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(211) Kevin Caldwell
Mon, 30 December 2019 17:34:49 +0000
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Hi, Kevin Thomas Caldwell (western NC / USA) looking for the Caldwell line and hopefully relatives near & far. I have zero geneo experience til yesterday and have been on ancestry but am a bit confused. Hoping to find some Caldwells (and help).

Father / grandfather listing so far (all Caldwell) is John Knott / John French / Noah Lee / Rufus (no middle) / James Harvey / William C / John F. / Captain John F / Sir David / John Joseph / John / William Cauldwell (before the "u" was dropped out) and maybe this is too much info but wanted to put these all in case anyone's looking and might have some help.

(210) stephen caldwell
Thu, 19 December 2019 18:54:25 +0000

Looking forward to some reading!

(209) Randy Caldwell
Tue, 10 December 2019 12:37:49 +0000

I used to have a Caldwell page on Rootsweb going back to the 1100s.
My directs landed in the Port of Delaware in 1727 and headed to Amish lands before deciding to relocate in Lunenburg, Va.

As for the myths, they are all pretty much true, but not the way the scamming grifter Anjou said.

1) Barbarossa - was not the pirate, but Federick I. The brothers that went with Barbarossa, did so on the 3rd Crusade. The '3 ships' were not pirate ships, but "Ships of State" as Federick I (Barbarossa), Philip II (Philip Augustus) and Richard I (Richard the Lionheart)set out under their respective flags (ship of state) to take control of the Holy Lands.

This is a very big part of the story as the Caldwells were I believe from the Würzburg area of Germany (kalte quelle or cold source Roman bath area) and belonged to the Welf family. The Welfs and the Hohenstaufens were combined by marriage, but the Welf clan didn't like it and tried to assassinate Federick I's father (Frederick II) before the wedding. These 'family members' were not killed as a tribute to bride Judith (of the Welfs), and instead were exiled. I believe these Caldwell ancestors ended up at a Caldwell settlement that suddenly appeared at this time between Worcester and Birmingham England. The 3 'Caldwell' brothers most likely joined the exiled family members after Federick I died on the Third Crusade. They being most likely younger and were conscripted (stripped from their family of would be assassins) for service instead of being immediately exiled.

2) Ann of Caldwell and Oliver Cromwell - there is a record of one Ann (of that Caldwell settlement near Birmingham) and Thomas Cromwell giving birth to either Cromwell's grandfather or grand-uncle. This may have been the 'illegitimate birth' as they don't seem to have been married yet. There is a possibility that the son from Oliver's Great-grandfather died and to make the ilegit legit, he adopted (switched out) his brother's son for his own dead one, thus making Ann of Caldwell the grandmother of Oliver Cromwell. The interesting thing here is that post the birth record for Ann (with the ilegit kid), there is a marriage registered for her and Thomas in Birmingham (with no kid) prior to their departure for the new world, where they are registered again to be married yet again in Boston after arrival (yes people, there were settlements/cities in the new lands before the Pilgrims).

Flowing from this Birmingham phase of Caldwell exile/expansion/settling is where the family seems to have migrated in two groups (oneth by sea and oneth by land) north to the Scotch-Irish area leading to two major different spellings of the name. One with the 'd' and the other without, with the vowell aspect taking on local variations of 'al', 'ol', 'aul', etc.

The first mention of "Cald-wels" (interesting spelling for the time) in Scotland is via Tim Pont's maps from the end of the 1500s to early 1600s. That is also the time around when the Caldwell Tower in Scotland was built.

(208) Charles B. Caldwell II
Fri, 15 November 2019 22:20:56 +0000

From Louisiana

(207) Katharine Caldwell Anderson
Wed, 6 November 2019 01:42:54 +0000

I joined and I am a descendant of the line of Caldwell's from Scotland and then Ireland. I am from the line of Caldwell's that inhabited Castle Caldwell in Ireland. Curious if anyone else on here is and where you live now.

(206) Emily Caldwell
Tue, 22 October 2019 05:48:48 +0000

Hi there!
My great-great-grandfather David Wylie Caldwell was born in Renfrewshire in 1834, and immigrated to Australia sometime before 1872. His parents were Archibald Caldwell and Margaret Wylie.
Have found this website interesting, but haven’t found any connections to my own family just yet.

(205) k.j. habeeb
Sun, 15 September 2019 02:07:07 +0000

I'm looking for photographs of William Lowndes Calhoun, the youngest son of John Caldwell Calhoun, seventh vice President of the United States. I've seen one attributed daguerreotype of this man, but would like to see other representations. I would be grateful for any leads. Thanks in advance! K.

(204) David Hughes
Wed, 24 July 2019 19:17:52 +0000

After neglecting it for quite some time I decided to spend some time today in expanding my family tree. It appears that I am descended from the Caldwell line by way of Abigail Bain Caldwell who was a daughter of Samuel C. Caldwell and Elizabeth Lindsay. Thanks to this website I was able to trace the Caldwell line back quite a bit. I will be returning to this site to learn more about the Caldwell family history. Thank you.

(203) kam jackson
Tue, 23 July 2019 01:28:47 +0000

I am a descendant of the Caldwells--My great grandfather was Jonas Caldwell of Ravenna Kentucky. I have 2 questions/comments. We descend from Sir James of Caldwell Castle in Fermanagh in Northern Ireland I'm assuming? My cousin traveled there last year to visit. Second-- I saw a story re the myth that we were related in some way to Jesse James? He shows up on my National Geographic DNA list as a maternal match, The Caldwells are on my Maternal side--- so maybe not a myth after all?

(202) Kevin Helmicko
Wed, 19 June 2019 21:19:19 +0000

I have come across a book in my Mother’s belongings dated 1768 Select sentences. In side hand written inscription
Enoch David’s book
Bought of David Caldwell in 1773
Thought this might be of interest to your family.
I would like it to go back into the possession of family.