Could have been born in Delaware in 1736.

I have conflicting data regarding the marriage of John to Mary Ann Davies - Davies marriage could have been a 1st or 2nd. Other marriage is listed to Jane Kennedy (Kennedy Clan - US) at Old Cub Creek Church, VA in 1746. At the age of 31, I doubt that this (Kennedy) was his first marriage. Another marriage that has been raised is to a Margaret Ewing. Old family records, and research of Randolf Caldwell both point to the marriage of Mary Ann Davies.


John Caldwell 1714 - 1775
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Looking for information about John Caldwell (1714 - 1775) who married Margaret Eleanor Ewing. He had a son John C. Caldwell (1740 - 17950 in Halifax County, Virginia. John C. is the father of David Caldwell (1769 - 1825) in Upson County, Georgia whose wife was Elizabeth Creed Tanner. If anyone can provide information about any of this family, please contact me at I will be very appreciative of any help.

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Thanks for responding to my call for help. I also will be glad to share any information that I have. This is what I know about my genealogy. My g grandfather was Abner Cicero Caldwell, born 28 Feb 1848 in Georgia and Mary Jane Hutson born 7 Oct 1846 in Alabama. A.C. was the son of William Henry Caldwell (b. 25 Sept 1818/1820 in Meriwether Coutny,GA) and Martha Chapman (b. 13 Nov 1814 in South Carolina. W. H. was the son of Creed Caldwell (b. 23 Jun 1798 in Halifax County, Virginia). Creed was the son of David Caldwell (b. 24 Jun 1769 in Halifax County, VA. David was the son of John Caldwell (b. ca 1745 in Virginia.) If you would like to correspond further, my e-mail address is Thanks. Elizabeth Ferguson

John Caldwell of Prince Edward would be the son of John Caldwell & Margaret Phillips. - John Caldwell

I am looking for John Caldwell of Prince Edward Co., VA who moved to Montgomery Co., TN and in my search have turned over many stones and thought someone may be interested in these snippets!

1. In a letter written by J. F. Caldwell of Lewisburgh, Virginia (marked Rec'd Feb. 14th 1831) "The following is the recollection of Joseph Caldwell now of Frederick County, Virginia, my father - [I am] J. F. Caldwell. Oliver my father married Ann daughter of John Caldwell his cousin in the county of Derry, Ireland. My father with his brothers, my uncles, David and Alexander, emigrated to and settled in Pennsylvania. James Caldwell, a delegate near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was father's cousin. Mother had two brothers, John and Alexander Caldwell, they emigrated from Ireland and settled near Wilmington. John Caldwell of Prince Edward, Virginia was cousin of father, and had six sons, two of them Anthony and William went with me to the siege of Yorktown. Joseph Caldwell near Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania was my cousin, as were Joseph near Wheeling, Virginia who married a daughter of Mordicai Yarnell.

[JAC: "Our" Joseph could be the Joseph Caldwell near Fort Pitt - At the time of this letter, other counties and townships had begun. It stands to reason that this Joseph still referred to the area as "Fort Pitt" from early recollection, and still referred to the area as it was known to him in younger years. It is not likely that the author of this letter would know the transitions and new county and township names in PA as he was living in VA.]

Alexander Caldwell now Judge of the Federal Court, for the District of Western Virginia is a brother of the latter Joseph. George Caldwell, a relation, went to Kentucky, had 3 sons, Alexander one of them was killed by Indians. John Caldwell left Pennsylvania with my father and moved somewhere in Virginia, he was first cousin to my father, and brother to my mother. Elis Caldwell a cousin of my father killed ner Newbury Port, R. I. (I presume ) My father used to correspond with several relations of our name in Philadelphia one named Jacob and another William." The foregoing is sent at the request of J. F. Caldwell of the Post Office Department by his Friend.

2. A Petition of Sundry inhabitants of Prince Edward Co., VA, October 11, 1776 listed among others the following: Jno. Caldwell, Jno. Caldwell, Sr., Jno. Caldwell Jr., Jno Caldwell, David Caldwell, Thos. Caldwell, James Caldwell, and Geo. Caldwell.

I'm tearing my hair out and have been since 1968 about which John Caldwell from Prince Edward Co., VA is my line. To make things more interesting he also had a son, John Caldwell, among others. Cousinly regards, Susan Daniel (Murfreesboro, TN)


Recollections of Joseph
CALDWELL of Frederick, VA"

"Oliver, my father, married Ann, daughter of John CALDWELL, in Derney County in Ireland...another version says, Oliver CALDWELL, my father, married Ann, daughter John CALDWELL, his cousin, in County of Derry, Ireland.

Both versions in essence say "My father, with his brothers David and Alexander, emigrated and settled in Pennsylvania."

(a) version says, "James CALDWELL a delegate near Harrisburg Tn was my father's cousin." Both versions in essence say "Mother had two brothers, John and Alexander, who emigrated from Ireland and settled near Wilmington. John CALDWELL, of Prince Edward, was a cousin of my father; he had six sons; two of them, Anthony and William, went with me to the sieze of Yorktown."

(a) version says "Joseph CALDWELL, near Fort Pit, Penn., was my cousin, as was also Joseph, near Wheeling, VA, who married a dau of Mordacai ZANES, at Zanesville."

(a) version says "Alexander CALDWELL, now Judge of the Federal Court District of Wester VA is a bro. of the latter Joseph. George CALDWELL, a relative went to Kent (VA@f0-aep '99) and had 13 sons, one of them was killed by Indians."

(a) version says "Alexander CALDWELL was Judge of the Fereral Court for the western District of Virginia, and was brotyher of the latter Joseph. George CALDWELL, a relative, went to Kentucky (Ahh!), there had three sons; one of them, Alexander, was killed by the Indians."

