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Moved to Lancaster County, Pa. in 1718. Received a grant of land for 285 acres on the Old Philadelphia Road. He and his wife are buried at Pequea Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pa.


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Subject: Anfrew Caldwell From Ireland
Posted by: David Caldwell

Message: provided the following:
Andrew CALDWELL (M) - Pedigree | E-mail Submitter/Download File
Birth: 1692/1693 -- Lifford, Ballybogan, Co Donegal, Ireland

Death: 1752 -- Pequba, Lancaster Co., PA
Spouse: , Ann STEWART

Andrew CALDWELL (M) - Pedigree | E-mail Submitter/Download File
Birth: 8 Sep 1664 -- , Ballycogan, Donegal, Ireland

Death: -- Usa
Andrew Caldwell (M) - Pedigree | E-mail Submitter/Download File
Birth: --
Death: --
Spouse: , Ann Stewart

Andrew Caldwell (M) - Pedigree | E-mail Submitter/Download File
Birth: 08 SEP 1664 -- Ballycogan, Donegal, Ireland
Death: 1754 --
John Caldwell, Mary Holmes

The will of Andrew Caldwell from Ireland is set forth verbatim in a book available through Interlibrary Loan: "David Caldwell", by Ethel Stephens Arnett, 1976. She used a comparison of the wills of the two Andrew Caldwells residing in Lancaster, PA, to show which was the parent of the Rev. David Caldwell, D.D., 1725-1824. I do not recall whether that will identifies any of his children.

There might be a possibility that this Andrew Caldwell or his ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Ireland before emigrating to America. This would make him Scot-Irish.

You might check to see if there is any relationship between your Andrew Caldwell and Alexander Caldwell or Cauldwell, born 1558, in Ayrshire, Scotland, and his brothers, Oliver and James Cauldwell or Caldwell.

If your Andrew Caldwell or his parents, were Presbyterians, they would have been possibly subjected to persecution by persons supporting the Church of England. Any such persecution at the time of Andrew's migration to America may have been a primary motivation for his emigration to America.

The Lancaster Historical Society and local library has numerous periodicals with references to Andrew Caldwell.

Scots Origins is the official Scottish Governmental source of genealogical data for Scotland. It is an online "pay-per-view" database of indexes from the genealogical records of the General Register Office for Scotland - the GRO(S). It costs £6 (sterling) for 30 "page credits". Each page consists of a maximum of 15 search results. The initial 30 page credits are valid for 24 hours from the time of payment (ie the clock starts when you pay). Further credits can be bought in 30 page increments for a further £6 charge each time. Each further purchase restarts your 24 hour user period from the time of payment.

The Lancaster County Historical Society has information.

Published since 1897 as Papers Read Before The Lancaster County Historical Society, the publication became in 1957 the Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society, published quarterly. The articles are intended for the serious researcher as well as for the general reader. A $30 annual membership in the Lancaster County Historical Society includes each Journal published during your membership year. Membership for college students is $5 per semester. High School students and below are free. *

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Caldwell;Andrew; ;27;61;
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David Caldwell



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Subject: Andrew Caldwell
Posted by: David Caldwell

I am looking for ancetry of Andrew Caldwell and his wife, Martha Caldwell (maiden name unknown), who emigrated from Scotland to what is now Lancaster County, PA at sometime around or before 1724/25. They sometimes are confused with Andrew Caldwell and his wife Ann Stewart, who emigrated from Ireland and resided in Lancaster County, PA in the early 1700's.

Children of Andrew and Martha Caldwell were:

1. Alexander Caldwell.

2. Andrew Caldwell. I have read on the Internet that he was born about 1734 in Scotland. He died on March 11, 1808 in Lancaster Co, Pa. Andrew was a 'courtmartial man' in the Lancaster Co. Militia, 2nd Battalion, 7th Company in the Revolutionary War.

3. David Caldwell. His birthdate is March 22, 1724/25. He was born in Lancaster Co, Pa. He died on August 25,1824 in Guilford Co, NC. The site of his log cabin school is a registered historical site. He is the only Caldwell about whom a biography has been published. He is best known for the role he played in educating students from all over the South, many of whom who went on to become ministers, physicians, Congressman, Senators, and governors. I understand that the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution has a North Carolina chapter named after his wife, Rachel Craighead. Her father and grandfather were prominent Presbysterian ministers in Mecklenburg County, NC. During the Revolution, she attended many of the wounded.

4. John Caldwell was born about 1736 in Lancaster Co, Pa. He died on 2 Jun 1812 in Lancaster Co, Pa. John served as First Captain of the Lancaster County Militia 6th Batallion during the Revolutionary War.

I can trace my ancestry from Rev. David Caldwell and his wife, Rachel Caldwell, through one of their children, Rev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell, and grandchild, Rev. Thomas Parsons Caldwell, up to the present.

So far I have not had any luck tracing the ancestry of Andrew Caldwell and where in Scotland he grew up and married. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have as to Andrew and Martha Caldwell.

I understand that there has been a Caldwell clan located in Refrewshire, Scotland, located in the Clyde Valley, southwest of Glasgow, since the 14th century. There is a possibility of a relationship to descendants of the brothers Alexander Caldwell [sic] (b. 1558, Ayewshire, Scotland), John Cauldwell, and Oliver Cauldwell of Scotland. During the lifetime of Mary, Queen of Scots, one of the Scottish noblemen was Lord Caldwell, and perhaps I am related to him or one of his tenant farmers who assumed his last name.

