From David A. Caldwell-a descendent:

Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell -- Third Pastor of Buffalo Presbyterian Church David Caldwell’s grandson, Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell (1821-1876), son of Samuel Craighead Caldwell, served as the third pastor of Buffalo Church, 1847-1859. He then was pastor of a church in Pittsboro, North Carolina, from 1860 to 1866. Later he served as pastor at the Denmark Church in Tennessee until his death on March 28, 1876. He is buried in Jackson, Tennessee. Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell played a major role in establishing the southern branch of the Presbyterian Church in 1861. As Chairman of the Committee on relations of the Orange Presbytery to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell, made the following report, which was accepted and adopted at the One Hundred and Eighty-Third Session of Orange Presbytery, held at Oakland Church, Johnston County, North Carolina, October 1861: "The Committee appointed to report what action Presbytery ought to take in regard to our relations to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, and relative to the formation of a new Assembly in the Confederate States, respectfully submit the following: "This Presbytery, at its last meeting, resolved to send to all the Presbyteries in the Confederate States an invitation to meet in Convention in Augusta, Georgia, on the 4th day of December, 1861, with a view to an early organization of a General Assembly separate from the General Assembly in the United States. "Since that meeting, it has become evident to this Presbytery that it is the wish of a majority of the Presbyteries in the Confederate States to organize a General Assembly instead of a Convention; and as this Presbytery gives its earnest sympathy to this movement, and desires to put itself in a position to co-operate with them, this body has fully determined to take the position set forth in the appended resolutions, for the following reasons, viz.: "1. We regard the action of the Assembly in adopting a series of resolutions requiring us to sustain, uphold and encourage the Federal Government, as unconstitutional, oppressive and schismatic. 2. The uncharitable and even hostile disposition manifested in the late Assembly towards the people and government of the Confederate States, in our opinion, precludes the possibility of maintaining friendly and fraternal intercourse. "3. The cordial and undivided sympathy of our Ministers and Churches is with the Government and interests of the Confederate States. "For these reasons, be it "Resolved, 1. That the Presbytery of Orange, repudiating all desire of reform in anything peculiarly Presbyterian, in the fear of God and under the guidance of his most wise and holy Providence does hereby renounce the jurisdiction of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. "Resolved, 2. That we, in this act disclaim any intention of dissolving our connection with the Synod of North Carolina or any of the Synods or Presbyteries in the Confederate States. "Resolved, 3. That we do now set forth and declare our continued adherence, as heretofore, to the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, Form of Government, Book of Discipline and Directory for Worship in the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, with the single change of substituting the words "Confederate States" for "United States." "Resolved, 4. That Commissioners be appointed to meet and co-operate with Commissioners from other Presbyteries of the same faith and purpose, in organizing a General Assembly in the city of Augusta, Georgia, on the 4th day of December, 1861. And we do unite with the Atlanta Convention in requesting the Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D., of New Orleans to preach the opening sermon and to preside at the organization, and that the Rev. Joseph R. Wilson, D. D., of Augusta, be his alternate; and we do also request Rev. J. H. Gray, D. D., and Rev. J. N. Waddel, D. D., of the Presbytery of Memphis, and Dr. Joseph H. Jones, of Augusta, Georgia, Ruling Elder, to meet on the evening previous at the same place and act as a Committee of Commissions. "Resolved, 5. That in renouncing the authority of the old Assembly this Presbytery does not thereby disown its claims on Princeton Seminary to the Funds of the Female Scholarship of Orange Presbytery, or upon the General Assembly to its just proportion of the property of the Boards." "Before taking the vote on the act of separation from the General Assembly, Rev. A. G. Hughes led the Presbytery in prayer. "The Committee appointed to prepare a narrative on the State-- of Religion made a report, which was accepted, adopted and ordered to be forwarded to the Synod of North Carolina. "The following Commissioners were elected to meet Commissioners from other Presbyteries in the Confederate States, at Augusta, Georgia, on the 4th day of December, 1861, for the purpose of forming a new General Assembly. "Ministers: P. H. Dalton, with Jacob Doll, alternate. " " Drury Lacy, D. D.," "C. K. Caldwell." "Ruling Elders: J. H. Lindsay, with A. Hargrave, alternates: "Chas. Phillips," "John Bullock." "The Committee on the examination of Candidates on Physical Sciences, report that they have examined Mr. H. G. Hill on those subjects, as far as time would permit, and recommend that his examination be sustained as a part of trial. This report was accepted and adopted. "Presbytery then adjourned, with singing, prayer and the apostolic benediction, to meet in Raleigh, at the call of the Moderator, during the sessions of Synod." The General Assembly of the southern branch of the Presbyterian Church abstained from taking a formal position for or against slavery.
  • 28 Mar 1876 - Death -
David Caldwell DD
23 Mar 1725 - 1824
Rachel Craighead
1742 - 1826
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Rev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell
Marriageto Abigail Bane Alexander
Marriageto Elizabeth Lindsay
FatherDavid Caldwell DD
MotherRachel Craighead
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Lindsay
BirthGreensboro, NC
Marriageto Rev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell
MLellard Iume Caldwell
MRev. Cyrus K. Caldwell
Death28 Mar 1876
MSamuel Craighead Caldwell
MWalter P. Caldwell
MSeptimus Caldwell
FAbigail Bain Caldwell
Birth11 Nov 1796
Death23 Aug 1837Mecklenburg Co. NC.
Marriage9 Feb 1829to Robert Davidson Alexander
MJohn McKnitt Madison Caldwell
Birth12 Jul 1812Charlotte, NC
Death21 Sep 1892Rome Georgia
Marriageto Carolie Elizabeth Livy
MRobert (Andrew) Harper Caldwell
Marriageto Sarah Williamson