Presby Minister. Graduated from Princeton in 1761. Licensed by the New Bruswick Presbytery and ordained inTrenton Nj in 1765. Moved to NC. Member of the NC delegation to the Constitutional Convention of 1776 in Halifax. Constantly harrassed by the Tories. Britich encamped on his plantation in 1781 and burned his sermons and books. Turned down the presidency of UNC. DD conferred on him by UNC in 1810. Preached till he was 95 years old.

From David A. Caldwell-a descendent:
iii. David Caldwell was born on March 22, 1725 in what is now known as Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, but known as Chester County at the time of his birth. His portrait (painted after his death based on description) lies in the Buffalo Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is reproduced in Robert M. Calhoon, Religion and the American Revolution in North Carolina, North Carolina Bicentennial Pamphlet Series: North Carolina in the American Revolution, North Carolina State University Graphics, Raleigh, 1976, p. 10. He died on August 25, 1824 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He is buried in Buffalo Presbyterian Church cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina, alongside his wife, Rachel Craighead, 1742-1825. He had twelve children, the most well known of whom was his first born, the Rev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell, born 1767, died August 25, 1824. Several children died in infancy. David’s other children were Rev. Alexander Caldwell, born 1769, died October 2, 1841; Andrew Caldwell, born 1771, died June 12, 1845; Martha "Patsy" Caldwell, born 1775, died January 27, 1826; the twins Thomas Caldwell and David Caldwell, M.D., born October 7, 1777; John Washington Caldwell, born 1780, died December 8, 1844; James Edmund Caldwell, born 1772, died July, 1836; and Robert Craighead Caldwell, born 1786. His only daughter, Martha "Patsy" Caldwell, born 1775, lost her reason in 1792 and remained in a state of derangement until her death. Thomas Caldwell married Elizabeth Doak on March 24, 1813 in Guilford Co. and died July 3, 1857. David Caldwell, M.D., married Susan Clark on July 15, 1811 in Guilford Co. John Washington Caldwell married Martha Davis. After her death, he married Margaret Cabe on October 1, 1822 in Guilford Co. Robert Craighead Caldwell married in succession Marjorie Woodburn, Mary Clancy, and Maria B. Latta (the latter on July 12, 1825, Guilford Co.). James Edmund Caldwell sustained brain trauma at age 6 or 7 became deranged about the age 21, never married, and remained confined until his death, in 1836.


David Caldwell, 1725-1824 : Pennsylvania Colonial pioneer, Princeton...