  • 1693 - Birth - ; Londonderry/Donegal/Fermanagh
  • 1752 - Death - ; Lancaster Co. Pa.
John Caldwell
16 Sep 1630 - 18 Nov 1692
Joseph Alexander Caldwell
9 Jan 1657 - 3 Sep 1730
16 Jun 1632 - 14 May 1695
Andrew Caldwell
1693 - 1752
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Alexander Caldwell
Birth9 Jan 1657Londonderry, Ireland
Death3 Sep 1730 Ballycogan, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Marriage8 Apr 1682to Jane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell at Co. Donegal, Ireland
FatherJohn Caldwell
MotherMary HOLMES
PARENT (F) Jane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell
Birth6 Jun 1660Co. Derry, Ireland
Marriage8 Apr 1682to Joseph Alexander Caldwell at Co. Donegal, Ireland
FatherAlexander Mcghee (Mcghie)
MotherJane Milliken
MJohn Caldwell
Birth9 Jan 1683Ballyogan of Record
Death6 Oct 1750Cub Creek, Lunenburg (Charl
Marriage4 Jan 1704to Margaret Phillips at County Derry, Ireland
MAndrew Caldwell
Death1752Lancaster Co. Pa.
Marriage1716to Martha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
FCatherine Caldwell
Marriageto John Dudgeon
MRobert Caldwell
FJane Caldwell
Marriageto Alex Ritchie
FElizabeth Caldwell
Marriageto James Moore
FMargaret Caldwell
Marriageto Robert J McJunkin
MGeorge Caldwell
Marriage9 May 1712to Jane Phillips at Donegal, Ireland
Marriageto Sarah (Possible second wife)
MThomas Caldwell
MWilliam Caldwell
Marriageto LIVING
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Andrew Caldwell
Death1752 Lancaster Co. Pa.
Marriage1716to Martha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
FatherJoseph Alexander Caldwell
MotherJane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell
PARENT (F) Martha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
Marriage1716to Andrew Caldwell
MAndrew Caldwell
Marriage1747to Isabella Andrews
MDavid Caldwell DD
Birth23 Mar 1725Lancaster Co. Pa.
Death1824Mecklenburg Co. NC.
Marriageunkto Rachel Craighead
MJohn Caldwell
BirthABT 1736
Death12 Jun 1812Lancaster Co., Pa.
MAlexander Caldwell
Birth1735Lancaster Co., Pa.
DeathAug 1784Guilford C., NC
Marriageto Margaret
Descendancy Chart
Andrew Caldwell b: 1693 d: 1752
Andrew Caldwell b: 1722 d: 1788
Andrew Caldwell b: 1748 d: 1825
David Caldwell DD b: 23 Mar 1725 d: 1824
Rachel Craighead b: 1742 d: 1826
Abigail Bane Alexander b: 25 Nov 1771 d: 19 May 1812
Dr. David Thomas Caldwell b: 4 Apr 1799 d: 21 Dec 1861
Sarah Jane Caldwell b: 19 Oct 1833 d: 1924
Willam Davidson Caldwell b: 12 Jan 1829 d: 3 Dec 1868
Abigail Dunlop Caldwell b: 1860 d: 1927
Robert Baxter Caldwell b: 11 Feb 1838
Samuel Craighead Caldwell b: 4 Feb 1827 d: 23 Dec 1841
David Thomas Caldwell b: 1 Jun 1831 d: 12 Dec 1845
Margaret Abigail Caldwell b: 4 May 1840 d: 02.30.18--
Rebecca Caldwell b: 8 Jan 1850 d: 8 Jan 1850
Martha Adeline Caldwell b: 1851 d: 1916
Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell d: 28 Mar 1876
Abigail Bain Caldwell b: 11 Nov 1796 d: 23 Aug 1837
Lottie Alexander b: 30 Jan 1856 d: 26 Oct 1877
James R. Alexander b: 1822 d: 12 Jan 1842
Agnes Alexander b: 1832 d: 1897
Martha J. Alexander b: 27 Jul 1836 d: 8 May 1868
William Davidson Alexander b: 26 Nov 1840 d: 7 Apr 1927
John McKnitt Madison Caldwell b: 12 Jul 1812 d: 21 Sep 1892
Carolie Elizabeth Livy b: 20 Jun 1823 d: 8 Jun 1886
Samuel Craighead Caldwell b: 17 Sep 1846 d: 8 Dec 1920
Isaac Pearson Caldwell b: 1879 d: 1924
Flax Reid LeGrand b: ABT 1890 d: 1966
Isaac Pearson Caldwell II b: 1908 d: 1976
Elizabeth Bender b: 1908 d: 1974
Alfred Shorter Caldwell b: 1848 d: 1932
John Livy Caldwell D.D. b: 1850 d: 1932
Thomas Parsons Caldwell b: 1851 d: 1852
Harper Caldwell b: 1855 d: 1872
Franklin Harper Caldwell b: 1857 d: 1906
Thomas Caldwell b: 7 Oct 1777 Twin d: 3 Jul 1857
Alexander Caldwell b: 1769 d: 20 Oct 1841
Andrew Caldwell b: 1771 d: 12 Jun 1845
Martha Patsey Caldwell b: 1775 d: 27 Jan 1826
David Caldwell Jr. MD b: 7 Oct 1777 Twin
John Washington Caldwell b: 1780 d: 8 Dec 1844
James Edmond Caldwell b: 1772 d: Jul 1836
John Caldwell b: ABT 1736 d: 12 Jun 1812
Alexander Caldwell b: 1735 d: Aug 1784
Margaret d: 1839
Samuel Caldwell b: 30 Jan 1772 d: 1841