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(132) Serene Greene
Sat, 19 August 2017 00:52:14 +0000

My Paternal Grandmother was a Caldwell. I have done quite a lot of research and have come across several notable Caldwell's and their history that are not on this website. I would like to add the information. What is the process? I tried to start an acct. and login, but the link was not working. Regards

(131) John Lehman
Wed, 16 August 2017 19:26:17 +0000
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Thank you for providing this fascinating and well-designed website. I'm interested in knowing who the first person bearing the surnames Caldwell was? And what primary source is this information in? If anyone out there knows, please let me know.

(130) Robert Edward Caldwell
Sun, 13 August 2017 18:26:18 +0000

I am looking for ancestral information concerning the Reverend Dr. David Caldwell of North Carolina.

(129) Erin Caldwell
Sat, 12 August 2017 23:52:00 +0000
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I am a Caldwell & proud of my heritage. I tried to sign up for the discussion forum, but it wouldn't let me. Thank you for creating a website all about our amazing name & heritage.

(128) Juliet George
Sat, 5 August 2017 14:28:26 +0000

I just typed a fairly long note, but do not know if it came through. It appears I must start all over, but don't have time right now.

Later today or this evening, I will try again.

Please notify me via e-mail if you received my message about two Caldwell ministers who served churches in Fort Worth, Texas, in the early years of the 20th century.


(127) Juliet George
Sat, 5 August 2017 14:26:28 +0000

Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas.

Just this morning, I reached your website during a search for David Caldwell's story. I am researching and writing the history (for a book) of our local First Presbyterian Church. One of its early ministers was William Doby (spelled, by some sources, Dobie) Caldwell, a descendant of the David of Log College fame.

Fort Worth's first Cumberland Presbyterian Church also called a minister surnamed Caldwell: Joseph Weisinger Caldwell. I have not finished tracing his line (because genealogy and history are inseparable), but he came from a Caldwell family associated with a church on Cub Creek in Virginia, and he was related to John Caldwell Calhoun of South Carolina.

I believe that Caldwell was a fairly common name among Scots-Irish immigrants. Since I have come this far with both the Presbyterian (Southern, PCUS) William Doby Caldwell (1865-1915) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Joseph Weisinger Caldwell (1860-1946), I am hoping you might be able to help me determine whether they had common ancestors.

May we correspond? I would be glad to share details of the two Caldwell ministers' lives and careers. Both clergymen came to this city with impressive academic credentials.

May we correspond?


(126) Jana Thompson
Fri, 4 August 2017 00:31:41 +0000

I am Jana Lynn Thompson, nee Ryan. I am constructing the genealogy of my family, part of which includes a Caldwell line. My maternal grandmother was Georgia Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of William Hardin Caldwell, son of William Leonard Caldwell, son of Robert Alexander Caldwell, who was killed on March 25, 1856, while fighting in the Indian wars in Oregon and is buried in Selma, Josephine CO., Oregon.

I have additional information on this line. I wish to confirm your identity and pertinent information with regard to the Caldwell family.

(125) David Caldwell
Fri, 14 July 2017 16:05:04 +0000

In doing research came across this site. Very interesting and informative. Would appreciate the keeper of this guestbook to let me know if this is active and how I can join the conversation to determine where my family is located in the great Caldwell clan. Thank you.

(124) Tom Caldwell
Wed, 12 July 2017 07:28:20 +0000


I seem to have taken some sort of sabbatical, but maybe rarin' to have another go :)

Tried to log in to the discussion forum but received an error message.

Can you please fix?


(123) G Steven Maxted
Sat, 8 July 2017 17:36:52 +0000

Greetings. I have been in touch with John Caldwell in the past, who maintains or did maintain this site. We have now placed all our Caldwell relatives on another site, Check the following Descendency link to see our line. We are particularly interested in any info on Henry and Margaret Caldwell of Clady, Ardstaw Parish, Co. Tyrone, my gg grandparents, who were born in Co. Tyrone, but emigrated to Canada and are buried at Iroquois, ON. Any info about them or their forebears would be of tremendous interest. My mother was a Caldwell, hence the interest. Thank you so much.