1165304825 San Diego, Ca, USA
Jeremy Caldwell i found the information on
this site to be very intriguing. i would like some help though tracing my own
heritage since i dont have a lot of information about my family history.
1164971142 Savannah, Georgia
Paula Reed Hello, I just stumbled upon
your page on the Caldwell’s. I scanned thru it and have bookmarked it for a
later date. I recently found more info on my Caldwell line. I would gladly
share it if you are interested. My Grandmother was a Caldwell, her branch of
the tree traces back to John Caldwell, 1688 Ayr, Scotland.
1164536466 IKittery, Maine, USA
Byron Ray Caldwell My grandfather was named Loyd
Caldwell, he and his brother Vernon Caldwell left their home in Troy,
Tennessee when they were both very young. My grandfather, Loyd Caldwell,
setteled in Mississippi and Louisiana, while his brother Vernon went to the
West Coast. If you have any information about distant family it would be
great. I believe my grandfather had a lot of Irish blood in him. or that is
what I have been told!?!
1163730375 Arkansas, United States
Larry Jay Caldwell Son of Bruce Thomas Caldwell,
Brother of Leigh Thomas Caldwell,Stephen Lloyd Caldwell, Thomas Caldwell and
Billy Caldwell and Father of Lori Janice Caldwell and Linda Jo Caldwell
1163482871 Omaha Nebraska, USA
Steve E. Caldwell Great site. I am descendant of
Grundy County, Tennessee Caldwells. Most were coal miners. Generations of
Caldwells have lived there from early 1800s.
1163345131 Sugar Land Texas
James R, Caldwell III Great site! It is very
interesting reading
1163159213 Cincinnati Ohio, USA
Tracy Caldwell Hello, looking for more
Caldwell info. My husband is Clyde Brice Caldwell, his father Alfred Conrad
Caldwell Jr. Alfred Conrad Caldwell Sr. came from Bluefield, WV
info? This site is interesting. My husband was told from someone that
Caldwell dated back to the time of the Picts, therefor it is why The Tartan
is hard to find & is a sect (?) of the Paisley’s. Any info?
1163082111 Glen Burnie (keeping it Scottish), Maryland
mignonne Russell Maxwell Knapp My grandfather was John
Thompson Caldwell of Jackson, Mississippi.
1162684532 Orcas Island, WA
Stefanie Wheatley I am the daughter of Steven
Doyle Caldwell born 1950. His father is James Doyle Caldwell born in Dothan,
AL. I do not know my great grandfathers name. Great grandmother was Nell. I
would like to know more about my family history if anyone knows it. Most of
the Caldwells still living are in Columbus,GA. Thanks!!
1159765658 Nashville,TN
Michael L. Caldwell My adopted father was merle H.
Caldwell of Montana, His Father was Cleve Caldwell, Mother Jesse Strong,
Sister Dorothy, Half Brothers Jim, Jack Bob, Sister Thema, Martha
Herbert Clark Isaac Caldwell b. 30 Nov 1795,
married Elizabeth H. Robertson in 1827, Hinds Co., MS. Her father was Raymond
Robertson. Looking for her mother
Herbert Clark Isaac Caldwell (b. 1795, KY)
is my 2nd GG grandfather. He married Elizabeth H. Robinson, 1827, Hinds Co.,
MS. Would like to know her parents and his siblings, if any.
1156552600 SC, USA
Shayla R. Caldwell Hi Mr. Caldwell, I am an
Afro-American Caldwell. My grandfather and his siblings were descendants from
Charles D. Caldwell Sr. from Mc. Daniel, Maryland that lived on a huge farm
116 acres called Hatton Farm. My family is very well-known in the area. I
have been doing some research with the help of my Great-Aunt Helen. I am
pleased to know that some descendants of our family were Quakers and that her
father, my great-grandfather and mother were free Persons. To her knowledge
mostly everyone she can remember her parents talking about in our family were
free. Which probably explains the relations of the Quakers. Anyway, it would
be interesting to know how much I can learn and find out about my Families
history and The Caldwell name. I also, am certain that some descendants of
the family came from either England or Ireland. Please let me know if you
find out anything?? Thank you.
1156214182 Eastern Shore of Maryland
Atlee Caldwell Looking for information on my
g.g. g’father, William MacKay Caldwell, probably b. in Wash. DC and his
1155890787 US and at some point, Europe
john success? 1155790644 here
john refresh page 1155790929 here
john another success? 1155791042 here
john this time! 1155791132 here
JW Brown Have lots on my Caldwells,
eager to meet new cousins. Caldwells of Berkeley Co (W) VA, Kenton/Campbell
Co KY, Hancock Co IN
1155773091 (W)VA, KY, IN
John Caldwell Let’s see how the spammers
like the new guestbook! 🙂
1155568262 California
PAMELA CALDWELL VARICK <br> 13-Aug-2006 America – USA
MICHELLE M. SMITH Looking for the members of
Earl Caldwell family of Rusty Meade.
7-Aug-2006 America – USA
Lisa Caldwell Garrett Thank you for this site. I
have been here many times and the info posted here is very
helpful.”John CALDWELL of Cub Creek VA. b. 1683 was
my 6th great-grandfather. I live in MD close to Lancaster County PA. I have
been there a few times doing CALDWELL research. It is a beautiful
28-Jul-2006 America – USA
Paul Very informative website I’ll
be sure to visit again. 🙂
27-Jul-2006 New Zealand
Rufus Lamar Caldwell <br> 24-Jul-2006 America – USA
Charles Buford Caldwell II Descended from Caldwell who
moved from KY to south Louisiana’s cajun
20-Jul-2006 America – USA
John Walter Caldwell My family settles in Georgia
but I don’t know where they came from. I’m scotch/irish and probably related
to the many Caldwell in Va. and other places. I don’t know where to start. It
would be great to talk to other Caldwells and learn how to trace my family
tree. Soooo cuz! Please contact me
20-Jul-2006 America – USA
Ian Carswell Hi there Caldwells”My
name is Ian Carswell and I live in Austalia. I suspect that there may be a
connection between my family and the Mures of Coldwell near Dunlop
Scotland.”I believe my family lived on the next farm
to the Mures (Muirs)at least as early as the 1600s and many Carswells married
Muir women.Your site is very good and has a lot of valuable information. Keep
up the good work!Ian
18-Jul-2006 Australia
Kimberly Caldwell Trottier <br> 18-Jul-2006 Canada
Kelly Caldwell <br> 11-Jul-2006 Canada
Neil A. Pye Great site very interesting. I
used to go out with a Caldwell called Heather J. Caldwell from Dalston
Kingsland London. I lost touch; if anyone knows how I can contact her please
e-mail me at neil_a_pye@yahoo.co.uk.
3-Jul-2006 United Kingdom
Todd Caldwell anyone familiar with a
Josephus Caldwell from kentucky?just putting out the
feelers here
30-Jun-2006 America – USA
Traci M. Caldwell Looking for information on the
Caldwell name.Great site!
29-Jun-2006 America – USA
Jonathan Anthony Caldwell HelloAll
of PhiladelphiaFather: James Emott CaldwellGrandfather:
James Emott CaldwellGreat: James Albert CaldwellGreat great: James Emott
CaldwellGreat great great: Matthew CaldwellFour greats: Matthew Caldwell
(Cauldwell)”Looking for dates info on the two Matthews or earlier.
