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(55) Brady Thomas Caldwell Jr.
Fri, 9 October 2015 10:29:09 +0000

My father is Brady T. Caldwell
His father was Brady W. Caldwell
His father was George Cleveland Caldwell
His father was Henry Harrison Caldwell
This is as far back as I know.

(54) Rev Carl Callahan
Sun, 20 September 2015 02:44:57 +0000

My wife Linda Faye Caldwell is a direct descendant of Rev David Caldwell and we have him in her family tree and would like to share some information

(53) Teresa Wilkins Goodman
Thu, 10 September 2015 01:26:05 +0000

Granddaughter of Kizzie Caldwell.

(52) Robert Caldwell Kane
Sun, 6 September 2015 18:29:57 +0000

My Grandmother Rebecca Caldwell from Donegal, NI. Passed away circa 1957 in Philadelphia, PA
Her brother (my great uncle) Robert G Caldwell from NI. Settled in Phila as well; hence my name Robert Caldwell KANE

Rebecca's husband Charles Roulston from County Tyrone NI

(51) colleen asaro
Sun, 30 August 2015 05:08:29 +0000

my maternal great grandfather was a Caldwell...I want to research the family.

(50) Mellisa Bieker
Fri, 21 August 2015 19:02:19 +0000

I have reviewed your site and I have noticed you do not have my grandma's Caldwell line. How do I contact the site owner I am not finding an email and this the only form I can write on sorry you can delete it you don't want this here but I would love to share info. and talk to you more about this line. I continuing the work on it proving everything hemming details

(49) S J K Haley
Fri, 7 August 2015 11:28:08 +0000

Re: Anjou

I just read you piece on Anjou. Have you researched Orra Monnette, his methods and his notes? It seems as if you and Mr. Anderson are ready to condemn him in, but you until you review his notes, his research methodology, both you and Anderson are simply stating an uneducated opinion. I would also note that Monnette - he never obtained a doctorate, and never presented himself as such. This makes your "Dr." Salutation of him misleading - never offered his services to clients as Anjou did. Monnette was too busy running banks to present himself to clients as a professional genealogist. It was his personal hobby. While he did sell his Piscataway books, he never presented himself as a professional genealogist. Furthermore, Monnett documented and saved, everything. His personal papers include harsh criticisms levied at him by his foes, if he were a fraudster, would he keep such criticisms and defend them?

Strangely, Anderson, who you quote with great confidence, never accessed Monnette's original notes, correspondence or other documents. Instead Anderson takes his information Monnette from a screed written by Donald Lines Jacobus in the American Genealogist, written 20+ years after Monnette's death. Reading Jacobus's piece on Monnette, it become apparent that he too, never looked at the methods Monnette used.

Finally, as to his work with Huguenot's and your inference that such made his works more suspect because that was was Anjou's preferred ourve is really illogical.

One cannot call to question the motivations, quality or even how incorrect conclusions are reached if one does not examine the primary source documentation of a researcher. But to criticize, without benefit or such an examination, mearly places the person who draws such conclusions, without benefit of such research into realms of hearsay themselves.

I have delved into Monnette's personal notes. Have you?

So let me get this straight; I quote a 1976 edition of American Genealogist that list seven "genealogists" as suspect and I'm some sort of slacker because I didn't research - let alone to your standards - the research of the person that I quoted regarding one of those seven that's not even actually the focus of the article? Got it.

Regardless of whether or not Anjou added a dash of Huguenot ancestry in his dubious genealogy reports it doesn't change the fact that the propensity of Monnette's genealogical research contained some connection to Huguenots; let alone the fact that Monnette chaired a meeting of Huguenot descendants (or were they?), but move along; nothing to see here.... There is not one of us without warts of some kind in our ancestry, and while it's noble that almost 80 years after his death you wish to add some sort of corrections or nuance to your ancestors story, I'm going to follow Occam's razor on this one....

(48) Susan McMillan
Thu, 6 August 2015 03:37:02 +0000


Thank you so much for this website. Just want to let you know the link for Joseph Caldwell # 59103 is not working. Neither is the link for his wife Jane McGrew.


Thanks, Sue! I'll take a look.

(47) Tanya Dillon
Sat, 18 July 2015 22:25:28 +0000

Hello! I located some of my family ancestry on this site. My grandfather was Dallas Caldwell. His father was Lanche O. Caldwell, married to Lula, but this site says his name was spelled differently. (Everyone called him L.O.).And his father was Charles Caldwell, married to Rachel McVey. Thank-you so much for creating this database! I can fill in much of the information that appears to be missing about Lanche Caldwell's relatives, dates of death, etc. I can see links to "LIVING" but can't get any information from there. Please help. Thanks!

(46) Julie Caldwell
Thu, 16 July 2015 17:41:36 +0000

Hello, My mothers maiden name is Caldwell, daughter of Henry and Dorothy Irene Caldwell, Henry and his twin brother, Albert Caldwell, children of Burl and Jessica (Wolcott) Caldwell, child of James Alexander and Rachel. I haven't found any of them in your website but wanted to leave a note in case anyone looking for the same line of Caldwell's happen upon here.