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(155) Melanie Caldwell Camden
Thu, 28 December 2017 20:59:34 +0000

How can I find out more info if I am linked to anyone here?

(154) Dana King
Wed, 20 December 2017 21:49:18 +0000

My maternal grandmother was Martha Jane Kyle Caldwell (1902 - 1986) born to Charles Caldwell (1860 - 1911) of Magherageeragh, Ireland, Co Tyrone and Martha Jane Kyle (1862 - 1946). They lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

(153) Sarah Dillingham Caldwell
Fri, 15 December 2017 23:12:07 +0000

Just stumbled upon your site. Lovely to see more info on the family. I follow the direct US line from John Caldwell 1624-1692 (and Sarah Dillingham 1624-1722). I am in the process of slowly sifting through generations of records and artifacts and organizing all. Records include family tree info going back to the 1300-1400s in England and Scotland for some lines. Most of the Caldwell rcords and artifacts date from the 1700s and 1800s related to the Captains (Eben, Ebenezer, Eben and Albert Henry). Though I do also have the diary of Ebens daughter while crossing the Atlantic with her father on a trip to England (lovely early view of the sailing by a young woman which I am in the process of transcribing) and also John Caldwell’s cane as one of the earlier artifacts. Once done with full review will be publishing parts and then deciding where to leave the lot, as I am the end of the direct line (all will be going to a museum most likely in MA possibly in Ipswich). It will be awhile (most likely a few years) getting through all but if anyone has questions regarding lines in the US or prior, where they have missing or incomplete data feel free to send me your questions and I will keep my eyes out for such as I review. Note: I did see reference on one record of a possible early clan settlement site off of Routen Burn (water). Does anyone else have mention of this?

(152) Donald W.Caldwell
Sat, 25 November 2017 22:45:15 +0000

Hello Fellow Caldwells,

I have traced my ancestry back to the Caldwell Castle in Ireland and beyond into France, from there to the settlements in America, namely in Virginia. I started my research years ago by sending a query the local newspaper in reference to my grandfathers birth place in Floyd County, Virginia. We received an answer from a third cousin in Richmond, Virginia, this opened up the door for me. We went to Floyd and met some second cousins, who took us to the old Hugh Crockett Caldwell farm, and visited the Caldwell Cemetery on the farm grounds.

Since then I have been using the LDS site and Google to study my connection to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England.

I have taken two DNA tests, 23 & ME and, they both provided valuable background information on my early relatives.

My grandparents, nor my dad and his siblings, or any of the Caldwell relatives ever spoke about their ancestry. Here I am in my mid 70's and now I know where I came from. I had a second cousin living less than fifty miles from me sixty years ago and my dad and grandparents said nothing, she was from the Floyd area. I finally met her in Virginia, she is Betty Ann Rice, what a classy lady, full of love for people. I am thankful I met her before she passed away a few years ago.

I could go on about those famous and fabulous Caldwell men and women and the distant relatives who fought and built this great nation we call America and home. I thank God for blessing America.


Don W. Caldwell
Proverbs 3:5-6

(151) Jerry Hazelwood
Thu, 23 November 2017 14:40:02 +0000

My grandfather was John Doke Caldwell, deceased in Cleburne, Texas in 1950. Born around 1880, possibly in Missippi? Siblings unknown.

(150) Shawn Caldwell
Mon, 20 November 2017 21:58:46 +0000

I'am Shawn Leslie Caldwell, son of Dwight Leslie Caldwell born in Limestone,ME. Grandfather is Leslie Caldwell. Just did my DNA test.

Results: 83% English isles
9% Italian
2% Iberian

(149) Shawn Caldwell
Mon, 20 November 2017 21:42:29 +0000

Love this site. So I'm not the only Caldwell with 42, from NH.

(148) Hollie Caldwell
Sun, 19 November 2017 22:57:59 +0000

Daughter of Bruce william Caldwell and grand daughter of Paul William Caldwell.

(147) Gregg Clawson
Sun, 19 November 2017 20:57:44 +0000
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Love the site!!

(146) Cindy Caldwell Stacy
Fri, 17 November 2017 08:47:39 +0000

David Caldwell BIRTH 1784 • Ireland DEATH 1824 • West Virginia

Abner Caldwell BIRTH ABT 1813 • Indiana DEATH BEFORE 1867 • Barry, Missouri

John David Caldwell BIRTH 05 JUL 1860 • Missouri DEATH 02 MAR 1929 •Caldwell,ID

Luther Elbert Caldwell BIRTH 7, 4, 1888 •Golden,Barry, Missouri, DEATH DECEMBER 10, 1942 • Vancouver, Clark, Washington,

Keith Caldwell BIRTH 7 AUG 1921 • Payette, Payette, Idaho, USA
DEATH 10 SEP 1978 • Battle Ground, Clark, Washington (MY FATHER)

I would love help. If you are connected to this tree. I'm on ancestry, some of the family names connected to this line. Clark, Simmons , Wheeler, Mankins, Miller, Wilson

Thank you for any help