27-Jun-2006 America – USA
patrick j dudgeon I read in the genealogy list a
john dudgeon married catherine caldwell back in the l600>s also a mary
dudgeon is mentioned. My grandfather was born in County Donegal in l854 in
the dungloe area. His name was john dudgeon and he left donegal in around
l872 and settled in County Tyrone near gortin. This john dudgeon was my
grandfather. A distant relative went to donegal to do some family research
but he reported that the local church burned and the records were lost. So we
have no history prior to l854. Could the dudgeons named in this caldwell
ancestory be related to my grandfather. any comments would be greatly
26-Jun-2006 America – USA
amy white caldwell hi my name is amy white
caldwell and i am form scotland. I was wondering if you knew if any weird
comment where made about a member in the caldwell family becausemy friend
Kathryn said she looked up her family tree and saw her great great grandma so
she looked her up and it said she was a vampire. So can you please see if
anything like that is in my family tree because it will be so
cool.your sincerely amy white caldwell 21/09/1993 my
birthday yey=]
24-Jun-2006 United Kingdom
Charles H Caldwell Have enjoyed touring around
your site and have discovered some information unknown to me
15-Jun-2006 America – USA
Barbara Caldwell Hirst I know that we are related to
Sir Audley Caldwell who was knighted in 1461.”This
info came to use from a great aunt born in 1900 as she told the story of the
“”Bloody Hand””””One of
Audley decendants during Cromwell time raced by ship to Northern Ireland and
claimed land there.””This is still a work in progress as I need to
confirm dates etc.”
15-Jun-2006 Canada
di bustamante nee caldwell Actually living in Singapore
now but not an option on pull down menu. There is a building here called the
Caldwell House. Here is a bit of info on it. Caldwell House was designed by
the well-known architect G.D. Coleman for H.C. Caldwell a senior clerk to the
Magistrates. Later it became part of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus
when Caldwell sold it to Father Beurel in 1852. The Gothic style chapel with
flying buttresses was completed between 1890 and 1910. Following extensive
restoration and conservation works the whole complex comprising the Chapel
Caldwell House and the former Convent is today poised to be a commercial
establishment.Please do let me know
if anyone has knowledge of HC and where he is on the family tree.
15-Jun-2006 America – USA
Bradley S. Caldwell So the three brothers story
was just a myth? That sucks I loved that
7-Jun-2006 America – USA
Chason Caldwell I’m just looking up
information on the family name. My relatives don’t know much about the family
before the Civil War time frame in
6-Jun-2006 America – USA
Edward “”Ward”” Gagnon <br> 3-Jun-2006 America – USA
Sean Croydon I just wanted to let you know
your site is great! Please keep up the good work! I will definitely come back
often. I am a successful businessman always seeking unique investment
opportunities. If you happen to come across any please feel free to send them
my way at slcroydon@gmail.comThanks
2-Jun-2006 America – USA
Christina Caldwell My great grandfather was JB
caldwell who was from Spartanburg SC. He married Bulha Strange.They later
moved to Illinois. If your related to this line of Caldwell’s or have any
info let me know!! Thanks!
29-May-2006 America – USA
Emily M and Mariah A V Caldwell from chatham otario looking
for relatives ancestors from
28-May-2006 Canada
Ron Caldwell Eckert Both my grandparents on my
mother’s side come from Scotland.”My grandfather
was Mathew Caldwell born in Paisley in “”August
1886. My grandmother Mary Ann Fraser was born in “Grantown on Spey in
June 1887. They were married in “Montreal Canada about 1910 moved to
Alberta and Endako “northern British Columbia and both died in
Vancouver.Ron Eckert
27-May-2006 Canada
Jonah Great site. best
27-May-2006 United Kingdom
Boston VanLandingham-Gore Was doing a little research
for my Great Uncle who is a half brother to my grandfather. The family has
long believed the story of the three pirate brothers and it will be good for
them to all know the real story. Also now we can update the ancestors another
five or six generations as best we can.
22-May-2006 America – USA
Randall Caldwell <br> 21-May-2006 America – USA
Wm Poster Very nice site 20-May-2006 United Kingdom
deceased was Leonard Herbert Caldwell born in Kalgoolie in Western
AustraliaHis father was Herbert and his wife Gladis also
both deceased.. as for myself i am one of 5 boys “Stephen L Caldwell (
deceased ) Phillip W Caldwell Larry K Caldwell Kenneth G Caldwell Michael K
Caldwell”All of us have lived in Australia All our lives and the
remaining 4 boys still do. if you want to contact me at anytime please feel
free to do so via this site”My Mother is also deceased her name was
Patricia Maria Caldwell ( nee Burgen )”
17-May-2006 Australia
Brian Caldwell Folks asking questions on the
visitor page: please post them on the discussion forum so we can help
you.Best regardsBrian C.
13-May-2006 United Kingdom
Donna Coats My Dads name is Willey Belton
Caldwell and is Dads name”was Sam Caldwell from
Sallisaw Oklahoma. We have no information “”on
my Dads side of the family I know that Sam Caldwell had two boy””
my day and is brother would be Sunny Caldwell all from”Sallisaw okla. I
really did injoy reading you story about Jess James.”Regards”Donna
10-May-2006 America – USA
charles prall Looking for inf. on Rufus E
Caldwell. b. abt 1876 in bluefield ? married Hattie e ?Do
not know her last name. My grgrandmother. Can you help?
9-May-2006 America – USA
Frtiz also wanted to add that you
should design a service for geneology sites like your own it’s very
6-May-2006 America – USA
Frtiz excellent page very
informative and well put together! enjoyed
6-May-2006 America – USA
James Hi i’m also interested in the
Caldwell history.Actually it’s funny i came across this
site lead by a search engine.Just a little message for
Erin if she comes back for a read. “Are you from Lithgow? You’re surname
is rather familar “i wont give any personal details over the net however
is your mothers intials NGC??”Interesting if so rather small world.
6-May-2006 Australia
john caldwell hamilton Looking for any information on
Caldwell from Rossendale Rd Pollokshaws
6-May-2006 United Kingdom
Shirley Gargus Johnson I do know that my grandmother’s name was Laura Ann
Caldwell.Her farther’s name was James Wesley
Caldwell.I would like all the information anyone can
give me on the Caldwell family.
Shirley Gargus Johnson
19-Apr-2006 America – USA
Erin Corderoy I don’t have much info about
my own ancestry. My gran was a”Caldwell I can’t
remember her fathers (my great grandfather)”first
name.Gran’s name was Margaret Corderoy (nee Caldwell). My dad’smiddle name is
John so that leads me to believe that mygreat-grandfather’s name was John
Caldwell. I think he was”a miner in a small NSW town called Lithgow a
valley at the”end of the Blue Mountains. It was and is a massive
mining”town and is historically known for mining pottery and
its”steel works. That’s all I really know about the Caldwell’s in my
17-Apr-2006 Australia
Glenna Henderson My g grandfather was George
Washington Caldwell rather raised by”family who were
Caldwell’s. He was born 1861/62
Highland””County Virginia. Raised by John A.
and Martha Grogg Caldwell.”His surname could have been Phillips or
Calhoun.John Caldwell’s father was Jeremiah Caldwell of Virginia.If you have
any information concerning this family would love to trade information with
you.glenna in Oregon
16-Apr-2006 America – USA
Nikki Lynette Caldwell Great site. Don’t know much
about our family tree. Would love to find out more but not sure how. Can any
one help me? Im not too good with this computer
14-Apr-2006 Australia
Nikki Lynette Caldwell <br> ########### Australia
George Ferrie Excellent site. 4-Apr-2006 United Kingdom
John R. Caldwell just looking thank
1-Apr-2006 America – USA
George Washington thank you for this site! I
think I found some informtion about my great uncle
31-Mar-2006 America – USA
Garee Nice Site<br> 27-Mar-2006 America – USA
Michael Mcgrew Hi cousins. Interesting site.
