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(59) Heather Stewart Caldwell
Mon, 30 November 2015 09:31:08 +0000

Hi. My father was Gilbert MacWilliam Caldwell born in 1904 in Paisley or Johnston Scotland. His father was James Caldwell and mother Margaret MacWilliam Caldwell. I know for sure he had a brother Daniel and a sister Margaret but that is all i know. My father was married once before he married my mother and had a son James and a daughter possibly Margaret. I believe this was in Eastern Canada. I would love to find any Caldwell relatives as i know nothing about this side of my family tree.

(58) Melissa Caldwell
Tue, 24 November 2015 01:32:34 +0000

daughter of James David Caldwell and Carolyn Sue Caldwell

(57) Kathleen Caldwell
Tue, 27 October 2015 21:09:58 +0000

My grandfather was named Vincent Caldwell and he married into a German family with the surne Koethe. Vincent married Herte Koethe and they settled in Brooklyn NY. They had one son , my father Donald in 1929. I don't know anything about Vincent Caldwell. How can I move forward with my research?

(56) Esperanza S Caldwell
Thu, 22 October 2015 17:33:24 +0000

My husband is Jerry Caldwell.
His family is from the southeastern region of Kentucky.

(55) Brady Thomas Caldwell Jr.
Fri, 9 October 2015 10:29:09 +0000

My father is Brady T. Caldwell
His father was Brady W. Caldwell
His father was George Cleveland Caldwell
His father was Henry Harrison Caldwell
This is as far back as I know.

(54) Rev Carl Callahan
Sun, 20 September 2015 02:44:57 +0000

My wife Linda Faye Caldwell is a direct descendant of Rev David Caldwell and we have him in her family tree and would like to share some information

(53) Teresa Wilkins Goodman
Thu, 10 September 2015 01:26:05 +0000

Granddaughter of Kizzie Caldwell.

(52) Robert Caldwell Kane
Sun, 6 September 2015 18:29:57 +0000

My Grandmother Rebecca Caldwell from Donegal, NI. Passed away circa 1957 in Philadelphia, PA
Her brother (my great uncle) Robert G Caldwell from NI. Settled in Phila as well; hence my name Robert Caldwell KANE

Rebecca's husband Charles Roulston from County Tyrone NI

(51) colleen asaro
Sun, 30 August 2015 05:08:29 +0000

my maternal great grandfather was a Caldwell...I want to research the family.

(50) Mellisa Bieker
Fri, 21 August 2015 19:02:19 +0000

I have reviewed your site and I have noticed you do not have my grandma's Caldwell line. How do I contact the site owner I am not finding an email and this the only form I can write on sorry you can delete it you don't want this here but I would love to share info. and talk to you more about this line. I continuing the work on it proving everything hemming details