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This is a different Joseph, however am keeping data --

Memories of Hookstown and the South Side - Milestones Vol. 4. No. 4--Autumn 1978

John Hook lived in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, probably in or about Hookstown when the census of 1790 was taken.

Sometime between the time of this purchase from Rutherford and 1802 Hook seems to have entered into an agreement with Joseph Caldwell for sale of his land and Caldwell appears to have built a grist mill and a saw mill on it for he is assessed with the land and the mills in 1802, although he did not receive deeds from Hook until 1809 and 1810. Hook sold him 285 acres.

Joseph Caldwell was a man of prominence in his day. We do not know where he came from and we do not know just when he came to this community, but he was one of the first permanent settlers in this neighborhood. When Beaver County was organized he received a commission from Governor McLean as one of the associate judges of the new County, and was one of the first associate judges of Beaver Court, 1804. This position of honor he held until the time of his death in 1816. He left seven children to survive him, Robert, Mary, Stephen, Nancy, Elizabeth and Sarah.

This is a different Joseph, however am keeping data --

Wills: Joseph Caldwell, 1850: Carroll Twp, Washington Co

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Will of Joseph Caldwell: I Joseph Caldwell of Carroll
Township County of Washington and State of Pennsylvania make this my last
will and testament in manner and form following to wit: first I will and
bequeath to my beloved wife Catherine all my messuage or tract of land
with the house and tenements, on which we now reside it being about two
and three quarter acres be it more or less, to her her heirs and assigns
forever. Item Second I authorize my Executors to rent out to the best
advantage my two houses and lots in Monongahela City, to pay all my just
debts and funeral expences, after they are paid if my wife Catherine
still lives then I will and bequeath to her the rents and profits of same
during her natural life and at her death the property to be sold and
divided as follows, to wit, I give and bequeath to my son John, my
daughter Margaret McFadden, my son Joseph, my daughter Catherine Gregg,
and my sons Charles, William H. and George J.; equal shares, share and
share alike. Item the balance of my property real personal and mixed, I
will and bequeath to my wife Catherine; I hereby constitute and appoint
O.B. McFadden and Samuel Becket my Executors of this my last Will and
Testament; hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness
whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 16th day of January A.D.
one thousand eight hundred and fifty, 1850.
Caldwell {Seal}

Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Joseph Caldwell
to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his
request & in his presence have subscribed as Witnesses our names
Samuel C. King Hugh McCain.

This is a codicil to be added to the last will and testament of me Joseph
Caldwell of Carroll Township, which bears date on the 16th January day of
1850 First I do hereby ratify and confirm my said will in all respects,
save so far as any part therof shall be revoked or altered by this
present codicil, and in particular whereas I have by my said will given
to my son John Caldwell an equal share with my other children. Now I do
hereby revoke and make void the said legacy to my son John, and I do
hereby give and bequeath the interest so revoked to the children of the
said John Caldwell, they to receive the share which their father John
Caldwell would have been entitled to receive under my last will, if the
said bequest had not been revoked.
In witness whereof to this present writing which I hereby acclaim
to be a codicil to my last will and testament, and which I direct to be
added thereto and to be taken as a part thereof, I have set my hand &
seal this 22nd day of May AD 1851.
Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Joseph
Caldwell as and for his last will & testament in the presence of us who
have hereto Subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in the presence of
the said testator and of each other.
Sam G. Hill Samuel C.
King Joseph Caldwell
Hugh McCain

Washington County SS: Be it Remembered that on 20th day of
December A.D. 1855 Before me John Meloy Register for the Probate of Wills
and granting letters of Administration in and for said County came Samuel
Hill esq. one of the subscribing witnesses to the will and Codicil of
Joseph Caldwell decd. who after being duly qualified according to law
deposeth & saith that he was present at the execution of the foregoing
Will and Codicil, and saw the testator subscribe his name thereto, and at
his request and in the presence of the testator and the presence of each
other he and Samuel C. King and Hugh McCain the other witnesses
subscribed their names as witnesses, and at the time thereof the said
testator published pronounced and declared the foregoing instruments as
and for his last will and testament and at the time thereof the said
testator was of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding to the
best of his knowledge observation and belief, and further deponent says
that Samuel C. King is now dead and Hugh McCain is lying under a
paralytic stroke.
Sam Hill
and sworn to & subscribed
before me John Meloy Reg.

Washington County SS Be it Remembered that on the 20th day of Dec. A.D.
1855 before me John Meloy Register for the Probate of Wills and granting
letters of Administration in and for said County came William Smith and
upon his solemn oath says that he is well acquainted with the hand
writing of Samuel C. King & that the signature attached to the will and
codicil of Joseph Caldwell Decd. purporting to be his is the genuine and
proper signature of Samuel C. King, to the best of his knowledge and
And Sworn to & subscribed
before me John Meloy Reg.

Dec. 21st 1855 Letters Testamentary issued to Samuel Becket Esq.
one of the executors named in the will who on same day was duly
Meloy Reg.

Dec. 25th A.D. 1855 Registered and compared with the Original

John Meloy Reg.

Aug. 25th 1863 Letters issued to David Riddle Esq. who was duly qualified
by H. A. Mickey, Reg.

Dec. 24th 1863 Letters to Jas. H. Lockhart who was sworn by H. A.
Mickey, reg.
  • 1769 - Birth -
Joseph Caldwell
ABT 1740 - 30 Apr 1802
Finley McGrew
1702 - 1767
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Caldwell
BirthABT 1740
Death30 Apr 1802 North Huntingdon Twp. Westmoreland County,Pa,
Marriage1759to Jane McGrew
PARENT (F) Jane McGrew
Death North Huntingdon Twp. Westmoreland Co. Pa.,,
Marriage1759to Joseph Caldwell
FatherFinley McGrew
MotherElizabeth Lauris
FMary Caldwell
Birth1761Indiana Co, PA
Death1841Indiana Co., PA ?
Marriage1783to William Donahy at PA
FAgnes Caldwell
Marriageto Wallis
FHannah Caldwell
Marriageto Hamilton
FSusanna Caldwell
Birth22 May 1770
DeathNov 1843Mt. Pleasant, Green Twp., Ross Co., OH
Marriage1790to John McCutcheon
FElizabeth Caldwell
Marriageto Baird
MJohn T Caldwell
Birth3 Apr 1776Westmoreland Cou, Pennsylvania
Death3 Sep 1847Palmyra, Ohio
Marriage1800to Elizabeth Eackler
MJoseph Caldwell
Marriageto Catharine
MRobert Caldwell
Marriageto Elizabeth Alexander
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Joseph Caldwell
Marriageto Catharine
FatherJoseph Caldwell
MotherJane McGrew
PARENT (F) Catharine
Marriageto Joseph Caldwell
MJohn Caldwell
Death30 Jul 1843
Marriageto Sarah McFarland
MRobert Caldwell
Death3 May 1843
Marriageto Elizabeth Dugan
FSarah Caldwell
Marriageto William McFarland
MWilliam Caldwell
Marriageto Jane Hughes
Descendancy Chart
Joseph Caldwell b: 1769
John Caldwell b: 1795 d: 30 Jul 1843
Robert Caldwell b: 1806 d: 3 May 1843
Sarah Caldwell b: 1810
William Caldwell b: 1793 d: 1830