Thanks for the info.
24-Mar-2006 America – USA
gary l caldwell jr i dont know what to say.all i
know is my father gary l caldwell sr died when i was just 1 years old.iwas
put into faster care.so i have know idea who my family is if this ringes a
bell to any one please call me at1-417-625-9587 thank you gary l caldwell jr
and by the way im from st.louis
22-Mar-2006 America – USA
Tracy Piperakis (Caldwell) Hi Gloria My family is also
from Spartensburg I am wonderif there could be any
connection. I have some but not muchinfo.George S
Caldwell married Jenny E. ???”Children: Pearl Marie Harry Alfred (my
grandfather)”George Caldwell brother; Guy Caldwell married Edith ???1
girl Gertrude. “Any other info from anyone would be
21-Mar-2006 America – USA
David Caldwell Hi From Pa… though really
from other states… lots of caldwells out
20-Mar-2006 America – USA
Joshua A. Caldwell Hi there I was born in Santa
Fe New Mexico but my Caldwellancestory in the United
States dates back to the early 20th”century we
Caldwells having originally settled down in the “New Jersey/Long Island
20-Mar-2006 America – USA
gary james caldwell <br> 19-Mar-2006 United Kingdom
dan davis Love the site –
17-Mar-2006 America – USA
Craig Cross I found this to be very
informative in my project.
15-Mar-2006 South Africa
Deborah Caldwell <br> 13-Mar-2006 United Kingdom
Mary Jo Corrigan O’Rourke Your site is a very
interesting and thorough read. I have a Cadwell ancestor Nora married to a
William Carroll. They lived around Fintona in Tyrone. I have two questions:
Would Cadwell be a derivative of Caldwell? Hence a Scot name? Are your
Caldwells from that area?In any case thanks for the
wonderful site- especially the history.
10-Mar-2006 America – USA
vickie caldwell -updike my father’s name was paul
douglas caldwell he was born ingastonnc.his parents were charlie and lena
atwell caldwell”he died in december of 1982at the
age of 46.my siblings and mom never knew his ancestors if anyone knows of
this caldwells would be greatly appreciated for any information i can
10-Mar-2006 America – USA
Vesta Bowers Your website contradicts
almost everything that my grandfather told me about my ancestors. Thought I
was related to Caldwells but maybe I’m not. Site is well organized and easy
to use.
7-Mar-2006 America – USA
Mark H. Magnussen I am connected to the
Caldwells through the Ritchie line.
2-Mar-2006 America – USA
Cyndi Caldwell I am not sure if I have the
right caldwell’s but from the looks of it we all come from the same
2-Mar-2006 America – USA
Loretta Caldwell Thanks Tom”I
know my father was born in Victoria but I am not sure where my grandfather
was born but can find out. Thanks so much for your response.
“Regards Loretta
26-Feb-2006 Australia
Michele Caldwell Phillips Rather shocking to find this
online? Not sure why shocking but is. I have had another child since this was
updated. Not sure who I report that to. I found this very
22-Feb-2006 America – USA
Gloria Griffin Searching for ancestors –
CALDWELL.”My GGrandfather was Elihue Caldwell –
Spartanburg SC.””His parents were from Catawba
County NC.”
20-Feb-2006 America – USA
Jana Lynn Thompson Hi I am the grandaughter of
Georgia Elizabeth Caldwell of Marion Co. Illinois. I am interested in
learning more about my family. Please contact me at
19-Feb-2006 America – USA
Jim Caldwell <br> 17-Feb-2006 America – USA
Grant Caldwell Just tickling the Caldwell
name. It’s time to find out my true roots. Years of research is gone time for
me to dig it up!
17-Feb-2006 America – USA
Anita Shirley I am looking for a connection
to Eizabeth Caldwell and Zachariah Belcher. They lived in the Leslie county
Ky. area and were born in the 1880’s. They were my great grandparents their
son Bryant Belcher was my grandfather. Any information linked to this family
would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for the website! It’s been hard for me to
track down any info on my family. Anita
16-Feb-2006 America – USA
David G. Bryden Very interesting site. Both my
greatgrandparents were named Caldwell and came from near Omagh Co Tyrone
Ireland in 1872 aboard the ship SS Prussian
12-Feb-2006 Canada
deborah caldwell litts looking for richard scott
caldwellmom was karen–dad davidhas a
sis -kristen–lived in bosie as a kidin his mid 20’s.
11-Feb-2006 America – USA
deborah caldwell <br> ########### America – USA
James Caldwell Hi to all the
Caldwell’s!Just looking around. Interesting site.
10-Feb-2006 America – USA
zack caldwell just looking for some info on
my family
9-Feb-2006 America – USA
Tom Caldwell Loretta<br>
family of Matthew Caldwell and Johanna McKenzie landed at Maryborough
Queensland en route to Gympie in 1884. There are a lot of descendents from
the Gold Coast to Bundaberg of that family. If you are in that area you are
probably related to them and to myself more distantly.If
you have more information I might be able to help as I also have quite a lot
of detail of Caldwell families in NSW pre 1900 and a very substantial tree
for the Caldwell family of the Monaro region.Tom
3-Feb-2006 Australia
Tom Caldwell Joanne<br>
is a family of Wearne in Sydney – they came from Ireland and their sons have
always had Caldwell as a middle name. I have met one of them and he does not
know why this is so.Tom
3-Feb-2006 Australia
Joanne Flack I have emailed you regarding
Joseph Caldwell LEE from Ireland and do hope you can help. Your website is
informative and user friendly. I do admire your work and
dedication.Here is the
content:”I am sure that the use of CALDWELL in the
name is relative. This Joseph Caldwell LEE gentleman born in Ireland was the
father of Joseph Caldwell LEE born Ireland 1837. where I do not know but he was Ph.D. and
M.A. which meant he attended an Irish University. He turns up in Manchester –
1861 Census as an oil merchant married my g.aunt Adelaide Nadin in 1864 their
son Joseph Caldwell LEE is born 1864. Both parents die a few years later and
Joseph 111 marries in 1887 goes to Australia where a son Joseph Caldwell LEE
IV is born in 1890. The family returns to England in 1891 where the father
dies in 1895. Joseph IV is placed in an orphanage upon leaving there as a
young man he goes to South Africa. He is employed in banking and later joins
the army there as a paymaster. He is killed in 1918 in South Africa. Had he
not been and had he married I feel he would have named any son Joseph
Caldwell.” “I feel sure that the use of Joseph Caldwell for
generations means that they felt a part of the clan. I would love to find a
link a place of birth any family connection or similar between your Caldwells
and this twig. Do you have any knowledge of a marriage between a CALDWELL and
a LEE late in 18th centuary? If not can you suggest wher I could start
looking.” Hoping you throw some light. Kind regards Kind regardsJoanne
3-Feb-2006 Australia
Joanne Flack I have emailed you regarding
Joseph Caldwell LEE from Ireland and do hope you can help. Your website is
informative and user friendly. I do admire your work and
dedication.Kind regardsJoanne Flack
3-Feb-2006 Australia
Frank Smith This is a great
1-Feb-2006 America – USA
Tracy Dawn Caldwell Hi looking for information on
my grandfatherJoseph Alfred Caldwell from Spartensburg
N/S Carolina.”All will help I dont know much about
30-Jan-2006 America – USA
Tracy Dawn Caldwell <br> ########### America – USA
Loretta Caldwell Hi
<br>” I am an Australian Caldwell and decided to
start to search my family history. My father and grandfather were both John’s
and I am lead to believe from family members that there were a few more
John’s that came before them. Anyway thanks for a fun site I really enjoyed
it. :0) “
21-Jan-2006 Australia
Michael Gambon Nice site<br> 19-Jan-2006 Netherlands
Suzy Wanner Lloyd Hi – This promises to be great
site with a wealth of earlyinformation. I am related to
Caldwell lines through both ofmy grandparents on my
mother’s side who were from Gallia”County Ohio. Would love to hear from
other Caldwell “ancestors who ended up in Gallia County. Thanks for the
good work!
