Son of John Caldwell of the Manor of Bannaghmore later CastleCaldwell. Family roots in Ballyshannon south Donegal, where Sir James exhumed his mothers body (Mary Sweetenham) and buried her in the vault of CastleCaldwell along with his son Colonel Hugh (see Will Of Sir James dated 30.5.1711 proven 25.3.1717)

Furthermore Sir James had a close connection with the Caldwells of Castletown Co Meath, leaving in his will lands of Drumcrin & Corlaugh in the Barony of Lurch for services done by his father to Andrew Caldwell attorney of the Queens bench.This raises a further question. Andrew was obviously Established Church (COI),he could not practice as a Prebyterian and it would appear that Caldwells of Castlecaldwell were likewise.The Caldwells of Ballybogan would appear to be dissenters.

Plunkett Caldwell - North Ireland


Created a Baronet of Ireland on 23 June 1683. Greatgrandson of the latter,Sir James Caldwell was created a Count of Milan in the Holy Roman Empire in 1749,the title remains in the family. The 2nd baronet was a distinguished officer in the Austrian service and the 5th was Treasure General of Lower Canada.

David Caldwell - Canada


Supplied from a book on Castle's of Ireland:

Originally known as castle Hasset, ruined Castlecaldwell is a Plantation structure built between 1610 and 1619 by Francis Blennerhasset as one of a series of strongholds guarding the Lough Erne road. In 1662 the Blennerhasset family sold the castle to James Caldwell, [Bought by James' father, John] who renamed it and whose descendants lived there for over 200 years. The remains include two of the bawn's flankers, a boathouse and quay, and a ruined Protestant church. The latter was built by Francis Blennerhasset in 1641, and during later use as a family chapel acquired some interesting monuments. The English traveller Arthur Young enjoyed the hospitality of James Caldwell in 1776. beside the road is the Fiddler's Stone, a monument raised to a drunken fiddler who fell from a boat and drowned while travellin with Sir James' band in 1770.

The whole of the area at the NW corner of Lough erne is classed as a region of outstanding natural beauty. As well as being a forest park, it is also a reserve under the control of a RSPB warden who watches over the thriving local bird life.


R.M. Sibbet, Belfast Times 1856:

James Caldwell, bap. Nov. 30, 1634;
died Castle Cauldwell Co., Fermanagh, Ireland, 1716;
High Sheriff, created Baronet 1683;
marr. Catherine, daughter of Sir James Hume.
His grandson,
Hon. James Caldwell, born County Tyrone, Ireland, 1724,
emigrated to America 1769;
died Wheeling, W. VA ca 1800;
marr. in Ireland 1752 Elizabeth Alexander.
  • 1634 - Birth - ; Londonderry/Donegal/Fermanagh
  • 30 Nov 1634 - Christening - ; Derry Cathedral
  • 1716 - Death - ; CastleCaldwell
John Caldwell
6 Jun 1603 - 1683
Jun 1605 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Caldwell
Birth6 Jun 1603Preston, Ayrshire
Death1683 Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland
Marriage1627to Mary SWEETENHAM at Enniskillen or L, Ireland
MarriageUNK-1st wifeto Jannet Greer
FatherWilliam Caldwell
MotherElizabeth Wallace
BirthJun 1605Co. Donegal, Ireland
Marriage1627to John Caldwell at Enniskillen or L, Ireland
FatherAnthony Sweetenham
MotherElizabeth Hockner
MJohn Caldwell
Birth16 Sep 1630Londonderry, Ireland
Death18 Nov 1692Ballycogan, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Marriage6 Jun 1654to Mary HOLMES at Derry Cathedral, Londonderry, Ireland
Marriage11 Jun 1651to Margaret Porter
MRobert Caldwell
MRoger Caldwell
MSir James Caldwell
Marriage1652/1717to Catherine Hume
FJudith Caldwell
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Sir James Caldwell
Death1716 CastleCaldwell
Marriage1652/1717to Catherine Hume
FatherJohn Caldwell
PARENT (F) Catherine Hume
Marriage1652/1717to Sir James Caldwell
FatherSir James Hume
MotherMargaret Johnstoun
MJames Caldwell
MarriageUNKto UNK
MCol. Hugh Caldwell
Descendancy Chart
Sir James Caldwell b: 1634 d: 1716
Catherine Hume b: 1634/1695
James Caldwell b: 1655/1672
Henry Caldwell b: 1680 d: 1726
John Caldwell b: 1706
Mary Anne Caldwell d: 13 Dec 1841
James Caldwell b: 1672/1683
James Caldwell b: 1692
Catherine Hume b: 1695
Hugh Caldwell b: 1718 d: 1769
Ruth Holstein b: 1766 d: BEF 1837
Nancy Ferrier b: abt.1784
English Caldwell b: 1810 d: 1848
Amelia Ann Rutherford b: 1814 d: 1882
Mark Mckinley Caldwell b: 1842 d: 1921
10 Alonzo Caldwell b: 1894 d: 1965
Robert Caldwell b: 1812 d: 1884
Stephen Caldwell b: abt.1780
Ruth Caldwell b: 1799
Hugh Caldwell b: 1801
Harper Caldwell b: 1806
Edward Caldwell b: 1812
James Caldwell b: 1818
Henry Caldwell b: abt.1781 d: 1859
Mathew Caldwell b: 1805
Stephen Caldwell b: 1819
Delilah Caldwell b: 1824
Jasper Caldwell b: 1824
Elizabeth Caldwell b: abt.1786
James Caldwell b: abt.1790 d: 1869
Harriet Caldwell b: 1819
William Caldwell b: 1827
Hugh Caldwell b: 1834
Margaret Caldwell b: 1795 d: bef.1841
Abraham Wolf b: 1796 d: 1861
James Caldwell b: abt.1790 d: 1869
Harriet Caldwell b: 1819
William Caldwell b: 1827
Hugh Caldwell b: 1834
Seth Caldwell b: 1745 d: Dec 1809
Sarah Caldwell d: 1856
William Porter Ferrier b: 1778 d: 1865
John Caldwell b: unk
Hume Caldwell b: 1733 d: 1762
William Caldwell b: 1710 d: 1802
Alexander Caldwell b: 1763 d: 1839
Ann Miller d: 1836
Charles Caldwell b: 1722
Miss Murray b: 1727
Charles Caldwell MD b: 1772 d: 9 Jul 1853
James Caldwell b: unk
James Caldwell b: 1724 d: 1800
John Caldwell b: 1753
Ann Caldwell b: 1755
Mary Caldwell b: 1756
Sarah Caldwell b: 1758
Frances Caldwell b: 1760
Janet Caldwell b: 1762
Lovely Caldwell b: 1764
Jane Caldwell b: 1767
Samuel Caldwell b: 1769
James Caldwell b: 1770
Alexander Caldwell b: 1774 d: 1837
Joseph Caldwell b: 1777
Annie Friderica Auer b: 16 Nov 1862
10 Roy C. Moyston b: Jul 1885
10 John Guy Moyston b: Sep 1882
John Caldwell b: UNK