From Lucy Lucille Caldwell Stotts (LLC):

A letter written at Homer, michigan, Oct. 18, 1898, by Aunt Jane (Caldwell) Kenedy to my [LLC] grandmother Abigail Jane (Curtis) Caldwell, after grandfather [LLC] Nicholas Caldwell's death, she made mention of her children; Frank was in Canada. Mattie, Nellie and her husband Lon, Will, and he lived 9 miles north of Midland, Mich. and had 4 living children and one deceased. Ed - had 2 boys. Van no married then. Ed or Eddie as she called him in Detroit, Mich.

Then: Midland, May 20 1913.

Dear Niece,

I will try to answr your letter tonight have just written to Hannah. Wrote 3 letters and a card yesterday and have a few more to write to get caught up. You see this papaer isn't ruled so I can write all over it. My father used to say he could plant more corn in a crooked row than a straight one, so maybe I can get more words in a crooked line. We are about as well as common. My health is better than it was when I suffer a great deal of pain with rheumatism all over and am quite lame most of the time, but do what I can and let the rest go. My family, all are well as far as I know. I hear from them quite often, all but Will. He is in New York state. I have not heard from him in a good while. Now Barbara you spoke in your letter about your mother not eating. She said she was full and could not eat, she said you did not understand. Jesus, when here on earth told his followers, I have bread to eat Ye know of not. He fed her on that bread until she had no room for earthly food. You know we read his word where he fed the multitudes on a few loaves and little fishes and they took up so many fragments. O Praise His name He is able to feed his children on the heavenly Manna until we don't need earthly food. Some times I awaken and in such pain, it seems as though every bone would unjoint, if I move. Yet in my sould I am singing GODS praise, as the poet says, "The soul amidst the storm can sing." Praise God we're going home, it won't be long until we will all cross over to the other shore and what a meeting that will be, never to part no more. Let us live that our calling and election will be sure. Tell me of the heavenly visions your mother saw, for I too, have visions ad hear the heavenly music. I wish you could hear it as I do just now. It seems the whole heaven above is filled with it. If lifts my sould above the earthly things. Praise God. How many of your brothers and sisters are saved and which ones@f11 None of my children are saved but God is wonderfully talking to some of them. I have nothing but worldly goods and not able to to work to earn any thing, but praise God I have a home not made with hands.

Well it is almost eleven o'clock so must close and go to bed. Write soon for I like to hear from you.

Those hymns your mother loved, we sing them all in our meetings. Had meeting in my home 2 weeks ago.