19-Jan-2006 America – USA
pam caldwell Please forgive my first note
stated my grandfather was from Newberry correction he was from Newburn
16-Jan-2006 America – USA
pamela caldwell I am very interested in
finding my family. My grandfather name was James Caldwell he was raised in
Newberry South Carolina. If you anyone is from Newberry South Carolia and
know anyone by the last name Caldwell please email me. I want to find my
16-Jan-2006 America – USA
Jimmy Dean This site is VERY informative.
Thanks for the information and help!!
15-Jan-2006 America – USA
Helen W Hamilton Thanks for all the work you
have done in preparing this site. I hope to find a Caldwell married to my
Hamilton ancestors of Tyrone County
14-Jan-2006 America – USA
DENNIS M. CALDWELL Great web-site…thank you for
the interesting reading…I hope to do some research myself…I know very
little… father Quentin grandfather Morton from Greenwich
3-Jan-2006 America – USA
Robert Caldwell I am looking for ancesters of
my great grandfather (William Mitchell Caldwell) b. 1825 @ Monroe TN; d.
1/19/1869 in Parksville TN. He was married Mary ‘Polly’ Morrison. They had
four childern: Nancy b. 1845; Julia C. b. 2/2/1847 married John Wesley
Snider; Isaac L. b.3/4/1852 married Mary Emily Matlock; my grandfather
(Thomas Jefferson) b.10/2/1854 married Mary ‘Mollie; Ann Fagg. Julia and
family Isaac and family Thomas and family moved to Wise County Texas in about
1877. I also need to know about Nancy. Did she married and did she stay in
Polk County Tennessee.
29-Dec-2005 America – USA
Perry Caldwell visit on line with other
28-Dec-2005 America – USA
Anna Bennett very informative 28-Dec-2005 America – USA
Tobias Vaughn Excellent! 17-Dec-2005 United Kingdom
Verna Jean Caldwell Martin I have begun researching my
Caldwell Family.My family is as follows beginning with my
father….”Clifton B. Caldwell (Salyersville KY) s/o
Ephraim “”s/o Samuel S.(Jay)(Clay Co Ky) s/o Rev. Samuel S.
Sr.(Harlan Co.””KY) s/o Rev. Joseph (Knox Co. KY) s/o William
(Alive”Harlan Co.KY 1860)I do have a listing showing that William is the
son of “Seth Caldwell b. 1745 d 1809 but am still seeking
“documentation of this relationship.”Also my grandfather Ephraim
(known as Effie or Ephie?)”died about 1933/34 when my father was still a
child…I haveno pictures or personal information about him as both myfather
and grandmother are deceased. Any information would be greatly appereciated.ThanksVerna
25-Dec-2005 America – USA
Danny Leon Caldwell I am from TupeloMS (
birthplace of Elvis Presley). I am son of John Herman Caldwell ( deceased in
1970). His parents were George and Ruby Caldwell. My 2 brothers are Eddy and
John Caldwell.
23-Dec-2005 America – USA
Norman C. Caldwell An excellent
site.Searching for descendants of Timothy & Martha M
(Swords)” Caldwell of Maytown Lancaster County
Pennsylvania circa” 1790 to 1845.”Family moved to Wayne County Ohio
1845 and to Newville”” DeKalb County Indiana in 1855.”Have
located all the children except William (b:1830+/-) who dissappeared
following divorce in 1859
9-Dec-2005 America – USA
Glenda Sue Law I am the daughter of Callie
Caldwell.I was born August 14 1952. My grandparents were
William andDoshia Caldwell of Leslie County Kentucky. I
have lived in Kalamazoo Michigan for years. I beleive my great grandfather
was Sam Caldwell. If any one could fill me in on other family members I would
really appreciate it. Thank you. Sue
9-Dec-2005 America – USA
Louis J Pennow I am searching for my
GGrandmother Maggie Caldwellwho some spelled Colwell.
She was born in Arkansasin 1877 and had twin sister Ola
Jane. Their father was James Caldwell who was born in Georgia in 1854. At
that point I am stumped
8-Dec-2005 America – USA
James Caldwell <br> 4-Dec-2005 United Kingdom
Seamus Delaney Caldwell Charles W.
1908-.A Chart of the known descendants of John Caldwell
(d. 1750) / from data”collected by Charles W.
Caldwell Sr.
posted this on Yahoo’s Coldwell Family website sometime ago but have had no
response so I thought I should expand the search.Have any of you seen this
chart or photocopy of it.This chart resides in the
library archives of the VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY though they are not
taking requests for photocopies until after the first of the year (2006) due
to construction projects. Certainly there must be copies of this amongst the
Caldwell families somewhere?
29-Nov-2005 America – USA
17-Nov-2005 America – USA
Joel Josey Hi folks I live in the
Caldwelltownship in Catawba co. N.C. My Grandfather was John PhilliP
Caldwell. The information we Have on the Caldwell’s comes from a book ”
The Genealogy of James Caldwell and his Descendants” written by a cousin
Ray Von Caldwell in 1968. A copy of this book can be seen at the Catawba co.
libary. In the book it states that sometime in the latter part of the 1700’s
James Caldwell and his two brothers Willam {Billie} and Thomas came to North
Carolina by pack horse from Virginia {it is mentioned that it might be from
the Caldwell settlement in Cub creek Virginia. James filed for a land grant
for 100a in 1795. And all three brothers lived there. Sometime later Thomas
and his family moved back to Virginia. William {Billie} and his family moved
to Georgia. About our James we know very little he was born between
1750-1760. We believe he was married before he came to North Carolina. He had
two children that we know of. John who married Millie Bandy and had eleven
children and Katie who married a Duncan. Katie was scalped by the indians but
were not sure exactly when or where. James and wife and son John and Millie
are buried at Mt Ruhama Baptist Chruch in Catawba Co. As well as hundreds
more descendants. And just about everyone around has some kind of kin to the
Caldwell’s. Our Caldwell’s are usally very long liver’s. and stay very active
until up in the 90’s. If any one can make a connection. Please send me an
e-mail. Also I do know we had some Caldwells to move to MO. around the 1840’s.
Thanks again for this GREAT
14-Nov-2005 America – USA
Steve E. Caldwell <br> 14-Nov-2005 America – USA
Rozanne E. Folk Was very happy to see that
someone else knew about my book – but the correct Latin spelling is
“Registrum” – those who search should have correct spellings. I am
sure that you all agree that differences in spelling can be a genealogical
nightmare. At any rate I can’t begin to express my glee at finding a really
serious group of researchers. My education is BA in European History and MA
(thesis not completed) in Historic Preservation. I have been in construction
– Builder and Construction Inspector – for 30 years. One of my areas of focus
– for the past 10 years – has been Freemasonry.”At
any rate – there’s the background and I congratulate all of you on your work.