(a) version says "John CALDWELL left tn. (town?) and moved somewhere to S.C. He was a first cousin to my father and brother to my mother. ELIAS (Eli?) CALDWELL a cousin of my father settled near Newberry Port, R.I. My father used to correspond with several relatives of our name in Philadelphia, one married Jacob and another William. The foregoing is sent at the request of J. F. CALDWELL of the Post Office Department by his friend. J. F. CALDWELL, Lewisburg, VA."

(a) version says "John CALDWELL left Pennsylvania, and married in South Carolina. ELIAS CALDWELL, a cousin of my father, settled near Newburyport, MASS." (ends here.)

Note from the organization ca 1991:

"Now it's obvious that these very different versions sprang from one actual letter. It would be much more valuable if we knew what JOSEPH really said. I expect that Joseph's middle initial was "F" and that the letter was to Josiah Flynt CALDWELL, the son of James and Hannah (OGDEN) CALDWELL, who worked for the Post Office, Department of Washington, D.C. She asks: "Do you suppose the Wilmington meant the city that is now in Delaware...or the one near the coast in N.C.?" Another comment from the editor: "John CALDWELL of Prince Edward, was a cousin of my father, he had six sons; two of them, Anthony and William, went with me to the siege of Yorktown" refers to the John CALDWELL who's (sic) wife was Jane KENNEDY.

Following is my version of family sheets for John and Anthony CALDWELL."
Source: Editor of CALDWELL Organization in 1990-91 (aep '99)

CALDWELL, John born 1723 or 29 Mar 1712 b where: County Derry, Ireland
m. 16 June 1746 where: Cub Creek, Lunenburg, VA
d. 30 Oct 1795 where: Maury County, TN
Father: John CALDWELL
Mother: Margaret PHILLIPS

Spouse: KENNEDY, Jane
b ca 1720
d ca 1780
1. Alexander CALDWELL b VA m. Mary AIKEN
2. Anthony CALDWELL b VA
3. Sarah CALDWELL b VA
4. Polly (Mary?) May b 1758 VA m R. CLEMONS
5. James b CALDWELL ca 1749 VA (no issue)
6. Samuel CALDWELL b 1753 m Harriet SCOTT
7. William CALDWELL b 16 June 1756 m. _______MOORE
8. Hugh CALDWELL b 1760 VA m Nellie DOUGHERTY*
*Thomas DOUGHERTY was one of the men who migrated from PA to VA with "Cub Creek John CALDWELL".
Source: I know nothing of the source given for this family.
"CALDWELL Family of Virginia by George A. Caldwell IV."


  • 20 Mar 1715 - Birth - ; IRE
  • 30 Oct 1795 - Death - ; Maury Co. TN
Joseph Alexander Caldwell
9 Jan 1657 - 3 Sep 1730
John Caldwell
9 Jan 1683 - 6 Oct 1750
John Caldwell
20 Mar 1715 - 30 Oct 1795
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Caldwell
Birth9 Jan 1683Ballyogan of Record
Death6 Oct 1750 Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Marriage4 Jan 1704to Margaret Phillips at County Derry, Ireland
FatherJoseph Alexander Caldwell
MotherJane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell
PARENT (F) Margaret Phillips
Marriage4 Jan 1704to John Caldwell at County Derry, Ireland
MJohn Caldwell
Birth20 Mar 1715IRE
Death30 Oct 1795Maury Co. TN
Marriage1746to Jane Kennedy at Old Cub Creek Church, VA
MRobert Caldwell
Birth6 Jun 1719Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Death30 Jul 1806Danville, Mercer Co. (Boyl, KY
Marriage1754to Mary LOGAN
MJames Caldwell D.D.
Birth14 Apr 1724Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Death24 Nov 1781Elizabethport, Essex Co. (Union
Marriage14 Mar 1763to Mary Hannah Ogden
MWilliam Findley Caldwell
Birth1 Feb 1704
Marriage1727to Rebecca PARKS (PARQUE)
MThomas Caldwell
Birth10 Apr 1706Co. Donegal, Ireland
DeathJan 1770Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Marriageto Mary Jane Parks
MDavid Caldwell
Birth7 Jul 1709Co. Donegal, Ireland
Death1769Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Marriageto Mary Dudgeon
FMargaret Caldwell
Birth16 Mar 1712Co. Donegal, Ireland
Death1791Danville?, KY
Marriage2nd husband - m. 1738to William Rogers at Lunenberg Co. VA
Marriage1st husbandto James Mitchell
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Caldwell
Birth20 Mar 1715IRE
Death30 Oct 1795 Maury Co. TN
Marriage1746to Jane Kennedy at Old Cub Creek Church, VA
FatherJohn Caldwell
MotherMargaret Phillips
PARENT (F) Jane Kennedy
Marriage1746to John Caldwell at Old Cub Creek Church, VA
MWilliam Caldwell
Birth16 Jul 1756
Marriageto Eleanor Moore
FPolly Caldwell
Marriageto James Clemons
MHugh Caldwell
Marriageto Nellie Daugherty
MAlexander Caldwell
MAnthony Caldwell
Marriageto Elizabeth Aikens at TN
MJames Caldwell
FSally Caldwell
MSamuel Caldwell
Marriageto Harriet Scott at KY
Descendancy Chart
John Caldwell b: 20 Mar 1715 d: 30 Oct 1795
William Caldwell b: 16 Jul 1756
Polly Caldwell b: 1757
Hugh Caldwell b: 1760
Anthony Caldwell b: 1751
James Caldwell b: 1749
Sally Caldwell b: 1754
Samuel Caldwell b: 1753