Love to you all,
From your Aunt Jane Kennedy

[This letter was sent to Barbara (Caldwell) Alexander, at Leon, Iowa - LLC]
  • 23 Sep 1841 - Birth -
  • 2 Feb 1920 - Death -
John T Caldwell
3 Apr 1776 - 3 Sep 1847
John Caldwell
16 Jan 1801 - 15 Mar 1870
Elizabeth Eackler
6 Mar 1782 - 24 Oct 1859
Melinda Jane Caldwell
23 Sep 1841 - 2 Feb 1920
Barbry Simons
12 Jan 1801 - 3 Jan 1873
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Caldwell
Birth16 Jan 1801Westmoreland County, PA
Death15 Mar 1870 Edinburg Township, Portage County, Ohio
Marriage30 Nov 1819to Barbry Simons at Portage, Ohio
FatherJohn T Caldwell
MotherElizabeth Eackler
PARENT (F) Barbry Simons
Birth12 Jan 1801
Death3 Jan 1873 Berrian Springs, MI
Marriage30 Nov 1819to John Caldwell at Portage, Ohio
FSusan Caldwell
Birth17 Mar 1831Palmyra, Portage, Ohio
Death27 Feb 1907Charlestown, Portage, Ohio
Marriage7 May 1850to Jacob Phile
FPolly Harriet Caldwell
Birth4 Nov 1834
Death17 Jul 1879
Marriageto Ira Gilbert
FPatience B. Caldwell
Birth2 Nov 1836
Death19 May 1908
Marriageto Harlow Vinton
FHannah M. Caldwell
Birth6 Apr 1839
Death30 Oct 1918
Marriage8 Jul 1854to Apolis D. Stowe at Paris, Ohio
FMelinda Jane Caldwell
Birth23 Sep 1841
Death2 Feb 1920
Marriage25 Jul 1858to George Kennedy
FNancy Caldwell
Birth7 Dec 1820
Death29 Oct 1895Berrien Springs, MI
Marriage6 Dec 1836to Joseph Fisher at Portage County, Ohio
MLevi Caldwell
Birth23 Oct 1822Portage County, OH
Death11 Aug 1892Lewisburg, IA
Marriage25 Oct 1843to Louisa M Curtis at Portage Co., OH
MJohn Caldwell
Birth16 Jan 1826
Death30 Jun 1833Suppose Ohio
MNicholas Caldwell
Birth10 Jul 1824
Death17 Sep 1898
Marriage2 Dec 1846to Abigail J. Curtis
FBesty A. Caldwell
Birth26 Jun 1828
Death22 Oct 1854
Marriage19 Jan 1851to William Chadwick
MJames Caldwell
Birth28 Jan 1829Edinburg, Portage County, OH
Death19 Jan 1887Lewisburg, Wayne County, IA
Marriage4 Jul 1851to Merriam Elizabeth Downs at Lima, Stark County, OH
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Kennedy
Birth16 Dec 1832
Death8 Sep 1903 Homer Township, Midland County, Michigan
Marriage25 Jul 1858to Melinda Jane Caldwell
PARENT (F) Melinda Jane Caldwell
Birth23 Sep 1841
Death2 Feb 1920
Marriage25 Jul 1858to George Kennedy
FatherJohn Caldwell
MotherBarbry Simons
MJohn Franklin Kennedy
Birth13 May 1859Berrien Springs, Michigan
Death28 Jan 1934
Marriageto Mary MacIntosh
MGeorge William Kennedy
Birth7 Feb 1861Ohio
Marriage25 Dec 1882to Gertrude Theodesia Porter at Midland, Michigan
MCharles Elihu Kennedy
Birth12 Jul 1863Ohio
Death4 Mar 1864Ohio
FMartha Jane Kennedy
Birth6 Jan 1867Edinburg, Ohio
Marriage6 May 1886to John Vance at Midland, Michigan
FNellie Elizabeth Kennedy
Birth25 Dec 1869Pennsylvania
Marriage6 Jan 1886to Alonzo M. See
Marriage18 May 1911to Ellis Collins Hart
FNancy Kennedy
Birth21 May 1872Pennsylvania
Death4 Mar 1873Pennsylvania
MEdwin Philip Kennedy
Birth11 Sep 1873Pennsylvania
Marriage6 Apr 1895to Gertrude Friedenburg at Midland, Michigan
MWanzor Holcomb Kennedy
Birth13 Dec 1877Ohio
Marriageto Rossie Knowlton
FLilly Kennedy
Birth3 Mar 1882Midland, Michigan
Death1 Jun 1882
Descendancy Chart
Melinda Jane Caldwell b: 23 Sep 1841 d: 2 Feb 1920
George Kennedy b: 16 Dec 1832 d: 8 Sep 1903
John Franklin Kennedy b: 13 May 1859 d: 28 Jan 1934
Mary MacIntosh d: 4 Jul 1892
George William Kennedy b: 7 Feb 1861
Gertrude Theodesia Porter b: 10 Aug 1865
Emma Elizabeth Kennedy b: 27 Dec 1883
Lucille Potts d: 1930
Elsie May Kennedy b: 29 Nov 1886
Avis Kennedy b: 22 Feb 1890
Arthur E. LaQuay b: 31 Aug 1886
Archie Samuel Kennedy b: 21 Mar 1892
Alice Zimmer b: 24 Jul 1895
Cassie M. Eleanor Kennedy b: 1911 d: 1911
Charles Elihu Kennedy b: 12 Jul 1863 d: 4 Mar 1864
Martha Jane Kennedy b: 6 Jan 1867
John Vance b: 24 Sep 1859
Perley B. Vance b: Mar 1888 d: 15 Sep 1888
Clara Hazel Vance b: 1891 d: 3 Feb 1934
John Claud Vance b: 1892
Marion Elizabeth Vance b: 1902 d: 20 Jun 1917
Nellie Elizabeth Kennedy b: 25 Dec 1869
Alonzo M. See d: 1907
Nancy Kennedy b: 21 May 1872 d: 4 Mar 1873
Edwin Philip Kennedy b: 11 Sep 1873
Roy Denis Kennedy b: 16 Mar 1896
Vernon Kennedy b: 10 Sep 1897
Bessie Florence Kennedy b: 12 Jul 1898
Wanzor Holcomb Kennedy b: 13 Dec 1877
Rossie Knowlton d: 1931
Lilly Kennedy b: 3 Mar 1882 d: 1 Jun 1882