I will be forwarding it to other members of my family. I am grateful for what
you all have compiled.””Deepest
14-Nov-2005 America – USA
Rozanne E. Folk Well done site.”My ancestor is Ann Jane Caldwell daughter of
William Caldwell and (Nancy) Anne Trubue.””Ann
Jane Caldwell married Dr. John Dudley Winston – they came to live in
Nashville TN.””Their daughter Judith Dudley Winston (born Jan. 9
1842) married Capt. Matthew Barrow””Pilcher (born April 1 1840) on
June 13 1867.””Anne Trabue’s grandparents were John Trabue and
Olympia/Olymph DuPuy both sides descendent “from Huguenots of Manikin
Town (lots of variations of spellings). The DuPuy line has been
established”back to Raphael Dupuy 1033. “Please write me and I will
send you a picture of Judith Dudley Winston Pilcher and Capt. Matthew Barrow
Pilcherif you will let me know where to email it.”Judith and Matthew’s
daughter Nannie Dudley Pilcher was my grandmother. She married Reau Estes
Folk””of Nashville TN – my father Reau Estes Folk Jr. was their
youngest son. “I am very interested in your references. And – I have
more information for you.I just acquired the 1877 edition of the Registrum
Monasterii de Passelet – the Register of Paisley Abbey. The”Caldwell
line is mentioned in this book – printed for the first time by The Maitland
Club in 1832 and the””second time in 1877. Only 80 copies were
printed and I have # 25 assigned to Alexander Crum of
Glasgow.””However two of the copies apparently were assigned to a
James Caldwell Esq. – a large printed version and a “regular copy.
Apparently some of the Caldwell line stayed in Scotland or returned to
Scotland.I hope to hear from you – and others – soon.
14-Nov-2005 America – USA
Robert John Caldwell very interesting site. I will
be visisting more often.
12-Nov-2005 Australia
Jon Snodgrass Very interesting
9-Nov-2005 United Kingdom
Dwayne Caldwell This is a very nice site.
Below is some information my brother has found on our family. If you can add
to it I would appreciate it. There is also some names and dates taken from a
small cemetery in Vigo County Indiana. I hope they can be of use to
someone.Take CareDwayne”I’m
seeking info on my great great grandfather James Caldwell he was I believe a
blacksmith in mason Co IL. he was born in IL in 1841 both of his parents were
from Ireland”what I have so far is………….”Frank Caldwell
married Allie M. Athey on 09/28/1883 in Mason County Illinois. Allie M. Athey
is Olive M. Athey Olive is obviously a nickname. Olive (Allie) M. Athey was
also born in “”Mason County”” Illinois on 01/23/1865.””I
checked the 1880 census for Mason County Illinois for a Frank
Caldwell:”A Frank Caldwell was born in 1869 in Illinois (probably Mason
Co)”His father was James Caldwell a Blacksmith born 1841 in Illinois
both of his parents born in Ireland.””Mother was Rachel ___
Caldwell born 1858 in Illinois both parents born in New York””He
had a sister Mary b. 1867 and sister Anna b. 1866.”The Frank Caldwell
mentioned is my great grandfather and James would be my great great
grandfatherany help would be appreciated”Information from Caldwell
Family cemetery in Vigo County Indiana””Caldwell Alex Sept. 7th
1830 30years 1m 28d””Caldwell Ann wife of David Caldwell Aug 261835
38y 9m””Caldwell Ann Dec 8th 1869 53y 9m 27d””Caldwell
Cory no stone found””Caldwell Eleanor Sept 17th 1815 65y
11m””Caldwell Infant Daughter stone with only
initials””Caldwell Infant Daughter stone with only initials””Caldwell
Infant Daughter Feb 10th 1810″”Caldwell Infant Son Feb 12th
1816″”Caldwell Jane wife of Alex Caldwell Feb 20th 1833 29y
4m””Caldwell Jane daughter of William & Jane Caldwell Aug 1
1828 9y””Caldwell Jane wife of john Caldwell sr July 25 1834 26y
2m””Caldwell Jane wife of William Caldwell march
8184456y””Caldwell John Aug 19th 1838 83y 28d born 1755 va militia
rev war””Caldwell John Feb 4th 1832 55y 4m””Caldwell John
Aug 7th 1879 67y 2m 26d””Caldwell Nancy Nov7th
1864″”Caldwell William June 26th 1824 82y 6m
17d””Caldwell William S. son of Alex Caldwell sept 3rd 1830 5y
24d””Caldwell Jefferson Dec 25th 1880 45y 2d”
31-Oct-2005 America – USA
E. Marie Ransom I have just started looking
for my grandmother’s ancestors.”Her father was
Edward Earl Caldwell born cir 1845 possibly””in
PA MD or NY. His father was Edward Caldwell born “”cir 1814 and his
mother was Lydia McKinley (sp). He had two””sisters Emma and Anna
and a brother George. Family oral “”history says that Edward’s
father came from TyroneUlster “”Co. Ireland and he was bound out to
a blacksmith in OH.”I have not found him so far. “I found the
family living in NorthEast Cecil County”MD in the 1880 census. Edward
Earl Caldwell married Mary E.Briggs in 1882 in Philadelphia (This was his
second wife.”He had two sons Howard and Edward by his first wife
“”name unknown) My grandmother was Mary Emma Caldwell
born””in 1884. She had a twin sister Margaretta who died
quite”young.My grandmother repeated a lot of the third Caldwell mythto
me but as a child it sounded preposterous and I didn’t pay any attention to
it or any of the other family lore.If anyone can help me out I would
appreciate it.
30-Oct-2005 America – USA
dorothy june caldwell <br> 25-Oct-2005 America – USA
Caroline Janet Caldwell Stosic HelloMy
late grand-father was Georges T. Caldwell and my grand-mother is Janet
McCreight Caldwell. They had two children :”- My
father Donald C. Caldwell”#NAME?No known male descendant 🙁
19-Oct-2005 Switzerland
Glen Leroy Caldwell My Father Elwyn France
Caldwell was born in LaverneOklahoma 1915 . His bothers were Thomas Orlo
Carmen and Sister Irma. I was born in Woodward Oklahoma June 15 !953. I have
one sister Lana Louise.Great Site!!!
17-Oct-2005 America – USA
Glen Leroy Caldwell I was born in Woodward
16-Oct-2005 America – USA
Caroline Lea Hi.
am searching for information on my Great Grandmother. She was born in
Scotland in 1900 and was the first child to be born in Scotland by c-section.
She was called ‘Stuart’ after the surgeon who delivered her (her first name
could be Helen) Her mother (my great great grandmother) was called
Mamie.””Stuart had a daughter (my grandma) who
was called Helen and married Eric Moulder. Does anbody know anymore info?
Please get in touch via the guestbook.””Thanks”Caroline
14-Oct-2005 United Kingdom
Linda Johnson B.NeirmanI would
like to know the name of Lura Caldwell Neirman’s mothers name.I am hoping you
can help us as we search for family.I found out that many Caldwell families
settled in” Akin countyIreland and are still there today.If you
like” you are welcomed to call or email me.lol Linda
9-Oct-2005 America – USA
linda johnson To my Dear
uncle I must of
been thinking of Ruth when entering” datesshe was born in 1929. Lura 1903on dc
and ” 1909 on gravesite.Thank you
for your response I truly enjoyed our
conversation. much love to all! Linda
7-Oct-2005 America – USA
Samantha PLEASE HELP –
MISSING”I am searching for a missing cousin. Her
name would be LINDA PEARL CALDWELL born about Sept. 1948 in Phila. Pa. area.-
probably Kensington area- Father would be GEORGE “”BUD””
CALDWE LL- He was a friend of my fathers – and husband of my Aunt Francis.