Lancaster County Historical Society
Main Author:
Caldwell, David Andrew.
David Caldwell, 1725-1824 : Pennsylvania Colonial pioneer, Princeton
scholar, North Carolina educator and physician, Presbyterian minister,
Revolutionary War patriot, and a founding father of the Bill of Rights / by
David Andrew Caldwell.
Primary Material:
Caldwell family.
[.s.l. : s.n.] , 2000.
58 l. 28 cm.
  • 23 Mar 1725 - Birth - ; Lancaster Co. Pa.
  • 1824 - Death - ; Mecklenburg Co. NC.
Joseph Alexander Caldwell
9 Jan 1657 - 3 Sep 1730
Andrew Caldwell
1693 - 1752
David Caldwell DD
23 Mar 1725 - 1824
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Andrew Caldwell
Death1752 Lancaster Co. Pa.
Marriage1716to Martha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
FatherJoseph Alexander Caldwell
MotherJane Mcghee (Mcghie) Caldwell
PARENT (F) Martha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
Marriage1716to Andrew Caldwell
MAndrew Caldwell
Marriage1747to Isabella Andrews
MDavid Caldwell DD
Birth23 Mar 1725Lancaster Co. Pa.
Death1824Mecklenburg Co. NC.
Marriageunkto Rachel Craighead
MJohn Caldwell
BirthABT 1736
Death12 Jun 1812Lancaster Co., Pa.
MAlexander Caldwell
Birth1735Lancaster Co., Pa.
DeathAug 1784Guilford C., NC
Marriageto Margaret
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) David Caldwell DD
Birth23 Mar 1725Lancaster Co. Pa.
Death1824 Mecklenburg Co. NC.
Marriageunkto Rachel Craighead
FatherAndrew Caldwell
MotherMartha Ann (Cousin) Stewart
PARENT (F) Rachel Craighead
Marriageunkto David Caldwell DD
FatherAlexander Craighood
MRev. Samuel Craighead Caldwell
Marriageto Abigail Bane Alexander
Marriageto Elizabeth Lindsay
MThomas Caldwell
Birth7 Oct 1777 Twin
Death3 Jul 1857
Marriage24 Mar 1813to Elizabeth Doak
MAlexander Caldwell
Death20 Oct 1841
Marriage9 Oct 1794to Sarah Davidson at Mecklenburg Co. NC
MAndrew Caldwell
Death12 Jun 1845
FMartha Patsey Caldwell
Death27 Jan 1826
MDavid Caldwell Jr. MD
Birth7 Oct 1777 Twin
Marriage15 Jul 1811to Susan Clark at Guilford C., NC
MJohn Washington Caldwell
Death8 Dec 1844
Marriageto Martha Davis
Marriage1 Oct 1822to Margaret Cabe at Guilford C., NC
MJames Edmond Caldwell
DeathJul 1836
MRobert Craighead Caldwell
Marriage12 Jul 1825to Maria B. Matta at Guilford C., NC
Marriage1850to Marjorie Woodburn
Marriage1855to Mary Clancy
Descendancy Chart
David Caldwell DD b: 23 Mar 1725 d: 1824
Rachel Craighead b: 1742 d: 1826
Abigail Bane Alexander b: 25 Nov 1771 d: 19 May 1812
Dr. David Thomas Caldwell b: 4 Apr 1799 d: 21 Dec 1861
Sarah Jane Caldwell b: 19 Oct 1833 d: 1924
Willam Davidson Caldwell b: 12 Jan 1829 d: 3 Dec 1868
Abigail Dunlop Caldwell b: 1860 d: 1927
Robert Baxter Caldwell b: 11 Feb 1838
Samuel Craighead Caldwell b: 4 Feb 1827 d: 23 Dec 1841
David Thomas Caldwell b: 1 Jun 1831 d: 12 Dec 1845
Margaret Abigail Caldwell b: 4 May 1840 d: 02.30.18--
Rebecca Caldwell b: 8 Jan 1850 d: 8 Jan 1850
Martha Adeline Caldwell b: 1851 d: 1916
Rev. Cyrus K. Caldwell d: 28 Mar 1876
Abigail Bain Caldwell b: 11 Nov 1796 d: 23 Aug 1837
Lottie Alexander b: 30 Jan 1856 d: 26 Oct 1877
James R. Alexander b: 1822 d: 12 Jan 1842
Agnes Alexander b: 1832 d: 1897
Martha J. Alexander b: 27 Jul 1836 d: 8 May 1868
William Davidson Alexander b: 26 Nov 1840 d: 7 Apr 1927
John McKnitt Madison Caldwell b: 12 Jul 1812 d: 21 Sep 1892
Carolie Elizabeth Livy b: 20 Jun 1823 d: 8 Jun 1886
Samuel Craighead Caldwell b: 17 Sep 1846 d: 8 Dec 1920
Isaac Pearson Caldwell b: 1879 d: 1924
Flax Reid LeGrand b: ABT 1890 d: 1966
Isaac Pearson Caldwell II b: 1908 d: 1976
Elizabeth Bender b: 1908 d: 1974
Alfred Shorter Caldwell b: 1848 d: 1932
John Livy Caldwell D.D. b: 1850 d: 1932
Thomas Parsons Caldwell b: 1851 d: 1852
Harper Caldwell b: 1855 d: 1872
Franklin Harper Caldwell b: 1857 d: 1906
Thomas Caldwell b: 7 Oct 1777 Twin d: 3 Jul 1857
Alexander Caldwell b: 1769 d: 20 Oct 1841
Andrew Caldwell b: 1771 d: 12 Jun 1845
Martha Patsey Caldwell b: 1775 d: 27 Jan 1826
David Caldwell Jr. MD b: 7 Oct 1777 Twin
John Washington Caldwell b: 1780 d: 8 Dec 1844
James Edmond Caldwell b: 1772 d: Jul 1836