John* was born in Derry Co., Ireland About 1682.(994) John* was the son of Gavin
Dudgeon* and Christina Osborough*. John* died About 1763 in Cub Creek, Lunenberg,
Virginia.(995) Conflicting evidence states that John* was born in Ballybogan, Donegal, Ire,
About 1688. John* immigrated, December 10, 1727. Destination: Lancaster,
Pennsylvania.(996) He* migrated Circa 1738-40.(997) "The story of Cub Creek may be said to
commence 11 April 1738 when the Donegal Presbytery (Lancaster, Penna.) approved the
supplication of John Caldwell "in behalf of himself and many families of our persuasion
who are about to settle in the back parts of Virginia desiring that some members of the
Synod may be appointed to wait upon that government to solicit their favour in behalf of
our interest in that place". (1) John Caldwell, an elder in the Chestnut Level Presbyterian
Church in Lancaster County, Penna., is the recognized founder of the Cub Creek
Congregation, in which movement he was ably assisted by Andrew and Thomas
Cunningham, along with 14 others who purchased land, then in Brunswick County from
Richard and William Kennon."

Footnotes: (1) Records of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,
embracing the Minutes of the General Presbytery and General Synod, 1706-1788, pg
138-139. (2) The 17 founders were David John and William Caldwell and William son of
John Caldwell; Andrew and Thomas Cunningham; Thomas Daugherty; Richard Dudgeon,
James Franklin, William Fuqua, William Hardwick; David and James Logan; Alexander
McConnel, Israel Pickens, John Stewar, and Thomas Vernon as noted in Elizabeth
Venable Gaines: "Cub Creek and Congregation, 1738-1838, p. 93."

Page 568 "The Cunninghams of Cub Creek (998) (See John Dudgeon* for the continuation
of this line.) The History of the Caldwell Family:

The Reverend James Caldwell, Virginia Huguenot, Compiled by cora Johnson Ramey and
printed in "The Huguenot", Publication 11, 1941-1943.

"We learn from records of Essex County, New Jersey, that the Caldwell family was of
French origin. Driven from their country by the persecutions against the Huguenots, they
went over to Scotland. In the reign of James I a branch of the family emigrated to Ireland
and settled in the county of Antrim.

From this branch was descended John Caldwell [Catherine's brother], who came to this
country, bringing with him, besides his wife and children, four single sisters, and settled at
a place called Cub Creek, in Charlotte County, Virginia.

There James Caldwell [Catherine's nephew] was born in April, 1734, the youngest of
seven children."

[Okay, we know that this is crap]

From "The Huguenot", Publication 19, 1959-1961:

"Caldwell: After the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, three Caldwell Brothers, John,
Oliver, and Alexander went first to England and then to Scotland, from France. They
purchased an old Bishopric Estate and called it Caldwell. Some went to England with
Oliver Cromwell (whose grandmother was a Caldwell.)"
Family Group Sheet - Child
MJohn Dudgeon
Marriageto Catherine Caldwell
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Dudgeon
Marriageto Catherine Caldwell
PARENT (F) Catherine Caldwell
Marriageto John Dudgeon
FatherJoseph Alexander Caldwell
MotherJane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell
FMary Dudgeon
Marriageto David Caldwell
Descendancy Chart
David Caldwell b: 7 Jul 1709 d: 1769
Thomas Caldwell b: bef. 1769
James Caldwell b: 1768
Jeanne Caldwell b: 1765
Sarah Caldwell b: 1757
Mary Caldwell b: 1757
William Caldwell b: 1752 d: 1798
Robert Caldwell b: 1762 d: 1793
Hannah Willis b: 1762
David Varner Caldwell b: 11 Mar 1753 d: 1810
Jackson Josiah Caldwell b: 28 Dec 1774
Thomas Caldwell b: 28 Dec 1776
Frances Mann Caldwell b: Aug 1778
Sally Caldwell b: 1 Oct 1780
David Caldwell b: 15 Mar 1782
James Caldwell b: 17 Jan 1784
Dicey Caldwell b: 28 Sep 1785
William Caldwell b: 17 Jun 1787
Phoebe Caldwell b: 3 Mar 1789
John Caldwell b: 2 Nov 1790
Cary Caldwell b: 6 Nov 1792
Betsey Caldwell b: 10 Feb 1795
Jackson Caldwell b: 2 Aug 1797
Samuel Caldwell b: 23 May 1799
John B Caldwell b: 1746 d: 1829
Dicey Mann b: 3 Sep 1753 d: 27 Feb 1785
David Caldwell b: 16 Mar 1776
William Caldwell b: 10 Aug 1777
Eliza Pyle (Pile) d: 2 Sep 1809
Matilda Caldwell b: 9 Mar 1806
Eliza Ann Caldwell b: 13 Jun 1809
Elizabeth Caldwell b: 26 Nov 1811
Ann Jane Caldwell b: 29 Mar 1813
George Alford Caldwell b: 8 Oct 1814 d: 17 Sep 1866
Phoebe Lucretia Caldwell b: 30 Jul 1816
William Caldwell b: 3 Apr 1818
Junius Caldwell b: 2 Mar 1820
Isaac Caldwell b: 30 Jan 1824
Mary Letitia Caldwell b: 3 Oct 1825
Mary Caldwell b: 10 Feb 1782
Phoebe Caldwell b: 28 Feb 1784 d: 1869
James Logan Caldwell b: 8 Jan 1778 d: 1850
Beverly Caldwell b: 3 Oct 1779
Henry Caldwell d: Died two years old
Nathan Penick d: 1843
William Henry Caldwell d: ABT 1838
James Shipp Caldwell d: Living July 1882
Betsey Caldwell b: 10 Feb 1795
John Caldwell b: 1789
Issac Caldwell b: 1795 d: 1836
J Willis Caldwell b: 1791 d: 1848
Phoebe Caldwell b: 1817
John C Caldwell b: 1821
David Caldwell b: 1827
William Caldwell b: 1828
James Caldwell b: 1833
Robert Caldwell b: 1815
Nannie Barksdale d: 1966
George Edward Caldwell b: 25 Jan 1823 d: 1872
Margaret Ann White b: abt.1825
James W Caldwell b: 1850
Isaac W. Caldwell b: 1859 d: 1940
Iris V Caldwell b: Abt. April 1887
Mollie H. George b: Abt. April 1865
Nellie Caldwell b: Abt. 1900
Ida Northington Scobey Floyd b: 25 Apr 1877 d: 20 Sep 1967
Aubra Bryan Caldwell b: 1 Aug 1908 d: Jan 1968
Isaac W Caldwell b: 15 Feb 1913 d: 16 Jan 1978
Donald Ray Caldwell b: 15 Aug 1934 d: Jan 2000
10 Andrew Michael Caldwell Murray b: 26 Apr 1997 d: 26 Apr 1997
Margaret Jane (Peggy) Caldwell b: Jun 1918 d: Living in Flint, Mi.
Laverne Caldwell b: Aug 1919 d: Dec 1993
Vernon Stout b: 9 Oct d: Sep 1980
Judith Diane Stout b: 11 Jul 1944 d: 30 Oct 1981