Bud was in the Army in 1943 stationed at Camp Beale California. and lived in
Philadelphia Pa. possibly New Jersey after he and Aunt Frannie
divorced.”After their divorce we never saw Linda again . I have a
picture of Linda as a newborn with her parents that I think it should belong
to her – it’s a beautiful picture and is dated September 1948. There is much
family in the Bucks County Pa. area presently – lots of cousins and a half –
brother in Philadelphia.If anyone knows of this family please help us – Thank
you and Best Regards – ” Linda’s
Cousin ”
3-Oct-2005 America – USA
CALDWELL FAMILY.Dear Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of
March 18 and thank youfor the information therein contained. You cannot
conceive what feel-ings crossed my brain when I heard of so many of my
kindred accord-ing to the flesh well in this world and to human appearance
not forgetful”of the next the accounts you give me of many of my dear
are truly”pleasing to me as I am now oldest of all our family & have
from my”youth up been very curious in collecting all the information I
could”obtain from my oldest relations with regard to our ancestors. I
willgive you a short sketch of what I know on that subject. It may affordyou
some amusement in your leisure hours. NOTES AND
QUERIES. Our grandfather emigrated
from Scotland to Ireland soon after KingWilliam?s conquest of that place. Our
grandfather John Caldwell wasborn in Ireland & was there married to a
Margaret Phillips (our grand-mother). He remained there till they had five
children at which time”to America with him (to wit) Moor Ritchey and
Dudgeon. All of “”whom I well remember & one brother-in-law who
married his wife?s””sister whose name was Dougherty grandfather of
my wife and Thomas”Dougherty formerly clerk to the lower house of
Congress and of courseknown to you. These set sail together and landed in
Delaware thevery day that King George the Second was proclaimed there.
Fromthence they got up the Country to a place in Pennsylvania then
called”Chestnut Level. Our grandfather naturally of an enterprising
spirit ex-“plored the Country Southwesterly from a place in Virginia now
Albe-marle County to which he moved & was soon followed by all his
kin-dred . There he lived some years; there our grandfather died and
hisoldest son and my mother his only daughter were married. They andtheir
companions moved with him to Roanoke River and the fine landsthere explored
the Country Westwardly till he and his followers fixedon a fine level watered
spot not 30 miles outside any inhabitants towhich place him and his sons and
brothers-in-law moved about the year1742 or 3. They were soon after joined by other
friends mostly from Ireland orPennsylvania until they formed a little
connected Settlement which wasknown and always called Caldwell Settlement for
thirty years after ourfather was the first Justice of the Peace and his
oldest son the oldestmilitia officer that was ever appointed under King Geo.
2nd within 25miles of that place in that neighborhood I was born and in it
wasmarried and had six children before I moved to Kentucky in the
year”1781. Our grandfathers children were Wm. Thomas David &
Mar-“”garet John Robert & James. My father and grandfather both
died in””October 1750 just 14 days apart. My mother married a man
by the”name of James Mitchell. She had five children by each husband.
Twoof her daughters died in Virginia. The rest all came to Kentucky andhave
become numerous families. Her son Robert died in Kentucky.”William
Thomas & David are all buried in the same grave yard with”their
father. David?s widow & all the family moved to Kentucky.Uncle John went
to So. Carolina & died there. Uncle William?s widowand all that family
went also to So. Carolina. Our friend J.C. Calhounis a son of the 2nd
daughter of that family. I enjoy as good health as”a man in his 79th
year has any good reason to expect or look for for”which I ought to be
very thankful to the Great Giver of all blessings.My Kindred in this Section
of the Country are all well as far as I knowI am sorry to hear of your
declining state of health but hope you willbe enabled by grace divine to bear
it without the murmuring thought.Remember me to your wife and children and to
your brother Josiahand family. I greet you all as dear relations and although
I shall neversee any of you in this world I hope to meet you at a future day
in a far”happier place. How vain are All things here below yet I feel a
desire”to hear from you all often whilst I do live. On looking over what
Ihave written I see a good many blots & blunders which you will
readilyexcuse. Farewell! Farewell!” From your affectionate
John RodgersThis is the copy of a letter he wrote many years before
his death toElias B. Caldwell of Washington City.(I transcribed this
precisley from a copy of the letter as itappeared in the Virginia Magazine of
History and Biography.If John Rodgers – note the spelling of his surname –
was bornin 1746 then he would have written the letter about 1825 sincehe
wrote in the letter he is 79 at the time. Seamus Delaney)
16-Sep-2005 America – USA
Leslie Dannie Caldwell Jr. You have a great site!”Would like to hear from anyone regarding the
Caldwell’s of Marion and Grundy County Tennessee. And the Hunter and the
Cooper (Alabama) families of North Georgia around the towns of Dalton Ringo
Chatsworth Rocky Face Reseca and Fairmount.”
16-Sep-2005 America – USA
Alton Caldwell Terry L. on Aug.
26th.”I have an Orville s/o Sam who married Florence
Brock with siblings Dora Reva and Calloway. Is this your search?
11-Sep-2005 America – USA
Billie May Great grandfather Alexander Cory/Corey had a cousin bylast name of Gerrard. The Gerrard children married
intothe Caldwell surname in New york. Now looking for
one of their children.” Her name is Catherine Gerrard married to Isaac
Caldwell. “” Married 1856 maybe in NY. Catherine and Isaac
both” born in New York. Catherine was born in 1837 and Isaac was ”
born in 1836. Their sons names are: George Charles and “” James.
Isaac [as it is written] that he died in 1864in “” MenphisTn. Just
found on internet that he was in the Civil ” War and had a brother
named: Andrew Jackson Caldwell. Now need to write to find his paper
work.” After Isaac died his
wife and sons moved to North ” Dakota. Found what I could
here.” If anyone out there
know more on this family please ” let me know. Thank you.
11-Sep-2005 America – USA
Eleanor M. Erchinger My maternal line (Forbes)
contains my gg grandfather Robert Caldwell born 10/19/1803 in Gregg’s
Township Union County PA. His son is James born in Lycoming County PA born
07/25/1844. I can go no further back than this Robert who married Nancy
4-Sep-2005 America – USA
James Caldwell <br> 4-Sep-2005 America – USA
Virginia Westfall Interested in the family and
antecedants of William Caldwell born 1818 in Portage Co.
2-Sep-2005 America – USA
Virginia Westfall Interested in the family and
antecedants of William Caldwell born 1818 in Portage Co.
########### Australia
Jonphon Caldwell <br> 2-Sep-2005 America – USA
CATHIE GROSE I am decendant of William H
Caldwell trying to find further back… My grandmother was Adrianna Elizabeth
Caldwell born Dec 09 1904 died April 28
1-Sep-2005 America – USA
mark caldwell hi i live in MITCHAM SURREY n
have no trace of my CALDWELL family as my mother lost all contact mif my dads
family when he died ! i think his name was ERIC but thats all i know any help
any1 ??
29-Aug-2005 United Kingdom
mark caldwell <br> ########### United Kingdom
allan caldwell Hi all. Allan Caldwell from
Glasgow again. Noted some comments. You can contact me via acnews@aol.com.
speak soon.
27-Aug-2005 Europe
Regina Rice My great grandfather was
William Augustus CALDWELL married to Emma R. GOLDEN in Pope Co. IL in
1886. They had 5 children Claud Bessie
Lula George H. and Effie. William’s father and mother were listed as G.W.
