: Portions of the data on this line has been donated by family member Rev. John Gray (Descendant of Susannah, daughter of Joseph) from his sources.

Posted by John Grey;

Looking for John McCutcheon born 1767 Augusta Co., VA, m. 1790 KY to Susannah Caldwell 1770-1843. To Kingston, Ross Co., OH. My 4th I have info on all ten children. John believed to be the son of James McCutcheon who died Pickaway Co., OH ca 1820. In addition to John he had a son Thomas who m. Martha Entreckin.
  • 22 May 1770 - Birth -
  • Nov 1843 - Death - ; Mt. Pleasant, Green Twp., Ross Co., OH
Joseph Caldwell
ABT 1740 - 30 Apr 1802
Susanna Caldwell
22 May 1770 - Nov 1843
Finley McGrew
1702 - 1767
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Caldwell
BirthABT 1740
Death30 Apr 1802 North Huntingdon Twp. Westmoreland County,Pa,
Marriage1759to Jane McGrew
PARENT (F) Jane McGrew
Death North Huntingdon Twp. Westmoreland Co. Pa.,,
Marriage1759to Joseph Caldwell
FatherFinley McGrew
MotherElizabeth Lauris
FMary Caldwell
Birth1761Indiana Co, PA
Death1841Indiana Co., PA ?
Marriage1783to William Donahy at PA
FAgnes Caldwell
Marriageto Wallis
FHannah Caldwell
Marriageto Hamilton
FSusanna Caldwell
Birth22 May 1770
DeathNov 1843Mt. Pleasant, Green Twp., Ross Co., OH
Marriage1790to John McCutcheon
FElizabeth Caldwell
Marriageto Baird
MJohn T Caldwell
Birth3 Apr 1776Westmoreland Cou, Pennsylvania
Death3 Sep 1847Palmyra, Ohio
Marriage1800to Elizabeth Eackler
MJoseph Caldwell
Marriageto Catharine
MRobert Caldwell
Marriageto Elizabeth Alexander
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John McCutcheon
Birth1767Augusta Co., VA
Death3 Jul 1822 Pigeon Roost, Choctaw Nation, MS
Marriage1790to Susanna Caldwell
FatherJames McCutcheon
PARENT (F) Susanna Caldwell
Birth22 May 1770
DeathNov 1843 Mt. Pleasant, Green Twp., Ross Co., OH
Marriage1790to John McCutcheon
FatherJoseph Caldwell
MotherJane McGrew
MJohn McCutcheon
Birth27 Apr 1802Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
Marriage20 Dec 1824to Keziah Ritchey at Ross Co., OH
FEliza Ross McCutcheon
Birth25 Jun 1812Kingston, Ross Co., OH
Death11 Apr 1832Kingston, Ross Co., OH
Marriage14 Sep 1831to William Rockwell at Ross Co., OH
MJoseph McCutcheon
Birth2 Feb 1798Harrison Co., KY
Death13 Mar 1869
Marriage9 Dec 1823to Sarah Watts at Ross Co., OH
Marriage28 Feb 1826to Lettia Britton
MCyrus McCutcheon
Birth24 Jul 1807Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
Death12 Apr 1837
MarriageMar 1835to Hannah Kinnear at Ross Co., OH
FHannah McCutcheon
Birth5 Aug 1808Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
Death10 Sep 1828Kingston, Ross Co., OH
Marriage13 Apr 1826to Samuel S. Kinnear at Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
FMartha "Patsy" McCutcheon
Birth7 Apr 1804Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
Death1 Feb 1842
Marriage2 Nov 1824to C.R. Stuly at Ross Co., OH
FNancy McCutcheon
Birth20 Feb 1800KY
Death12 Sep 1850
Marriage17 Dec 1818to Col. John C. Clark at Ross Co., OH
MJames McCutcheon
Birth29 Dec 1795
Death6 Jan 1820
FSusannah McCutcheon
Birth2 Oct 1793KY
Death23 Feb 1850Kingston, Ross Co., OH
Marriage26 May 1814to Henry May at Ross Co., OH
FMary McCutcheon
Birth21 Dec 1791KY
Death21 Dec 1826Kingston, Ross Co., OH
Marriage2 Apr 1811to Lewis Reno Rogers at Ross Co., OH
Descendancy Chart
Susanna Caldwell b: 22 May 1770 d: Nov 1843
John McCutcheon b: 1767 d: 3 Jul 1822
John McCutcheon b: 27 Apr 1802 d: 1870
Keziah Ritchey d: 1875
Eliza Ross McCutcheon b: 25 Jun 1812 d: 11 Apr 1832
Joseph McCutcheon b: 2 Feb 1798 d: 13 Mar 1869
Cyrus McCutcheon b: 24 Jul 1807 d: 12 Apr 1837
Hannah McCutcheon b: 5 Aug 1808 d: 10 Sep 1828
Samuel S. Kinnear b: 6 Jun 1800 d: 6 Mar 1867
Ann Amanda Kinnear b: 16 Feb 1827 d: 4 Mar 1909
Thomas Moore Hess b: 25 Jul 1825 d: 28 May 1889
Ellen Pauline Hess b: 22 Aug 1852
Charles Scott Woodrow b: 22 Aug 1852
Thomas Woodrow b: 1872
Anne E. Woodrow b: 1879
Guy H. Woodrow b: 1871 d: 1893
Claude T. Woodrow b: 20 Sep 1904 d: Sep 1970
Nora Adell Hess b: 26 Nov 1858 d: 26 Jul 1934
Peter Volk Ramlow b: 16 May 1854 d: 5 Jul 1933
Helen Ione Ramlow b: 4 Apr 1890
Nora Marnetha Ramlow b: 30 Oct 1888
Catherine Amelia Ruth Slyh b: 1914 d: 1977
Donald Alexander Gray b: Aug 1909 d: 1986
James F. Colburn b: 17 Oct 1827
Martha "Patsy" McCutcheon b: 7 Apr 1804 d: 1 Feb 1842
Nancy McCutcheon b: 20 Feb 1800 d: 12 Sep 1850
Col. John C. Clark b: 4 Jan 1788 d: 2 Jun 1856
James McCutcheon b: 29 Dec 1795 d: 6 Jan 1820
Susannah McCutcheon b: 2 Oct 1793 d: 23 Feb 1850
Henry May b: 27 Nov 1787 d: 9 Dec 1851
Mary McCutcheon b: 21 Dec 1791 d: 21 Dec 1826