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(199) William Chase
Sat, 13 April 2019 12:46:03 +0000

Enjoyed reading through the site. Mother's maiden name is Caldwell, descended from William Dwight Caldwell.

(198) Jenny Caldwell
Thu, 11 April 2019 19:07:04 +0000


I'm looking for information about John Caldwell, born somewhere in PA in 1800. He moved to Ross, County, Ohio sometime before 1918, when he married Sarah McFarland. They had 3 children that I know of - Malinda in 1821, Katherine in 1825, and and my great-grandfather Samuel in 1833. I believe John died in 1843 in Ross County, Ohio, but I have been unable to confirm that.

I'm searching for information on John's parents, siblings, birthplace, etc.

Does anyone here have any information about him?
Best regards,
Jenny Caldwell

(197) Robert e caldwell jr
Sun, 24 March 2019 13:42:30 +0000

Enjoy reading the site! I was born and raised in Memphis Tn. My grandfather was John Caldwell in Milan TN. I now live in Colorado with my two boys, West William Caldwell and Levi Edward Caldwell.

(196) a moore
Sun, 3 March 2019 17:03:26 +0000

Looking for any information on CHILDREN of Elizabeth Caldwell Moore (b. 1684) and her husband James Moore. Elizabeth was a sister of John Finley Caldwell. She and James came across from Ireland with John on the "Eagle's Wing" to Newcastle, DE in 1727.

(195) Melodie Wood
Sat, 2 February 2019 17:57:21 +0000

Robert Caldwell b. 1775, d. b4 1857 married to Mary Cochran. Looking for Robert's parents

(194) ellen
Sun, 30 December 2018 22:14:30 +0000

The family tree you have for William Caldwell --Father (Joseph Alexander (1657) Mother Jane McGhee under William you have living there is no way his children are still alive. The Alexander Richey married to Jane Caldwell (1688-1785) is spelled Richey not Ritchey--Alexander came to America with Jane and her brother amongst other in 1727 via Delaware> Pennsylvania>Virginia --They migrated to Virginia after the Scots-Irish wrote a petitioning the Governor of Virginia for land.

(193) Kurt Sobiesienski
Thu, 27 December 2018 12:33:56 +0000

My maternal grandfather is a Caldwell. He played a vital role in my life and I have always been interested in his Scottish/English heritage. Thanks for your efforts in researching the family name. God Bless

(192) Rollie Stamps
Fri, 9 November 2018 14:42:46 +0000

I am working on my family tree through Family Tree and have come to this branch:

Jehu Johnston married to Margaret Jane Caldwell of Newberry, NC (b1758). I am showing her parents as Capt. John Caldwell(b1726)and Elizabeth Gilman (b1730). John Caldwell's parents were William Findley Caldwell (b/Ireland) and Rebecca Parque (b/either Ireland, prob. France, 1707). Does this track with your records? I noticed Elizabeth Gilman was not listed, although women's life expectancy at the time was obviously low and multiple marriages appear to be the norm. Thank you for any help.

(191) Pepperkorn
Tue, 25 September 2018 17:59:34 +0000

Hi -- In reference to your Robert Caldwell married to Mary Logan.

Just in response to your note on your record. Robert Alexander Caldwell Of Londonderry born 7/21/1721 died 10/1799 in Alexandria PA) ALSO married a Mary Logan (born 1730 in Londonderry - died 7/7/1799 in Alexandria PA) so they are NOT the same person, just same basic names - it's a whole other branch. They settled Juanita Valley and have tons of documentation in books and in the DAR etc. It might be fun to add this line into your records - in your copious spare time ;-)

Robert Alexander Caldwell is one of my gggggggrandfathers and one of the GAZILLION Ulster Scots I have in my family, making me a Daughter of the American Revelation an absolutely ridiculous number of times. They really stuck together when they came to the US -- and Wow the Ulster Scots HATED the British. AND my family passed down the stories -- I was shocked at doing research based on my grandmother's stories -- and they were all true -- hundreds of year of grudges and now I know the origins - HAHAHAHA! I love my family I must say, and hope all Caldwells who visit find the same links to their history and all the strength and love and best wishes sent down the generations too!!

(190) Ruth Ventrello
Sun, 2 September 2018 19:56:54 +0000

I am enjoying learning more about my ancestors. I descend from Daniel McJunkin (6th gggrandfather) and through him to Joseph Alexander Caldwell (1659-1730) 9th gggrandfather.
I found this site trying to research Elizabeth Wallace Caldwell my 12th gggrandmother (b. circa 1580). Find a grave has a statement that her father and mother are William Wallace and Katherine Crawford; however, there is not confirmed source for that claim. If anyone has a reliable source, please pass that information to me. Thank you