CALDWELL and M.A. NELSON from Stewart Co. TN.
This is all the further back I can trace them. Would like to find
anyone related to these CALDWELLs.
26-Aug-2005 America – USA
Terry L. Caldwell Originally from Leslie County
Kentucky (USA) Grandfather Sam Father Orville any kin out
26-Aug-2005 America – USA
Nina I am looking for anyone who
may be related or knows of the family of a John Caldwell who was born aprox
1832 in Paisley.”He had two sons that I know of John
born 1858 and James born 1863.”Both are listed as
being born in Lanark and all three are shown as living together (Govan) on
the 1881 census.”They owned/operated a glass shop on Glebe street from
1927 to the 1970’s. “I would love to hear from anyone who knows this
family or is related. James is my great grandfather. I have know idea what
their mothers name was but hope to find out!
26-Aug-2005 Canada
Trish O’Donnell A clan…(family) member of
Red Hugh…Greetings.
26-Aug-2005 New Zealand
John T. Caldwell I am descended from William
Caldwell who married Agnes Givens in Mecklenburg Co. NC and was listed in the
1790 censis there. They had sons James William Andrew Thomas and daughters
Mary (who married a Cathey) and Jenny Oliphant. John
25-Aug-2005 America – USA
Lynda Bruges Allan Caldwell of Glasgow – I
am your cousin! My father is your uncle. I remember visitng you when I was
young and would like to discuss our roots. We have a second cousin in Canada
who has lots of original records about our ancestors going back to the late
24-Aug-2005 United Kingdom
andrew louis beith i am interested in finding the
connection between the clan macdonald and the
24-Aug-2005 America – USA
Kelly Caldwell I have a 100% Irish name but I
am part Shawnee (my grandpa was named Elinipsico after the son of Tecumseh
(who is a relative) and I hold to my tradition.
24-Aug-2005 America – USA
Anne Caldwell Perry Regards Allan Caldwell message
13th August 2005.Please could you complete a Profile so
that you may be contacted.
23-Aug-2005 United Kingdom
Scott Caldwell Your site has a lot of
information on the Caldwell name.I have always been
interested in my heritage but do notseem to have the
time to check into it.
23-Aug-2005 America – USA
Tosha Renae Caldwell CALDWELL’S IN MICHIGAN TOO!!!
22-Aug-2005 America – USA
stephen lee caldwell <br> 19-Aug-2005 America – USA
Jean Hayter Decended from James Caldwell
(married Jane Reed)- fought in American Revolution – in
Pennsylvania -lived in Lancaster – died somewhere near
or “at Westport PA”
16-Aug-2005 America – USA
allan caldwell Hi my name is Allan Caldwell
(50) from Glasgow Scotland. I am an investigative journalist and have two
brothers John (52) and Andrew (49) and a sister Gail (43). My Father was John
Morrison Caldwell and mother Elizabeth. We have roots in both Scotland and
13-Aug-2005 United Kingdom
Tom Caldwell For all you folks that drop in
and sign the guestbook:I would ike to offer you a hearty
welcome on the discussionforum. Its free and easy and you
are much more likely toget your questions answered there. Get to meet a lot
of good folks and some of them are even Caldwell’s too!Signing the guestbook
is like talking to yourself and you know those that talk to themselves are
frequently mad.So consider yourself sane and make the effort to contribute
something – I am sure that you will get a reply – even if I have to reply to
y’all myself.Tom Caldwell
11-Aug-2005 Australia
Robert Edward Caldwell I am the great great great
great grandson of Rev. David Caldwell”from North
Carolina. His father was the immigrant from
Renfrewshire””Scotland and settled in Lancaster
County Pennsylvania in the mid 1700’s.”
9-Aug-2005 America – USA
Kirk Caldwell <br> 9-Aug-2005 America – USA
Mary Caldwell Wilkie Very interesting
website…Nice to have links to other searches too. I have ageneology book about two inches thick with lots and lots
of Caldwells. Wouldlove to compare notes.
9-Aug-2005 America – USA
Marcus G Caldwell Hello againI was doing some research about the counts of Calw and have foundthat Pope victor II’s father was one of the Counts of
Calw”and Bertha of Calw 12th century sister of Pope Victor II
“”has been linked as kin of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan
Scotland”Thats what David Andrew Caldwell said on his article on
thebaths of Calw. I conclude that only the Caldwells of theAyrshire estate
are the last line of the Counts of Calw.”I would like to hear from Chris
Caldwell and try to piece”back our history.
7-Aug-2005 United Kingdom
Justin Taylor Caldwell <br> 1-Aug-2005 America – USA
rebecca caldwell hello”I
am writing again in the hope that someone has some info that can help me.My
line of Caldwell is on my fathers side and they have all came from the
Lancashire & Cheshire areas. I am having difficulty finding any info on a
Charles Caldwell b.1773 in Lowton Lancashire he married Betty ( dont have
last name) who was b.1777 in Lowton also. They had 5 children William b.1799
Peter b.1800 Charles b.1803 John christened on 12 June 1805 in Risley
Lancashire and Ellen b. 1811.I follow the line through John and Ellen as
John’s son Joseph Battersby Caldwell married Ellen’s only daughter Martha and
these two are my g.g.g grand parents. I have hit a dead end with Charles and
Betty and would love any information on them i have’nt found anyone else
tracing the same line. thank you keep up the great
1-Aug-2005 Australia
Marcus G Caldwell I have found out through my grandmother that my family
camefrom Ayreshire the same as Chris Caldwell who wrote
in on 5thJune. Our spelling of my name was Cauldwell. I
believe that we were part of the Counts of Calw ( Count “von Calw)
because of William de Cauldwell de meaning of”so it is william of caeld
weille or Calw. It is strange that “the Scottish king would give his
lands away to ordinary folk”so we must of caome from a weathly
family.When Charles II was restored we were exiled. My family escapedinto the
forest of Galloway and joined the Kennedy Clan.When the Clan systems broke
down we split with the kennedy’s( who went to america as we know) and went to
glasgow to seek jobs.
30-Jul-2005 United Kingdom
Rhonda Voorhis Stangle Me again have found more info
on mom’s family…my mom (Elna)Jean Caldwell Voorhis to Claude Robert
Caldwell b6/3/01d7/3/74? to Arthur Addison Caldwell b1867 to Theodore Robert
Caldwell to David A. Caldwell b1803? all or most from Boone County Lebanon
Indiana area. Anyone with this lineage please email me. Thank you! Rhonda
29-Jul-2005 America – USA
Rhonda Stangle Mother’s maiden name is
Caldwell her father was Claude Caldwell from Boone County Lebanon Indiana.
Interested in starting a family tree for my children not sure where to start.
Claude probably born in Boone County married to Evalina Brock in the early
20’s. They had three children Wayne Mary Elizabeth (Ennis) and my mother
(Elna)Jean (Voorhis). Anyone interested in helping me get started would be
appreciated. Thank you! Rhonda
26-Jul-2005 America – USA
Anne Caldwell Perry Great site. I am from the
Caldwell Lanarkshire Scotland.
24-Jul-2005 United Kingdom
22-Jul-2005 America – USA
Samantha Caldwell Hello I’m 29 years old from
22-Jul-2005 Canada
James Frank Caldwell Would like to find information
as to how to determine who my ancestorsare. I don’t have
much to go on. I do Know that my great grandfatherwas
from or at least lived in Texas when he died. He only had one son”(my
grandfather). I am not sure of great grandfather’s name but grand”father
was Frank Caldwell and lived mostly in Oklahoma and is buried”at
Blanchard Oklahoma. Maybe someone out there can shed some light “
21-Jul-2005 America – USA
Barbara Wilson Lennartson I appreciated your genealogy
site very much. My roots are from the Caldwell Line. My ancestors migrated
from Lancaster to Clearfield Co. PA where I was born in 1936. We migrated to
Pittsburgh in 1941 my father was an engineer and I am still in
19-Jul-2005 America – USA
April Peden I am searching family history
and I came across your site.”I searched for
“”emigrant ships”” “”Eagle Wing””
(name of ship “that my family came to america
in).Which is the same shipthat your family traveled in while coming to
America. After looking back at the information that I alreadyhave…Our
families (Peden and Caldwell)were fellow emigrants on the same ship coming to
America! Peden’s “ended up in Chester County S.C. and then of
“course expanded! But its nice to be in contact with a family that made
the same hard journey to America with my family! If you do have any(and I
mean ANY information “about the ship “”Eagle Wing””
please inform me!”I would love to know any piece of information about
that ship! (Also if you know anything about the “Morning Star or
“”Adventurer”” also ships let me know! “Thank
18-Jul-2005 America – USA
Barbara Caldwell Hirst I didn’t know there were so
many Caldwells. The hard partis to find the right
lineage. My Caldwells came from Irelandbut one was Earl
of Cowden (Henry) and my 5th generation granfather was Sir Audley Caldwell
knighted in 1461 by King EdwardIV.Great site.!Barbara
13-Jul-2005 Canada
Jean CALDWELL I have information on the
Caldwell’s of Garvagh Co Londonderry Northern Ireland. History has it that
there were three Caldwell brothers farmers from Ballymoney in Co Andrim N
Ireland. They had a fall out and one remained in Ballymoney to farm one left
for America (name and date unknown) and the third came to live and work in
Garvagh. The earliest Caldwell from our family in Garvagh was called James
whose father was named as William a farmer on James’ wedding certificate
dated 1 July 1874 in the Parish of Errigal Garvagh Co Derry. The Garvagh
Caldwells were Church of Ireland Protestants. James married Eliza Harrison
who was reported to be a relative of Dr Henry Carey Harrison Senior Surgeon
in Garvagh from the time of the Battle of Garvagh in 1813. This Dr Harrison
was apparently of Scottish descent possibly from Glasgow and rumour has it
that he was in some way connected to the President Harrison’s of America.
Some of us Caldwell’s of Garvagh have the ‘Caldwell Eyes’ – a clear bright
blue in colour and unmistakably of the Caldwell family. If this story sounds
similar to one in your background I would love to hear from you. Kind regards
Jean Caldwell
12-Jul-2005 United Kingdom
Judy Colwell Womack Hello from Texas. My line
comes from William Newton Caldwell(b. @1840) whom we believe was the son of
George W. Caldwell(b@ 1815) son of David Caldwell son of William and Rebecca
Caldwell. The family was in Talledega Randolph and Calhoun Counties in
Alabama. There is very little verification for any of George W.’s children so
if anyone has any snip of any information I would be glad to share what I do
have. As you can tell by my maiden name the Caldwell was changed to Colwell
when the family came to Texas.Best
wishesJudy Womack
9-Jul-2005 America – USA
david robert caldwell i have started to look back at
my past and was amazed there are so many caldwell. i look forward to finding
many more
6-Jul-2005 Ireland
Eric Edwin Caldwell I have just begun to research
my line and would like anyhelp to trace my line back. My
grandfather was WalterEdwin Caldwell who was born to
John William Caldwell Jr. and Ada Gertrude (Dieckman) Caldwell on 1/31/1919
near “Putman Oklahoma. John Jr.’s parents were John William Sr.
“and Martha (Shaw) Caldwell. My greatgrandfather died on 1/30/1941 and
my grandfather passed away on 11/7/1974. I “realize I have little
information but if there is anyone “out there who can help please e-mail
me with any clues. Thank You all and the web site is great.
4-Jul-2005 America – USA
Eric Edwin Caldwell <br> ########### America – USA
Mary Beth Caldwell Your website is delightful!
Thank you for providing such aninformative &
enlightening site….I am now determined tomake a
serious geneology search for my family’s roots. God Bless.
1-Jul-2005 Canada
Sean Caldwell I think I have found the
genealogy of my line when I stumbled on this website.Just
got to find the missing link between my Great Grandfather who was a WW1 gun
expert & tested all the guns before they went out for the war. He was a
an expert marksman.”If anyone can help. My
Grandfather Gaston Hugh Caldwell had a Bakery in Ballyshannon Ireland. He
married a Connie Johnson/Johnston – Father – Charles I Johnson/Johnston d abt
Feb 1889 – wife – Emily Charlotte Irvine d Dec 1909 both in Ireland? “
29-Jun-2005 New Zealand
donnyel duesing this site is great. i guess i
am a 14th generation ancestor of joseph caldwell. I noticed that my half
brother has been to this site haven’t been in contact in years would like
that to change. not sure how to get in
########### America – USA
Darryle Caldwell Just found this site and
thought I would see if there are any Caldwells from the central Oklahoma area
out there.
29-Jun-2005 America – USA
Thomas Davis I am a 6th Great Grandson of
Anges Caldwell who married JosephSkidmore. She was born
in 1706.
20-Jun-2005 America – USA
Christopher L Caldwell <br> 17-Jun-2005 America – USA
Tom Caldwell Message for Margaret
Handley:Not sure if I can be of help but if you lodge
your profile I can contact you by email.”There was a
Thomas Caldwell from Carluke who won a VC in WWI and emigrated to Australia –
he was high in the South Australian Electricity Board and had an entry in the
Australian “”who’s who”””Another Thomas Caldwell
from Carluke died in Allahabad India – his occupation was stated as Railway
Engine Driver – his widow settled in AustraliaThere are Allan’s in our family
but we are from the lower Irvine Valley to Ayr area but as there is strong
family name typing there may be a connection. Allan as a christian name can
maily be traced back to the Beith area and it is relatively rare outside that
place.We are also connected to the Morton’s from the Darvel are and they in
turn seem to connect into the Lemahagow district. Both Lesmahagow and Darvel
are on the route into Ayrshire form Lanark.Tom
14-Jun-2005 Australia
Jerome Caldwell I am origionaly from
Landenberg Pennsylvania. I only know that my father was ileraterate but often
talked about a Harrisson Caldwell. I hope I spelled it right. I wish I knew
my famly’s history/geneology
14-Jun-2005 America – USA
Angela Benson My great great grandmother was
Lula Jane Caldwell daughter of Rev. Robert Houston
Caldwell.”Lula Jane was born in Reilly Springs
13-Jun-2005 America – USA
margaret handley [ nee stewart ] Hi what a fantastic site you
have unfortunately i couldnt find any of the caldwells i am researching but
never mind if anyone has any information on the caldwells from lesmahagow
Carmichael and Carluke i would love to hear from you i am researching Allan
Caldwell David Caldwell Nicholas caldwell the family were fruit growers in
lesmahagow scotland any way can i just say well done for giving other
researchers the chance to view your site kind regards
12-Jun-2005 United Kingdom
Ronnie McMasters Hi
<br>I am
trying to locate anyone in Scottland with the last name as”McMasters MacMasters. I know my Ansesters came from
the Scottish Highlands but not exaclty sure where. Would appreciate any
e-mail from any one with the lsat name of McMasters or MacMasters”Thank
11-Jun-2005 America – USA